Monday, July 25, 2005

Early day

I got up at 6:30am this morning, lol it's be a LONG time since I have been up this early, I layed in bed for a while just relaxing and watching some music videos. Dustin left for work, he ha sthe day off from Costco but is working for Dave washing the windows at Golds Gym with Jeff. He will hopefully be home in a couple hours. As soon as I finish writing this entry I am going to spend the day finishing my eBay kits, and try and get the rest of the ppings for Donna done, (I am on Q and only have 7 left. I want to get them done in the next day or so and out to her, because I am going to have a busy week with eBay kits and My WSD DT stuff. WooHoo, I am thinking today is going to be a good mail day, I have two WSD stamp orders that should be here today, my DT kit, My Britney Spears sunglasses (blushing smiley here) I ordered from eBay and my LM Kit. LOL Maybe today will make up for the lack of mail last week, lol yep mail i sthe highlight of my days, seriously, it is such an event for me to go down stairs and walk to the rec center to get my mail and if there is none I come up stairs with such a pouty face lol, lol well I do come up stairs with a pouty face when it is just BILLS too :)

I can't wait for Dustin to get home, he is Taking me to Cut N' Paste (LSS) to get a couple sheets and maybe a ribbon pack of the new Chatterbox stuff. I can't wait for LM to get it in too. I am dying to see what the embellishment kits look like in person. I spent all day yesterday and some of Saturday redoing my whole scrap office area , I switched tables around, brought supplies out of the closet so I can see them and start using them more. It's an "L" shape (the tables) I put the 8ft table on the left side and the two 4ft tables next to each other so one of them sits right under the window now, this is the spot I work now. LOTS of space. OOOOOOOOOO So I was at walmart yesterday and went over to where they have their cork boards and dry eraser boards and found a HUGE Magnet board (white to match my scraproom furniture), so I had to have it for all my Wendi Speciale Designs stamps and Magmounts, I LOVE it so much! It's so handy, now I cane see all my stamps, no more digging through the July box (that the July kit came in) where I previously stored them, lol I have so many now that it would take a while to look for the one I needed. so this board is awesome. I also reorganized my 12x12 clear plastic tray paper holders (from LM kits) I am now thinking I will need more. I have 4 of them almost all fully stocked (except yellow) with bazzill, and I have 3 full of Chatterbox paper. I will be getting more to store all my Moments Defined Products in so it's all organized by lines and right there for me to {CrEAte} with. I have all other Patterned paper in my wire cubes (Costco). I also moved all my ribbon, so the shelf that holds all my MM paints (LOTS of those lol) now have my inks and foam stamps on it. I also cleared a whole shelf that will be just for my little boxes and WSD kit boxes. Anyways I am really loving the new set up. Next thing on my list to get which I really need so badly is a Computer chair, my old chair broke a week ago and I have been sitting on one of the end tables from the living room lol (blush), cool thing about this is I get to sit Indian style better :) (which I love to do when I scrap, or a half Indian style (one leg folded the other leg hanging down) lol, yes I know, I am strange lol but it's what is nice for me when I work.

Okay well I better get off the computer now and get this kit done FINALLY. I will pop in a little later, to chat a little more.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today! :)


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  1. Nikki,

    sounds like your room is coming to shape up nicely. Sounds like you are having a good day today and that is always good to hear. Hope you get everything done you wanted to do today!!! Hope to see you in chat tonight!!!