Friday, January 20, 2006

I did not make it

We got up early today, which means I have only had about 4 hours of sleep since I went to bed this early morning. I was just to nervous. After I finish this blog entry I am going to bed. Right now I am eating a yummy sonic oreo blast. I think I deserve it :) and I will just go to the gym (oooo yeah the best thing for me there huh? eat some yummy icecream treat and then go to sleep, oprah would be proud of me ;) and my diet (NOT).

Well I did not make the scrapworks team. I honestly think that maybe I am not making these teams because my style is just to much, it's got to much going on, but you know what it is just that, MY STYLE and the way I scrapbook, I am not going to change it, I am proud of it, my friends and family love it, it's me. Now that another of these contests, is under my belt I am getting use to the way they are run and work, it's a good experience, I am learning from all this. It's teaching me for what is to come in my future right? (Chatterbox maybe? :0) I would just die if that ever happened! I am going to try to get my "something" done for that major contest (not a DT contest) I was speaking of in my last post, because it is using something I truly love and work with most often I think I can do good with it (lord knows I have enough of it to last a lifetime lol), at least I will try my best to. I really want to win this or at least place in it.

Okay I need to go lay down, when I get back up I will come and post more. TTYAL



  1. good luck on the mystery contest

  2. goodluck with the contest, now you got me craving a oreo shake from sonic ;)

  3. im sorry you didnt make it but dont you EVER change your style!! i love it!! Good luck with the contest!