Monday, March 20, 2006

Busy Girl I am :)

So sorry again LOL (I am a bad blogger lately). I have been busy working on kits for ebay and getting ready for our move back to California. I can't wait! Lately I have been eating and sleeping kits, just trying to make the extra money for things. D called from work today and said just as soon as his two weeks are up from Costco he will be working with the man he worked for doing the windows thing until we move. I also spoke to my MIL and looks like I will have a job when we get back to CA too :), God I pray things go good for us!

So I am now really only on one DT now. Moments Defined. I love it, it is such a great group of gals with so much Talent and Angela is the sweetest! It's been nice working on stuff with the product. When things were not going to good with Dustin and I, I had no clue what was going to happen so I quit the Kit club I was on, I loved this club so much, but I was just not sure if I could do it not knowing what was going to happen with us. I wish now I would have just took a leave instead of quiting all together, I should have thought about it more, but at the time I was just so scared (worried about our marriage and divorce, I did not post much about this and am not going to now, but this had alot to do with why I was not around much in Jan, things are very good now) at what was happening here at home. I really do miss this team and the gals on it! Now with only one team, I feel, well kinda naked lol. I am going to be looking out for kit teams that might be looking for some girls and try out. I just miss it too much, it kept me really scrapping each month and havinf fun. I also want to email a couple Manuf companies I love and just send in an email saying "hey I would love it if you kept me on file, if you ever need someone", I mean how else am I ever going to get something I want more than anything if I don't try? right?

Okay I need to get back to my current kit :) I will post more I promise (Hi Jen ;))

Oh and if you have a MYSPACE account comment me back with your name I would love to add you :) I am so addicted LOL

Oh and I put some new music up * Rihanna * The CD is awesome! You should check it out :) Fun to work out too :)

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  1. I'm sorry to hear you won't be designing for LRS anymore. :( Loved seeing your work there!