Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So little time, Random things

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See this little guy? He is stuck to my hip lately, everywhere I go, he goes. He wants to do everything I am doing. He wants lots of hugs and kisses, he is my baby :) We were going to send him with his brother to his grandmas early so we could get all the moving stuff done, child free, but I truly think he would freak out. He has NEVER been away from us for more then a few hours. I do not think he would handle a couple days away from us to well. I think that he would be very unhappy (Believe me he gets freaked out if we leave him at the inlaws for a while, crys, screams, etc.) and make everyone else unhappy at MIL's house, sooooo.... we are keeping him with us LOL. He will be in the moving truck with us.

You ever feel like you have to much to do but have so little time? That is me right now. There is still so MUCH to get done around here and we only have a couple days left now. I am starting to get that nervous feeling. The one where you are not going to be able to get it all done. We still have stuff to pack (rooms) there is lots of cleaning, I have to re carpet clean now lol, I have to finish the boxes with are going to take to MIL's before Thursday morning. This means I need to finish packing my "Scrap" box for MIL'S to, the one that will have all the "work, DT" stuff I need to keep handy. I have to get the cat stuff ready. SO MUCH TO DO!

We all got up early today, I was going to take the boys to the mall and walk around for two hours (walk/workout) while Dustin finished working, but time got away from us and I was still blow drying my hair by the time he was ready to go. SO we will just take the boys to the park tonight (our favorite park here) for the last time while we are here and I can walk my three mile workout there.

Alright well, I better get going, LOTS to do lol :) Oh before I go if you are looking for a couple good movies to rent, I just rented and watched, "The family stone" and "rumor has it" and they were both so good! Had me crackin up :)

  • Have a good Tuesday :)



    1. i've been meaning to rent those-thanks for reminding me! and thanks for commenting on my blog-its so flattering to be listed here :)

    2. he is SUCH a cutie! Im putting those moveis on my netflix list!

    3. Good luck with the movie.

      and I agree Family Stone was good, I wasn't too wild about Rumor has it. it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be.