Monday, July 31, 2006

House sitting

We are currently house sitting for Dustin's Aunt and uncle. It's been nice so far, kinda like a mini vacation lol. We brought SIL with us and after we get back from signing Austin up for school we are going to pop in some DVD's and spend the day in front of the Tube lol. I of course will be working on some new layouts for eBay. It's my job to pay for car insurance this month lol so I need to sell a couple layouts. I also wants some of the new Chatterbox and Basic Grey paper lol.

I watched the livefeeds for big brother last night until *HUGE BLUSH HERE* 3:30AM lol, yet nuts I know but it is so addicting lol. Major drama happened. James wants to backdoor Janelle now and kept calling her all kinds of names, PLUS now Marcy is talking about Janey behind her back about how he wants her out, then he goes right upstairs to the HOH room and kisses her butt. I love Marcy but man is he on my last nerve LOL. Gosh I really hope Janelle is playing everyone in the house right now about putting Diane up and tomorrow will put up someone else instead, sadly it would have to be WILL if she wanted to make everything better with the S4. I will post more later on what I see unfold in the BB house tonight.

Okay I am heading outto the PO. Hope you all are having a good day :)

P.S. Hi Jen ;)

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