Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long time no talk, Random things

I have been so super busy here. Lots going on. We finally signed all the papers and picked our last options on the house and it is now being built for us. It will take about 7 more weeks until we can move in. I started my job with Marilyn. It's going good so far. We went to the summer Luau (Dustin's family has one every year) Dustin's brother, wife and kids came. It was so nice seeing them. After the Luau we all went back to their hotel to go swimming. It was nice. While we were there I guess Chessie (one of MIL's dogs) cornered Ben (my cat I have had for a couple years, Dustin bought him for me for my birthday, he is a full blooded persian) under the pool house. We heard about it the next day. We took Kate and the boys to the park to spend some more time with BIL and his family. We we got home around 10:30pm we went out to the backyard to put the cats away in the pool house, I called everywhere for Ben but could not find him. I got chloe and Gizmo in the house and was in there feeding them and spending time with them. When I heard Dustin's voice, I walked out of the pool house to see his face and I just knew. He said he found Ben and he was dead :( I broke down right there and just cried. From what we could tell, he did peacefully (we think) he was laying down and his eyes and mouth were closed. What I think happened is, while Chessie was under the house with him the day before, she must have frighten him to death. MIL says he was moving when they got chessie out with the water hose, he seemed fine just scared. He died in that same spot. We buried him in the backyard. It has been very hard for me to deal with. I just can not believe this has happened.

On a lighter note Big Brother all stars has started and I LOVE it! I am so happy to see some many people back from season 6 (my favorite season so far) I can not wait to see what happens on tonights show, I hope Alison get booted out, I can not stand her lol. JANELLE Rocks!

I have been working hard on ebay stuff, trying to earn a little extra money for bills. It's going okay I guess. I am going to try hard to scrapbook for me this weekend. I also have my LRS DT kit that should be here anyday. I can not wait to get started with this kit, it's beautiful and the colors are perfect for summer themes. I am also so thrilled about who we have as our guest designer this month :)

Okay well I better get back to work. I will try to post more often, it's just been so hard with the wireless connection. Have a great day! :)



  1. Congratulations!!!!! You won the Polar Bear Press giveaway from my blog! Could you please email me at with your shipping address to send you all the yummy new stuff and I will pass the info on. Thanks for coming by to check out the new lines!


  2. sorry about your cat :(
    I miss talking to you but understand your busyness- haave been much the same myself. Hope to catch up sometime.

  3. Congrats on winning the PBP giveaway!

    And so sorry to read that about your kitty. :( Poor thing. (((HUGS)))