Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Super annoyed and another things...

Okay there are a few things that have got me so flippin annoyed right now, I am trying to keep calm so I will keep this post "clean" and not cuss like I really want to (I'll just think the cursing in my head!). Anyways, so the number one thing that has me pissed off right now, well we just got a community (we live in a kinda closed in community) notice from the "managers" of the community as well as everyone else who lives here (they got notices too). We had property inspections last week to see if everything was within the codes and rules of this community. This notice today was to tell us what we are in violation of.

See a few weeks ago Dustin and MIL built from the ground up an awesome, expensive (wood is not cheap and this was not cheap redwood) play fort for the boys in our backyard. It looks awesome! Well the weekend Dustin built it the new managers of this community were moving in so they watched/heard him working on it. Well the next weekend they came over and did a brief introduction on who they were and then layed it into Dustin about the play fort not being on our plot plan when we had our house built here, and that we needed a permit and a new plot plan. So Dustin did that. Okay now fast forward to this inspection notice.

It says "we noticed that the fort is being built with combustible material ( Expensive redwood from Home Depot) within 3 feet of another structure (our fence) This is in violation of title 25 and must be removed immediately! The boys are heartbroken, this was a gift from MIL for both of their birthdays (Aidan's is next weekend) which again is very expensive and it's also something Dustin put alot of work and time into. And now it HAS to be taken down! This stupid paper says (mind you we had our house built here last sept so it's almost been a year and within the first month we had our yard fenced (another project Dustin did), and it was inspected by the at the time manager that said it was perfect, and the managers after her said it was fine (we have gone through 3 now). Now these managers say we are in violation because on one side of our yard the fence has no gate, that if we have a fence on both sides we have to have two gates,WTH? AND THEN, it says we are in violation because we have a window AC, another WTH? We can not afford the $3000 central air right now, mainly because in the last few months we have put thousands of $$$ into getting the cars fixed! We need that window AC, for one, last year it reached 106+ somedays and elders and infants were dying from the heat of the summer. We have a newborn and NEED that AC to keep her cool during the day. What the heck community says it's not okay to have a Window AC in your own home? Oh and did I mention about 20+ houses in this community have them, some of which have been here for 10+ years, I think they will have alot of angry people to deal with on this one. This just so makes me want to move out of this stupid community, the really sucky part of living here is I guess you don't have control as much as you would living in a normal neighborhood, I mean come on, they want us to remove a window AC from our own home? AHHHHHH!

That has got me so irrated, but it's not the only thing, a few more things do to, I'm about to go into whiny mode so if you don't want to hear/read the whiny-ness then look away!

My whiny list-
  • I hate cleaning, sometimes I think why bother, the second I move on to the next thing to clean, the thing I just cleaned up is a mess again.
  • People who don't answer back emails right away when you are waiting on an answer. I tend to be bad at this myself sometimes lol but I now have 3 kiddos to take care of so computer time is lacking, and see #1 that pretty much takes up my free time lately, so I guess I am one to talk huh.
  • People who have nothing better to do then to be snooty!
  • People who were your friend, but dropped you for no reason at all, just stopped talking to you, emailing you and pming you, GROW UP! If someone did something wrong then flippin tell them, don't go all JR. High and pull the "I'm gonna ignore you until you guess, thing", it's BS!
  • wiping the toliet seat down EVERYTIME I have to go now, in my OWN bathroom, no this does not have anything to do with DH lol.
  • Finding my new box of Special K fruit and yogurt cereal on the kitchen floor opened and spilled out, who knew the ants were on a diet too?
  • Freakin ants, I hate them, and why is it they only come out to invade your home in the summer?
  • People who talk on their cell phones while driving! STUPID STUPID!

Okay my list can go on and on but I need to clean up the dinner dishes and BF Adriana. So glad I can vent lol! I do feel a bit better now! :)




  1. God love you, sis. I can totally feel your anger and sadness in this post. I too would be LIVID about the AC issue. What will they do if you don't take it out? Fine you? Then what? What other recourse do they have? I am SO sorry to hear about all this. I can only prey that things get better for you guys, and I will! Please know that I'm here if you EVER need to talk/vent/cry. I'm only an IM or call away. (((hugs))) This too shall pass. And the sooner the better, eh? lol

  2. Crud, that should have said PRAY, not prey. Gees- I used to be able to spell! Stupid back pain!! LOL