Thursday, October 23, 2008


These are all Austin's books...




And the stack is growing, every time he does good in school and he will be getting more for Christmas :)When I was a pre-teen one of my most favorite authors was R.L. Stine (I loved reading spooky things, I was reading some Stephen King at 11 lol, I even wrote a hardcover book in 8th grade about a murder mystery (think Friday the 13th, watered down lol, yep it was a campy horror thriller, who done it). I also remember a story I started in high school, about a young girl (teens) having to say goodbye to her childhood home in a big city and best friend, only to move into a new small town, where horrible things were happening to the teenagers there, it was a who done it. I loved spooky, Scary stories (I also liked adventures) When I did good in school, my dad would take me to an awesome hole in the wall book store in the old town and country mall (now known as Santana row) (I tried to google for the name of the book store but nothing came up, maybe my dad remembers), it was an awesome store though, stocked full of R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike books. I always loved CAMP book too lol,I know I blogged about that here a couple years ago) camp boos were fun and reminded me of summer camp at the YMCA when I was younger.

Anyways, the point of my post was, :) Austin, is now a HUGE R.L. Stine fan, He is addicted to the Goosebumps series. This series is nothing like the spooky Fear Street series I read from him when I was younger (Fear Street was more teenage themed, Goosebumps is more grade school kids). Goosebumps is fun for both Austin and I. We always have reading time together but we both really enjoy these stories. I read them to him and he reads them to me. They are good stories for his age range. He likes spooky, he loves that show "Truth or scare" on the Discovery kids channel. He also LOVES the goosebumps movies (we own a couple, yep we have seen the haunted mask a million and one times lol). I am so excited he found a series he likes to read, he's just like his mama :)

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  1. Oh man! Alex has every one of those books. When he was younger he loved them (still does), and his collection grew and grew too.

    He takes such good care of them to this day, like they are in a shrine or something, lol.

    I remember giving him the one about the Hare in his Easter basket one year. And for Halloween he got them in his basket from us. At Christmas we stuffed his stocking with as many issues as we could fit in it. Ahh, thanks for the trip down memory lane. =)

    And off topic, I TAG you: