Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A little late :) ... Happy New Year


Okay I know that it is a little late but I had to post it :) I have been so super busy the last month with the Holiday's and school with the kiddos and family things that my poor blog was neglected (Sorry mom, I know you want those pictures posted already) I now have a little time on my hands and plan to get caught up with the photos of the kids for family to see, and my last few months of work for my friends to see.

It is 10:50pm and I am the only one awake right now, two of the kids are sick right now and D came home with the flu today, he will probably be home tomorrow. So I am going to get to bed right now, but plan to spend sometime working on photos tomorrow and updating my blog more. :)

Again HAppy New Year :) Here's hoping this one is awesome!


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  1. Happy new year Nikki!!!!!! May all of your wishes come true in this upcoming year!!! XOXO