Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My poor son :(

Last night we were all coming in from the laundry room in our house, Dustin and Austin were outside painting their model airplanes they were working on, so we were all standing there to see what went down with our oldest son.

Dustin and I were having a conversation and I had Bella in my arms, Austin was petting his cat who was laying on his back (he lays like this when he is playing or sleeping) everything seemed fine until the cat started flipping out and it LOOKED like he was digging his nails into Austin's arm. This is when everything changed for us, all of a sudden my son was screaming at the top of his lungs, then Bella started to freak out because she knew Austin was hurt, my husband and I stood there frozen for two second but what felt like 2 hours in slow motion. The cat had what we thought was his nails locked into Austin's skin and would not let go, finally Dustin goes over there which freaks the cat out more and he still has my son's arm in his clutches as my husband approaches the cat then jumps off the counter and that is where the horror of it all begins. It was not the cats nails hooked in my sons skin but his TEETH, and when he jumps down off the counter he tore a chunk of Austin's skin out of his arm with him. It was the worst thing I have seen happen to one of my children. I cleaned out the wound, then added Hydrogen Peroxide to it and bandaged it up. I read online that we were suppose to watch it and if it started to look infected then we would have to take him into the hospital. Well he woke up this morning and it was still bleeding a little, it looked a little swollen (as was expected). He stayed home from school today because it was hard for him to move the arm without him feeling pain. Well as the day went on I kept cleaning it and putting the peroxide on it, it started to look worst, once my husband got home it was very swollen (like the size of a golf ball) and was oozy. So I called the after hour peds tonight and they are totally booked. So now they are off to urgent care. I just hope everything is okay. I had nightmares about what we saw happen last night and I kept having dreams of our cat attacking my kids. This same cat once attacked my husband the same way only the cat bit the tip of my hubby's finger off, the cat hates water and baths and Dustin was giving him a bath at the time. But last night we have no idea what and why the cat would attack Austin like that, maybe because he is getting old? Whatever it is there is just no way we can have him here anymore, I am so afraid he is going to attack the kids now. This cat is Austin's and he has been our family cat since the day he was born. I helped bring him into this world (his mother Chloe was our house cat and had a hard long pregnancy, she gave up breaking the sacks on her babies so I had to spend the night with her and break the sacks and tie the cords) We all call him baby kitty even though he is 4 years old (he was the baby of our other cat Ben, they are all Persians) but his real name is Gizmo (like from the movie gremlins, he looks just like Gizmo, same colors, same smooshed face). Anyways you know how dogs love their owners, he get so excited when you get home, they cuddle with you, well this cat was like this with Austin, Austin always calls him his best friend, they sleep together, watch TV together, play, etc. This has been so hard on Austin, and we keep telling him that we just can't have a pet here that is going to harm them, and even though he is so upset about what Gizmo did to him last night he does not want him to go. This is really hard :( Anyways, I just felt like venting a little, plus I am sitting here very scared and nervous about what is going on with Austin at Urgent care right now. If you can, will you please keep him in your thoughts? He was so scared when he left. I feel so bad for my son :(

Here are some pictures I took of the bites earlier, they are now very swollen and much bigger...

Here you can kinda see the depth of the hole in his arm...


and here you can see the hole above and the other bite marks in his inner arm, it is very red now, swollen and that scabby part looks like dead infected area. My poor baby :(


I will update when they get back. Dustin just called and said it will be a long wait, the urgent care is full tonight.



  1. I hope he's ok. I'm sure they'll get him fixed right up tho.

    Just the other day when I was holding out cat Bandit I leaned in to smooch his chest area and he grabbed both sides of my face and DUG his claws in and bit the sh!t out of my nose. 'Tis funny to think of now but at the time I was so made I wanted to wring his head off. Needless to say I will never try to cuddle him that way again! lol

  2. Oh gosh Nikki what a horrible traumatic thing to witness, let alone poor Austin having to experience. :( :( I am keeping him in my thoughts and prayers and hope that he heals quickly. I also pray for you in whatever decision you have to make regarding your pet. HUGS!

  3. Oh my goodness Nikki!!! How scary!!! I hope he is all right!!! Thinking about you girl!

  4. Ohhh wow! I am sorry that your cat turned on Austin like that. I am sure that was very pinful for him... and scary! How's he doing?