Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life happens...

I have had a little to much of "life" happen this week
Things that are making me blue...
  • Weight gain (8 lbs, I hate myself....and food....not really, but you get it)
  • Little to no money, people asking for money when at the store or bank, and me WANTING to help but being in the same boat as them, maybe not homeless, but not having enough, I know what that feels like. Christmas coming us has me stressed out!
  • The flu hitting our house for over a week now, and before that we had colds.
  • Feeling like I am alone with alot of things lately.
  • LOTS of stress with school, appointments, child care stuff etc.....)
I dislike the month of Dec for so many reasons, and today "Dec 1st" felt like a "Monday"....I really need to find a job, STAT! One thing that made all the stress go away for a minute...Bella coming in to give me a kiss and telling me I am beautiful! I ♥ my kiddos so stinkin much! They are the reason I push through all the "hard" stuff!

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