Sunday, June 18, 2006

Off to Disneyland :)


We are headed out to disneyland first thing in the morning YAY. We are all very excited. We will be there all week. We will be swimming in the Disneyland hotel when we get there tomorrow afternoon, then the next day it is breakfast with Mickey, goofy and the rest of the gang, then a day at the park (well for the next three days after that too). I have one full flashcard (about 260+ pictures) and another that has 169, so I am set....I think lol. Cross your fingers and toes the boys stay health and don't get sick LOL, two years ago when we went they got the rotavirus and were sick the whole trip. We have the fast passes so we will be able to get on the rides faster. The sad part is Priates will be closed until next week :( so we will all miss our most favorite ride. I missed getting pictures of it the last trip and wanted to get some this time so badly.

We found out chloe was pregnant a few weeks ago, I had no idea how far along she was until tonight, she had two babies so far, but both died :( we are hoping D's aunt can take chloe and we are hoping maybe my MIL will let Ben stay here with her, we are so sad that the community we are moving in to will only allow us to have one pet! So we have decided to keep Gizmo (Baby kitty, although he is not such a baby anymore lol, he is almost a year old now.) He has grown to love the boys and D and I so much. I am so very sad that we have to give away our other cats, they are apart of our family and it just breaks my heart :( Ben was a gift to me for my B-day a couple years back from D and chloe is a special case cat, she was a breeder cat (pure persian) and the woman who owned her treated her like she was just a money maker, no love, nothing, so when she came to us she was very scared and not use to people and touch. She has grown to love us and we have grown to love her. I have been with her through three pregnancies, we have bonded and now I have to give her up :( I am truly so sad about this, I even tried to get the community management to see how much she means to us but they said no :(

~House news~ It's coming along great, It will start to be built next week and from then on we will wait anywhere's from 8 to 12 weeks for it. It's gorgeous! I had such a great time picking out colors inside and out, flooring, tiles, kitchen stuff etc, so much fun! I can not wait to have my very own scraproom (it's a retreat room off of the master bedroom). I have big plans for that :)

Okay well I better go finish packing since we have to be up so early in the morning for our 7 hour drive to LA. Did I mention how excited I am lol, I could scream LOL, We love Disneyland :) Pray for us please that everything goes good this time around ;) lol PLEASE. Okay TTYS, I'll be back in a week with pictures lol ;)


PS, John Mayers new CD comes out soon, I got to hear "waiting for the world to change" (it's on my my space profile page), oooooooooo and I get to go to his concert here in Mt.view on Oct 1st YAY, it's an early Birthday gift lol ;) WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO

PS-more lol, Sorry if there are types, I am to tired to check LOL

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Okay I have tried for a week now to post on here and either blogger was down or our wireless connection stunk! We are still at the in laws, we will be here another 10-12 weeks while our new home is being built for us. We have been so busy with everything here. I just barely got time last night to call my best friend since we have been here. We still have to pick the wood flooring for the inside of the house, other than that everything looks good house wise. We have been helpping my MIL with the landscaping in the backyard, and LOVE swimming in the pool ;) We went camping at New Brighton beach this past weekend, which was fun, love camping at the beach. I have been working out everyday, I walk 1 and a half miles (some days 3 miles) in the morning and another 1 and a half at night. Today I popped in my 3 mile walk away the pounds dvd and did that, then tonight I will meet with my best friend Myra after dinner for my evening walk, we are taking her DD and Aidan, they will be on their bikes, us walking. I can't wait. When we were way younger (10-18 years) we use to walk everywhere together. Walking was our thing, we perferred it over the public bus (we did take this every once in a while) or driving. Her DD is in summer soccer at the local community center, so I am going to sign Austin up so they can do it together in Aug. While they practice every week we can walk and work out. I am so glad we have kids the same age, We grew up together, best friends, now our kids get to do it.

We are going to Disneyland this coming week, we can't wait, Pirates will be closed :( due to them fixing it up for the new movie, they are having a screening of Priates (POTC II) when we go so the park will be closed one of the nights for the stars of the movie, um YUM can you say Orlando bloom and Johnny Depp lol. We will be staying at the disneyland hotel and we get to do breakfast with Mickey and goofy one morning. Aidan will love that. This trip is an early B-day gift from MIL for Aidan's third B-day.

Okay well I need to go hop in the shower and then get some work done. I will try and post more often, like I said it has been a bit hard with the crappy wireless connection and then Blogger lol. I have missed this though!