Tuesday, February 28, 2006

so very tired and my poor dh day 2

I was up most of the night with Dustin, the poor guy is still very sick and has not passed his stone yet. He spent most of the night in the front bathroom and I camped out, outside the door of the bathroom in the hallway. I brought the top blanket to our bed and two pillows and a book and just layed there for hours spending time with him because I knew he would not be able to sleep through the pain. I hope he can get through this fast, the last ones never took this long to pass :( He has been sleeping most of the day which is good since he was up most of the night. I think with everything that has happened the past two days with him, I probably have only had 8 hours asleep in two days so I am so very tired today. I am thinking about taking a nap now while Aidan is down so I can finish my kits for ebay later tonight. With Dustin missing work this week we will need the extra money.

I also have been working on a couple cards for the cards magazine call due tomorrow. I would love to be published with them again! They truly are an amazing magazine/book. There are so many awesome idea for cards in their books.

I am having some issues with my email and peamail, for some reason I am receiving my peamail a couple days after they are sent out to me and they end up everytime in my junk mail folder even though I have gone in to change them to be sent to my inbox. So strange.

Okay well I better get to my nap lol so I can work later. I am so in a scrapbooking mood right now but sadly I have to "work" first before I can play lol (ebay=work) I am so happy I got a layout done two days ago though :)

Sorry for the boring post today lol, I am blaming it on my half asleep brain ;)


Monday, February 27, 2006

My poor DH, I finally scrapbooked

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I finally scrapbooked a layout for the first time in like two months. I was reading Amy Howes blog and saw this challenge there that her and Robyn made at two peas and thought it would be perfect for me to do. You were suppose to create a layout using only three items, Cardstock, buttons and HS letters. The layout above was my finished project for this challenge, it was so much fun to do. I think I will have to try more of these challenges.

Dustin has been sick again for a couple days now. Last night when he went to bed he kept saying his cyst (in an area I will not be posting about, very personal but common in men to get them in this spot) he went to bed so upset, I felt so bad for him and asked if we could just got to the ER. He did not want to. At around 1:30 am he woke up and said he had to go to the ER. I said I would drive him. So we got in the car and drove two buildings over to the local hospital, when I dropped him off at the ER I looked over at him and he was dry heaving, he looked so sick and so wet with sweat all over his face and neck, I started to freak out right there, I just wanted to be with him and not leave his side, I did not want to leave him but with it being so late and the boys sleeping it would not be right to wake them to wait at the hospital, I sat here and waited for him to call for about 30 minutes then tried his cell phone to see what was going on, I could not get to sleep at all until I knew things were okay or that he sounds better. no answer, I waited a few more minutes, it felt like forever! Then I tried two more times, nothing So I called the ER. I spoke to a man who put me on hold for like a minute and then I heard Dustin's voice It was so heartbreaking, he is in so much pain right now because of this lump, we were both so scared that now this cyst has turned into something worse. He said they had him on an IV with pain meds but he was so hurt, said they were not working at all he said they were going to do another ultrasound and see how much more of the lump has grown. We were both so scared they were going to say "cancer". I found out later that the IV they gave him did not make it into his vein and that is why the meds did not work for him until they started over in the other arm (this always happens everytime to the both of us, we have such bad luck with IV's and hospitals)

I spoke to Dustin two more times after that call, I could hardly understand him, he was in and out of the coversation with me so groggy. He said they took some more test and were coming in and he does not remember much because of him passing out off and on. I asked him to call me back if he heard anything else. I layed down and finally got a little sleep, he called me around 7:40am to come get him. When I got there I waited a few minutes and then they took me back to see him, he was curled up in a chair in his room he slept in all night, he looked so hurt. He told me that it was not the cyst causing all this trouble but that his third kidney stone had dropped (he has had two in the last two years and we knew there were 4 all together, they seem to drop once every year so after this one passes there will only be one left). Although I know kidney stones are horrible (i have never had one but I have watched him go through it now three times)but I was happy it was not the cyst, They said that the kidney stone dropped fast and that is why he felt it in his, well um area were the cyst is (the cyst is in an area that if it was cancerous they might have to remove something to get it out and that can less our chances for fertility if we wanted more kids) This whole thing was just so scary for the both of us! I was so very sad that I could not be by his side through it all! He is still in alot of pain and says the cyst area hurts him. The dr's said that it is nothing to worry about, but once we get back to CA in a couple months we will be making an appointment to have it checked out again and maybe removed to ease our minds.

Okay well it has been a long couple days so I am going to go try and sneak in a nap here. TTYAS


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Had to stop blogging for a bit

I am sorry I have not posted again in awhile, I have had to take a break to get this in order in my homelife. I had something happen here that changed things, at first it was pretty bad but the last two weeks things have gotten better. For those of you who are close to me you know what I am talking about, for those of you who know me just by my blog, it is a bit to personal to share on here but I will tell you we are doing alot better.

The boys are doing good, I have been working on ABC's and writing with Austin, he is getting really good at writing. Aidan knows his ABC's really well and can say the sounds that go with them Thanks to our Leap pad fridge phonics.

D to me is slowly being laid off of work :( they just keep cutting his hours, he is now down to only 4 hours a night 5 days a week and 8 hours on sat. It is kinda scary but at the same time it is okay, when we get to CA he will have his new job, his mom said to not worry about this job to much.

I have been working super hard on EBAY stuff the last week, it is after all my job and ectra income coming into the house. I had three kits sell today and two are still up at ebay one with a bid :) Kristie and I were super happy :) I am working on more kits now. I spent last weekend cleaning my scraproom and now it looks great I added an extra shelf at my table so now I have more room and I enjoy being in there working. I also need to take sometime for me to scrapbook and get my Chatterbox MIM contest entry done. LOL I wonder if I can just drop it off at the CBX offices ;) lol. This is thee biggest goal I want to finish right now! Chatterbox means so much to me.

Hmmmm more scrapbooking news is I will be getting my new Arctic Frog stuff any day now, the stuff that I ordered from LM and my goodies for having a layout Published in their 2006 catalog, I can't wait to play :) I also placed a small order at Linnecards for some CBX goodies (like if I don't have enough ;)) this stuff will be great for more kits I am working on.

It has been nice spending so much time with my family the last two weeks, I think we all needed this! To get things good again and sort out our life more, communicate, which I think is our biggest problem.

Okay I am rambling now so I better get back to finishing up my laundry folding and my ebay kits. TTYAS I promise not to stay away as long again and update more. ooooooo I just remembered I better get my "summer" layouts turned into ST right now too..... TTYS

Thursday, February 2, 2006


Sorry again that it has been a while since I last updated, it's been a very busy couple of weeks. Not only have I been working harder getting Ebay kits up for the extra money, but I have been heavy duty cleaning and starting to pack. We are getting excited now!

I have also been doing so good at working out, it is making me feel so much better everyday and I am now at the point where it is getting addicting, damn did I miss this feeling and I have not felt it since before I was PG with Austin. I have always been active, I am a two time gold medalist in Kickboxing, I love to walk/jug/run, and LOVE Karate. And I am a gym addict :) I have also been drinking more water then soda YAY :)

I should be getting my LRS DT kit anyday now and can't wait, I have some good ideas for this kit that I can't wait to get started on. I am also working on more Moments Defined goodies :) There are a couple new goodies that we got to see that were shown at CHA and they look awesome! I can not wait to play :) I want to get a few more cards done for Cards magazine also.

Okay well I need to go finish my latest kit for EBAY and then get things moved around in out room and a few more boxes packed :) TTYAS