Tuesday, February 28, 2006

so very tired and my poor dh day 2

I was up most of the night with Dustin, the poor guy is still very sick and has not passed his stone yet. He spent most of the night in the front bathroom and I camped out, outside the door of the bathroom in the hallway. I brought the top blanket to our bed and two pillows and a book and just layed there for hours spending time with him because I knew he would not be able to sleep through the pain. I hope he can get through this fast, the last ones never took this long to pass :( He has been sleeping most of the day which is good since he was up most of the night. I think with everything that has happened the past two days with him, I probably have only had 8 hours asleep in two days so I am so very tired today. I am thinking about taking a nap now while Aidan is down so I can finish my kits for ebay later tonight. With Dustin missing work this week we will need the extra money.

I also have been working on a couple cards for the cards magazine call due tomorrow. I would love to be published with them again! They truly are an amazing magazine/book. There are so many awesome idea for cards in their books.

I am having some issues with my email and peamail, for some reason I am receiving my peamail a couple days after they are sent out to me and they end up everytime in my junk mail folder even though I have gone in to change them to be sent to my inbox. So strange.

Okay well I better get to my nap lol so I can work later. I am so in a scrapbooking mood right now but sadly I have to "work" first before I can play lol (ebay=work) I am so happy I got a layout done two days ago though :)

Sorry for the boring post today lol, I am blaming it on my half asleep brain ;)


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  1. Poor Dustin. I can tell you that he probably knows what it's like to give birth to a child now. They seriously are the worse pain ever, they kill. I have them and had them when I was pregnant passing 1-2 a week. It was horrible. Do you guys have a hot pad or rice sock? For me the heat treatments worked as a temporary solution, but hey anything that helps the better! I hope that he passes it soon for his sake and your sake! Try and get some rest hun!