Saturday, December 18, 2010

So not happy...

This is me, tonight, sitting here in my office with a million things on my mind and to do before Monday, but feeling so overwhelmed with everything lately! I am finally reaching the point where I just want to run and hide, curl up in my blanket on my bed and not come out! I'm depressed! Yep, everything makes me mad or irritated. I can't find peace or a happy place. I find myself waking up in the morning just dreading the day. It's this year "2010" it has sucked so bad for our family. It started out with my FIL's funeral, this was a tough time for our whole family at the beginning of the year, and it seems from there, things just went down hill all year long. We have been struggling hard, and it seems like one thing after another kept hitting our family. I would like to say it made us stronger, but then I would not be here making this post and feeling so unhappy right now. I am tired of feeling all the pressure of what is expected of me, only to have others put me down or look down on me.

I feel like I am over looked, taken advantage of... used! When I voice my opinion to let others know how I feel, I only feel ignored in return, unseen, not there... or like I put my foot in my mouth! I just want to hide, get away from this year...

I wish I could do this for the next two weeks, until 2011 comes, maybe bringing with it a new start, a new year of better things for us. But I have my doubts, so here I sit.....

Depressed, and feeling pessimistic about this new year coming. I wear this face alot lately, I am starting to think I will forever have furrows indented into my forehead and between my eyes...

I leave you with this, so I can get back to my office, with the million things I need to get done...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Unusual You, a Novel by Natasha Neagle

I wanted to share this Book trailer with you. A very sweet friend "Nat" wrote this amazing novel! I found Nat a little over a year and a half ago on You tube. She would do these BlogTV chats and we would all talk about a bunch of things, but one thing that stood out was how much we both loved books, most of the same ones! I soon found out that she was starting a novel. She would run things by us from time to time.

A few months back Nat read one of her first Prologue's to us in chat. This is where I fell in love with this novel! After listening to it, it left me wanting to read more of this story, I wanted to know more about the characters. You can imagine how excited and honored I was when Nat asked me to be one of her critique partners! In the last few months, I have watched this novel mold into a masterpiece! This trailer is just a little sneak peek into this amazing novel! I can not wait to see this book in print! Check it out!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Melinda's Closet, Tuesday's clothing finds

Okay, so I lagged on getting these up, but I hope this makes up for it, if you are wondering what Melinda's Closet is, here is my post about it featuring one of my FAVE stores Mod Cloth. This weeks store is " Forever21 ". I have shopped at this store for years! LOVE it!

This was just a few of the things I loved this month at Forever21 :)