Sunday, January 22, 2006

Current Calls Ticker

Awesome new feature from Scrapsubmit, this ticker lists all the new current calls (it updates it's self when there is a new call) all you do is click on the call and it will take you to the submitting page! AWESOME!

Friday, January 20, 2006

I did not make it

We got up early today, which means I have only had about 4 hours of sleep since I went to bed this early morning. I was just to nervous. After I finish this blog entry I am going to bed. Right now I am eating a yummy sonic oreo blast. I think I deserve it :) and I will just go to the gym (oooo yeah the best thing for me there huh? eat some yummy icecream treat and then go to sleep, oprah would be proud of me ;) and my diet (NOT).

Well I did not make the scrapworks team. I honestly think that maybe I am not making these teams because my style is just to much, it's got to much going on, but you know what it is just that, MY STYLE and the way I scrapbook, I am not going to change it, I am proud of it, my friends and family love it, it's me. Now that another of these contests, is under my belt I am getting use to the way they are run and work, it's a good experience, I am learning from all this. It's teaching me for what is to come in my future right? (Chatterbox maybe? :0) I would just die if that ever happened! I am going to try to get my "something" done for that major contest (not a DT contest) I was speaking of in my last post, because it is using something I truly love and work with most often I think I can do good with it (lord knows I have enough of it to last a lifetime lol), at least I will try my best to. I really want to win this or at least place in it.

Okay I need to go lay down, when I get back up I will come and post more. TTYAL


I can't sleep :(

So here I sit 1:40 in the morning and I can't sleep, why you might ask? My nerves, I am so nervous about the Scrapworks DT call and that they will be announcing the 2006 Design team tomorrow. Since I share the same Timezone it will be no later than 6pm MST. After seeing all the Scrapworks entries in the Peas Gallery I feel so nervous. Do I even have a chance? Think about all the talented people who tried out who are not from Peas? And all the Talented gals at LM who tried out. I have to admit, this is also one of my favorite times, the not knowing, the feeling of will I be? I know the feeling all to well of what the next day will bring, good or bad, the day you find out if you made it or not, I know what it feels like to make it and I know what it feels like not to. Although I want tomorrow (well actually it is tomorrow now huh lol) to come and to know if my name is on the site (I wonder if they will have finalists?), I also am scared to know, scared of that rejected feeling...

I have started my HOF stuff now and have a great buddy, I am still doubting myself about entering, one thing is for sure I want to get the 10 layouts done in the next two weeks, maybe not to send them in but to have at least tried. There is one HUGE (in my eyes) contest I want to try this year (no it is not for a DT) It is something that would mean so much to me, and I have an idea of what I want it to be (themewise), I think it is going to be great, I have no doubt in my mind about it, it is something I truly love! I am not going to talk to much about the contest because I do not want to jinx myself ;)

Okay I just finished my jug of water so I think I should probably go try and lay down again and get some sleep, what if by some gift from God, I get this DT spot at Scrapworks, I have to be awake to get the call right? lol Good night all and to those who read my blog and have tried out for this also, Good Luck! :0)


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yuck, cleaning today

Well I have spent the week working on assignments and EBAY stuff so today will be spent cleaning, ewwwwwwwww, and boy do the boys have a nasty mess in their room for me ~Sigh~
I want to also move the furniture around in my room, I am thinking about taking one of my Scrap shelves down from the wall and folding up the 8ft scrap table and just moving my dresser back in it's place, I have enough room on my 4ft table to work and I can add one of the shelves and 3 drawer tubs to it for the extra storage. The room is just to small for both a bedroom and a scraproom and lol my scraproom has taken it over. So it's time to get some of my room back lol plus I want the light in there again, One of my huge dressers is sitting in front of the window now so not much light comes in. I like the light in the room, makes me feel more creative.

I am on pins and needle about My scrapworks entry, TOMORROW is the day the new DT is posted on the scrapworks website. I really want this, as well as many others, I want to work for a company who's products I love to use and the creative part comes easy for me. I have been sitting here wondering who will make it, what styles, etc. The whole choosing a DT must be so hard for companies, so many people try out and you have to narrow it down, you want to pick the best for your team but you also feel bad about those you can't take on.

Okay I better get to work on the cleaning and Lunch for everyone. TTYS


WooHoo I did it :0)

Okay before I get to bed I just wanted to say wooohooo I changed my blog template :) and GEEZZZ did it take forever lol. Thanks so much Jen for your help on finding the template for me, I changed a few things from the Original, and I still have a couple questions that I will ask you in the morning ;0) Thanks girlie for helping me!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

YAY I finished

I am so happy! I was able to finish my Scrapworks Design team entry and get it off to them. I really like the way my layouts and card turned out, but not so much with the project, I mean I like it I just think it may be a bit to simple and after seeing all the uploaded projects others did, My project was stomped on in comparison. But again even if I do not make the team I am SUPER happy with my about me page I got done. It was fun to make! I stayed up late (3am lol) to work on it last week. I really liked the business line colors and thought the one sheet of Chatterbox I used with it worked so well. Cool thing about Scrapwork paper is when you flip the patterned side over you get a solid cardstock with a color that matches the pattern on the other side, in this layout it is the dark blue you see throughout it. Amways here are my layouts (the two page layout is an older one I did but I did use some Scrapworks stuff on both pages) the one page about me is a new one and so is the card.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and here is the card

Image hosted by

I am trying to finish up a baby layout for the Scrapbook Trends Baby Ideabook, and I am working on two ebay kits. I also plan to start my HOF entries tonight. I will be a scrapping fool this week :0)

On a Side note I was reading
Ambers blog (remember Amber, Jen? I was telling you about her digital designs and Citrus Blossoms and wishing the designs were made into paper to? (lol although I like digital scrapping I stink at it lol, I have only ever done one maybe I will post it here to show you lol, it stinks I tell yea lol), well guess what girl? LOOOOOOOOOOOK...

Heather P (this is the link to Heathers blog and Ambers Sneak Peak) and A2Z have Amber as their new designer. YAY :) now no more trying to figure out how to print out Ambers designs to use on a layout LOL. I can't wait! This is exciting stuff! Amber also has a couple sneak peaks on her blog as while. Go check them out ladies, they are awesome!

Okay I better get back to work. Talk to you all soon.

Oh before I go I have to tell you what my two year old "Aidan" Said to me, I was sitting here working a couple nights ago, it was about 10pm and he was still up but tired. He kept talking about taking a bath and I said no that it was bed time. So I see him get up off the couch and start heading down the hallway. I say no no no, the monster is guarding the hallway and says he wants you in bed, (before you say I am a bad parent for telling my son there are monsters let me explain, lol his favorite movie is Monsters Inc by Dinsey, so he has this thing for monsters.) A couple minutes go by and he is still sitting here with me, I get up to go get some paper for my printer and my son reminds me that the monster is guarding the hallway...

Aidan- "Mommy there is a monster in hallway"

me- "oh yeah I forgot"

Aidan- "mommy there is a monster in hallway and he is going to eat your brains"

me- (thought in my head- hmmmm D must have told him something about monsters eating brains, figures lol) "ooooo really, now that is not nice of him is it?"

Aidan- " mommy monster's in hallway and I will punch his eye"

Me- "okay Aidan, how about mommy just tells the monster he can leave on break for 5 minutes so mommy can get her paper for her work"

I yell down the hall that it is break time to the monster and turn on the hall light, Aidan is right behind me

Aidan- "Mommy Monsters not on break he is in the potty"

(My older son most have left the light on in the bathroom and closed the door lol, anywho it worked though, he did not want to take a bath after that because the monster was on guard of the hallway, he went to bed shortly after. We also have a monster who guards the kitchen at night (lol some nights Aidan like to go in there and if the fridge is not locked (my older son lol eye roll) then he will get in there a few times.

Okay I am off now, Hope you all have a good day!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

I was tagged

I was tagged by Jlyne :0)

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. I work at a dental office, doing x-rays, clean up and office filing/cleaning I was 16 my first job :)

2. Fresh Choice- I loved this place, it was fun and time flew by, I got to work with my best friend Myra (we have had a few jobs together lol hmmm that reminds me of our job at TCBY too if it was not busy we would bring videos to watch in the back room while doing homework lol, awww good times, me, Myra, yogurt toppings (mmmmmm candy lol) and Scarface on the boob tube), We had fun at Fresh choice to, lots of yummy foods to eat ;) lol, dancing while closing to awesome music (lol I will never forget the time Myra almost broke her back while we were leaving one night after closing (this was one of our jobs we had back in HS) that song by I think the cardagians "Love me Love say that you love me" was on and we were walking out of the restaurant and goofing around dancing funny, next thing you know Myra was on her back and I swear I was going to pee my pants it was so funny! This is also where I met one of my serious BF's, lol went to the Sadies dance with him (lol I have pictures YIKES lol) I also have pictures of us working at Fresh choice lol

3. Little Nellies restaurant (NM), I LOVED this job as a waitress, it was fun, fast money lol, I remember spending so much of my tip money on Clothes and Music CD's (reason I have so MANY cd's today). Closing time was fun as well, we would all turn on the Juke box and sing dance (some drank lol).

4. Sonic Restaurant: Yes, I was a carhop also and did do the skates too LOL, This job was a LOVE HATE job, some days it was fun (summer) some not so much (winter and snow) another job I had while in (NM), okay I hope this does not make me sound bad but the worst thing about this job was me always being hit on, I got so annoyed of it, male co-workers and eww one female LOL and the annoying guys in the cars. In NM Sonic was the "HOT SPOT" Froday and Saturday nights, so they were always busy and it was "cruising night" so all the cars would do this circle thing up and down the street for hours on those nights lol.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Scarface :0) love this movie
2. Pulp Fiction
3. How to lose a guy in 10 days
4. Sweet home alabama (Oh an Jlyne I also love Seven and own the special edition :)

Four places you have lived:
1. San Jose, Ca
2. Las Crusas, NM
3. Nampa, ID

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Project Runway
4. Anything on MTV lol, Laguna beach, meet the barkers, Next, RW, RR'S, all the shows

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Reno
2. AZ
3. DisneyLand
4. San Fran (HoneyMoon with D) (lol and I have been a ton on just daily visits lol)

Four websites I visit daily:
1. Lifetime Moments
2. Two Peas PUB
3. Many Blogs I love
4. Email

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Avacado Turkey Sandwich
2. My homemade Chicken Tacos
3. Pepsi
4. Milk Shakes lol (I know bad but I LOVE them!)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. California
2. Beach
3. Hawaii
4. A Nice hot bubble bath

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. Jen
2. Kristie
3. Kara
4. Vern

Okay I need to head back to my scrap area and start working on my EBAY kits again, TTYAS :)


Thursday, January 12, 2006


Image hosted by

I am up late finishing up a layout. I had Dustin take another picture of me yesterday so I could make this new layout for a Call. Nothing much happened today, I pretty much just had a lazy day, which I was needed after this long weekend lol. I did work on some EBAY stuff. I have to start selling a few things weekly on EBAY again for the extra cash for the family. It was kinda fun pulling everything out again and working. I plan to have some stuff up tomorrow. Okay sorry to cut this one a little short but I am super sleepy. Night all


Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I am soooooooooooooo BAD! Why? well I just ate a whole box of these...

Image hosted by

Yep a whole box of Milano MINT cookies and it was soooooooooo good! In fact I am sure if there was another bag I would eat that too lol ;) I got a lot done this weekend I finished a lot of projects for Design teams I am on. I finished my layouts and projects for LRS, and like my end results. I was challenged by a thread at two peas, it was about people who only use one enlarged picture per layout and who always get published using them and how they are always in the magazines now. Well I fall into to that subject. I LOVE to scrap single 5x7 pictures. The most important thing to me about my scrapbooking is my journaling. Heck last night I was laying in front of the TV in our living room and my husband left his VANS shoe box on the entertainment center, I was looking at the pattern of the many "vans" word across the box and I then really badly wanted to take a picture of my husbands shoes and the box and scrap it. Why? Because that is him and there is a story behind it. My husband is a VANS shoe nut lol, this guy has TONS of them and has been "collecting" them LOL since he was 14. I want my boys to know this about their dad! I want them to see the style of vans their dad loves, maybe one day they will love them as much as D and enjoy seeing their dads style. I also realized that I want to make a "book of me" about my husband for them, for us! I have one I started for me and love it. I have my love of Yankee candles layout in it, lol heck I should probably do one on my love for thin mints and mint milanos lol, after all it is a part of me right!

Any way we all have stories to tell, that we want others to know, irregardless (lol I used a Trent Mean girls word ;) "love for all my fellow PITNB readers) of weather we use one picture of 10 we are scrapping things that are meaningful to us! Well I decided to make a few layouts with more then one picture, no I am not quitting my single photo layouts, I just decided to take the challenge and use more of my pictures on a layout, and I JOURNALed on everyone. Out of 4 layouts only 1 had one photo layout. Here they are if want to see :0)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and here is one of my projects I made with the kit...

Image hosted by

I also made this beautiful (lol well I think so hee hee) mini matchbook album of the boys for Moments Defined CHA winter booth. And a Fathers Day card all with the Awakenings line. I will post those on my blog tomorrow, I am to tired and lazy to open photoshop and resize for the blog lol (blush) Okay I better get to bed, Night all I am going to go dream about Milano Image hosted by :0)


Monday, January 9, 2006

I am still here, kinda...

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks, the holidays, the finishing up of the charity auction, we went to California for Christmas (and found out a couple of good things for our families future while we were there), plans for our move, etc. The boys were REALLY sick all through Christmas, I posted about what "fun" I had with that at LM, it lasted past Christmas, I got a couple days of a break and now they are both sick with colds. I have been super busy with Scrapbooking this past week. I had my CHA Winter items to work on and finish for MD and then my LRS DT kit came a few days ago so I have been busy with that, sick kids, cleaning the house all day (eyeroll) and demanding husband, I have not had much time for the computer or anything else. I usually have a not so busy month, (one dt I get to work with every other month) and the other is really easy, just scrapbooking with their awesome supplies. But this month it all came at me all at once, it's so funny how that happens. I have been super good spirited about it all, getting my work done and things done here at home, not letting anything get me down. But then something always seems to happen to me when things are going good that takes that confidence away, and now I feel like shit, I am beginning to think that I should never feel happy about anything because then I don't have to feel this crappy feeling either. Wishing I could crawl back into bed now, but I can't, While I was in my 5 minutes shower that I got to sneek in while I thought the boys were good watching their cartoons, all heck broke loose, so now I have a couple big chores ahead of me. Just wanted to get on and update those of you who were sweet to email me and see how I was doing. I'm okay, I'm alive just super busy this month. Things will be normal again next month.