Sunday, January 15, 2006

YAY I finished

I am so happy! I was able to finish my Scrapworks Design team entry and get it off to them. I really like the way my layouts and card turned out, but not so much with the project, I mean I like it I just think it may be a bit to simple and after seeing all the uploaded projects others did, My project was stomped on in comparison. But again even if I do not make the team I am SUPER happy with my about me page I got done. It was fun to make! I stayed up late (3am lol) to work on it last week. I really liked the business line colors and thought the one sheet of Chatterbox I used with it worked so well. Cool thing about Scrapwork paper is when you flip the patterned side over you get a solid cardstock with a color that matches the pattern on the other side, in this layout it is the dark blue you see throughout it. Amways here are my layouts (the two page layout is an older one I did but I did use some Scrapworks stuff on both pages) the one page about me is a new one and so is the card.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and here is the card

Image hosted by

I am trying to finish up a baby layout for the Scrapbook Trends Baby Ideabook, and I am working on two ebay kits. I also plan to start my HOF entries tonight. I will be a scrapping fool this week :0)

On a Side note I was reading
Ambers blog (remember Amber, Jen? I was telling you about her digital designs and Citrus Blossoms and wishing the designs were made into paper to? (lol although I like digital scrapping I stink at it lol, I have only ever done one maybe I will post it here to show you lol, it stinks I tell yea lol), well guess what girl? LOOOOOOOOOOOK...

Heather P (this is the link to Heathers blog and Ambers Sneak Peak) and A2Z have Amber as their new designer. YAY :) now no more trying to figure out how to print out Ambers designs to use on a layout LOL. I can't wait! This is exciting stuff! Amber also has a couple sneak peaks on her blog as while. Go check them out ladies, they are awesome!

Okay I better get back to work. Talk to you all soon.

Oh before I go I have to tell you what my two year old "Aidan" Said to me, I was sitting here working a couple nights ago, it was about 10pm and he was still up but tired. He kept talking about taking a bath and I said no that it was bed time. So I see him get up off the couch and start heading down the hallway. I say no no no, the monster is guarding the hallway and says he wants you in bed, (before you say I am a bad parent for telling my son there are monsters let me explain, lol his favorite movie is Monsters Inc by Dinsey, so he has this thing for monsters.) A couple minutes go by and he is still sitting here with me, I get up to go get some paper for my printer and my son reminds me that the monster is guarding the hallway...

Aidan- "Mommy there is a monster in hallway"

me- "oh yeah I forgot"

Aidan- "mommy there is a monster in hallway and he is going to eat your brains"

me- (thought in my head- hmmmm D must have told him something about monsters eating brains, figures lol) "ooooo really, now that is not nice of him is it?"

Aidan- " mommy monster's in hallway and I will punch his eye"

Me- "okay Aidan, how about mommy just tells the monster he can leave on break for 5 minutes so mommy can get her paper for her work"

I yell down the hall that it is break time to the monster and turn on the hall light, Aidan is right behind me

Aidan- "Mommy Monsters not on break he is in the potty"

(My older son most have left the light on in the bathroom and closed the door lol, anywho it worked though, he did not want to take a bath after that because the monster was on guard of the hallway, he went to bed shortly after. We also have a monster who guards the kitchen at night (lol some nights Aidan like to go in there and if the fridge is not locked (my older son lol eye roll) then he will get in there a few times.

Okay I am off now, Hope you all have a good day!


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  1. that paper is fun :) Don't you just love what kids say?!?