Friday, April 29, 2005

The Great CRAYON incident

WHOA What a day I had yesturday. The morning started off with a bang. I got online to check Emails and read a couple MB's. I was sitting back here in my office/scrap area when I saw aidan in the hallway, he had a wipe in his hand a was scrubbing the wall (scrubbing the crayon off the wall, he watches me do it all the time "incert rolling eye smiley here lol") well I watched him do this for a second and then turned back around to finish writing an email, then I hear him screaming, so I turn around and he comes running towards me pointing to his nose, and that is when I see it, a bright green THING sticking out. When he got closer I could see what it was, a piece of crayon. He kept trying to stick his little finger in there to get it out, I had no clue what to do, all that kept running through my head was the story my mother told me, I was 4 playing in the backyard and stuck a little pebble rock in my nose, my mom of course could not get it out so we had to go to the Doctors, I vaguely remember this but I do have some what of a memory of it, the doctors use a tool to pull it out. Taking Aidan next door to the hospital ran through my mind, I tried my fingernail first, nope did not work, I then pulled out my tweezers, I layed him down on my bed and pinned his arms under me, he was trying so hard to put his fingers in his nose, by now I was crying, I tried the tweezers, did not get the crayon but did get a couple nose hairs :( my poooooooor baby :( By now I am in a panic! I think well maybe if I stick him in the shower the water will help melt the crayon (the crayon is a washable so anywater to it and it starts to melt, I igure between the water from the shower and the snot from the crying might help get it out? NOPE that did not work. So finally I start to push from the top of his nose down and notice it is starting to move to the end (opening) of his nose, so I keep pushing and POOF it comes out! THANK the lord, I was so scared and so was my baby. All because of this GREEN CRAYON....
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Good thing yesturday is I received another exciting email yesturday :) My exciting news and email the other day was from Wendi of Wendi Speciale Designs , She had a post on her site for the July guest Designer, I thought wow what a wonderful opportunity, even though I did not think I had a chance with all the amazing talent in the scrapbook world, I thought it is certainly worth a try!

The next morning when I woke up I had an email from Wendi saying I was chosen as a July Guest Designer, I SCREAMED I was so excited, and I must have sounded like such a dork in my email back to her lol, lets just say I was so shocked, thrilled and excited! There was alot of YAY'S, woohoo's and Excitement in it lol. That same day I went to read Wendi's BLOG I saw this post by her which spoke about the July guest designers and how she was so happy and excited to get our emails lol, made me feel like less of a dork ;) lol. Yesturday night I received another email asking for my BIO. I am so super excited and can't wait to see what Wendi has created. This is going to be so much fun!

Okay I better get back to my EBAY page kit, I will be back on later :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

mushy, who me?

OOOO Boy was today a lazy day. Our cable which we use to pay the apartment office $25 a month for will be off on the 1st, the apartments decided they just don't want to do it anymore, so we called the same cable company the apartment office used and ordered new cable, but had movie channels added YAY. So I spent most of the day relaxing and in bed watching movies :) I did get up to clean. I laughed and cried today lol, I watched, Secret window, The phone booth, Jersey Girl, 50 first dates, Hackers, MonaLisa smiles. I liked most of them.

It was hot most of the day, I had to turn on the AC. But then the rain came in and a thunder storm. I did not eat much today and now have the headache for it :( I think as soon as I finish writing this I am going to bed.

I received the most EXCITING email today! I am not sure I can say what it is for yet but I can tell you I am so excited!!!!!!! I was shocked that I got the email, It feels like a dream :) very exciting YAYYAYAYAY! lol (blush) can you see how happy I am?

Okay I better get to bed, I am not going to be able to stay up to watch Meet The Barkers tonight :( I just can't see myself staying up another hour and a half, oh well there are always MANY repeats lol

Good Night :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This was so funny

So I spend this morning checking emails, message boards and blogs. I stared reading Wendi's new entry and saw she had a link to a Blog called Pink is the new blog so after I finished reading her newest entry I went to pink is the new blog. and laughed so hard, it's a great Blog! I bookmarked it and added it to my favorite blogs list. It's better then going to my local store and buying People or in touch LOL. And I love the comments he makes, to funny! Thanks Wendi for telling us about that Awesome BLOG!

Okay so I woke up early today, and received a phone call from a dear online friend today, she always makes me laugh and before I knew it two hours had gone by lol. So I hopped in the shower, I had to leave the door to my bathroom opened so I could here the boys and I knew if I closed it Aidan would have a fit, lol he kept opening the shower curtain and saying RRRAAAA, trying to scare me lol. After that I dressed and put my makeup on. I finished cleaning all rooms but the boys room, It is a horrible mess and for the past hour I have to kept asking Austin to pick up a little more so I can vacuum. I need to get some EBAY packages packed up and mailed off today and then I really should finish my EBAY kit. My Digital Rebel payment was taken out of the bank and now I need to make that money up. YAY only two more payments and it will be payed off.

I went to a couple site today to that are looking for DT members, I so badly want to be apart of a team again :( I miss it so much! Okay well I better get back to "MY LIFE as a SAHM" ;) lol I'll post more later. I WANNA work on some layouts tonight too lol crossing fingers and toes I get too...

Teri Fode Inspired me

I received a comment today in my blog from Teri, so I followed her to her blog I was totally inspired by it! I will be returning often, in fact I added it to my Favorite Blog list on my blog sidebar. She does amazing things to her Photographs! I only wish I could be as good as her, ooo and she has my DREAM camera, the Nikon D70 :) . She shares with you how she changes the textures and highlights her pictures using photo enhancing software. I have adobe photoshop Elements, which came with my Digital Rebel. She also lists some helpful websites in her blog to learn more about what you can do with your Photos. I was so inspired that I took a stab at trying to enhance a picture 4 different ways, mine are nowhere near as good as hers, I was actually wondering if she can maybe post in her blog a step by step instruction entry on how she does here's, I love the the glow affect she does on some of her pictures (diffuse), I really want to learn that one oh and her beautiful Blog header Picture, it's so bright and eye catching, I want to learn to get my pictures to do that too lol. Anyways here is my Picture I did tonight (remember this is my first time trying this stuff lol, so it's not the best)...

picture order-
1. Original
2. colored, lightened, and diffused, blurred
3. Removed color, light filled the background for an even lighting, diffused
4. Removed color, changed color to hues of browns for ageing look, even lighting fill, diffused and sharpened

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Design Teams

I miss really being apart of a Design Team, the people you meet and the friendships you make, the active community, the work and assignments. I have only ever been on two design Teams for online scrapbook stores. One I resigned from and the other I am still active on. I found both places from scrap submit , I turned in some layouts and my BIO and was picked for the team. I have often wondered how other people I see on DT's get picked? Do the store or product owners look through their galleries or scrapbios? Is my work good enough to have someone WANT me for a team? I have a couple friends on Design Teams and most of them were picked by the store or product owner, or referred by a friend. What do owners/product designers look for? Maybe I should ask this in the PUB? I would love to know what you have to do to make YOURSELF stand out more and be reconized as a Designer? Any one have any advice on this they can give me? How did you get on the Team your on?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

meme challenge week #1

Tenika posted a BLOG challenge in the PUB today, so I did it, this is what challenge #1 is...

a meme is an idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, like a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

Tenika thought it would be fun to post a challenge, photo assignment or question that we would all answer in our blogs at the same time that week. Then we could post here when we posted so that we could all share together with each other.

"How much closer we'd all be if we stopped long enough to honor one another in a circle of show-and-tell. If we listened to one another's stories, looked at each other's creations. We're all hungry for community. We need more ways to connect. Adults still need show-and-tell. Literally." -Pam Grout "Art & Soul"

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... This week [April 24th- May 1] we are going to paint. online. ARTPAD You have 4 rules.

1. Don't think.
2. Don't judge.

4. You have permission to fail, to be mediocre, to suck sewer slime. Sometimes, when we give ourselves permission to do things poorly, brilliance surfaces. JUST DO. Paint as little or as much as you want but make it your own. Post Here when you finish your masterpiece so we can all show & tell.

*Check next Sunday for Challenge #2

SO Here is what I did :) I call it "Splish and SPLAT" I used three of my favorite colors to make it :)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

New CK call for

Halloween Pages

Call for Halloween Pages - 05/08/05 The pumpkins have all left their patch The spiders have begun to hatch The bats and cats are black, the witches green On Halloween Share your favorite Halloween pages with us! We’re especially looking for Halloween pages that feature unique and interesting ways to show costumes, decorations, Halloween parties, and the “spooky” stories of the holiday. Send your pages and complete contact information to Please include “Halloween Pages” in the subject line. If the journaling is illegible in your scan, please include the text in your e-mail. You can also mail color copies to: “Halloween Pages” Attn. Leslie Miller Creating Keepsakes 14850 Pony Express Rd. Bluffdale, UT 84065

Okay I need to get back to my cleaning, then I can SCRAP YAY lol ;)

Snow over the Horizon

I swear I tried to follow my earlier post about trying to think postive over the negative, I think I should have stayed in bed today, it has been a very depressing day. I received a most hurtful Email today, I did receive an apology, but I still feel very hurt. I am being accused of doing something I did not do! It is so sad and frustrating when you have to keep defending yourself over something you did not do!

My dear husband could see I was upset, the poor guy tried to talk to me a couple times this afternoon and I snapped at him. He finally told me that I needed to step away from the computer for a while and go with him and the boys to the mountains to see the snow. I Agreed. LOL the hour drive up the windy roads was so scary, I about died lol, I am a very bad passenger when it comes to windy scary cliff mountains with BIG drops. But I do have to say it was just Gorgeous! Some of it reminded me of the way my Mother discribes Ireland every few months when she goes to visit our relatives there. Dustin wanted to take us all the way up in to sliver city so we could go to the Ghost Town to, but the road was closed because of the Snow. I took a few pictures of the boys in the Snow, more of Austin than Aidan, Austin is the ham lol. On our way back down we stopped at a rusted old car and I got a couple shots of Austin and Daddy By it, I made sure to keep telling them NOT to touch it lol. Then a few miles past that we stopped at a small camping spot that had a stream of water and an area for the boys to play. We did not stay there to long because it was getting dark. When we got back into the city we stopped by Dominos (pizza's are only $5 YAY lol) I ordered a Veggie without Mushrooms (HATE THEM) and the boys got yucky pepperoni. I Hate Pepperoni too lol. Now everyone is finally sleeping and I thought I would log on to check my emails and write in my blog. I am adding a couple pictures from our trip today, Okay I better get to bed, I need to get up early tomorrow, to clean the apartment, I want to finish cleaning early so I can scrap ;)

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Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Downward Spiral

WOW, it is so strange how I let my day be judged, I was woken up this morning by a very loud knock on the door, I had only my tank top on and undies (lol okay I know TMI but it's true, it was so HOT last night, I almost opened a window), anywho it was the Mailman and he had my Lifetime moments package (The month Kit), LOL do you think if I flash him a little leg he would have another scrapbooking package for me ;) lol, so I brought it in and sat down on the couch to get ready to open it. I noticed right away something seemed a little off, kinda like the box did not feel strong, I guess you can say. That is when I noticed the tape had been cut and the box had been opened, it had nothing to hold it closed. I then opened it to find the famous "PINK" crinkles, under them I could see the baggie that held the kit embellishments, it was cut opened but looked like everything was there. I then checked the tray, it looked perfect, so I pulled the Kit sheet out and check to make sure it was there, of course the whole time I was doing this I was drooling over the Kit contents. Yep everything was there now it was time to really DROOL over the kit lol, It's by far my favorite kit yet, LM does a wonderful job with their LM kit club! This kit had 11 sheets of the new MOD "Daydream" line (so light blues, oranges, white and green colors), 6 sheets of bazzill 12x12 cardstock in orange, green and light blue to match the patterned paper, MOD matching Pillow Chips (these things are so neat looking), a package of bazzill BIG buttons, a package of scrapworks bumper frames in orange, A package of 3/16 orange american crafts eyelets, 1 yard of 3/8 orange check ribbon, 1 yard of orange ric rac ribbon, 1 yard of 1/8 light blue center stitched ribbon, 1 yard 5/8 khaki/white grossgrain dots ribbon, 1 Acrylic 12x12 paper tray (I have 8 of these now for these monthly kits) and the exclusive Mobe' Stamp!

I truely LOVE this kit, it has got to be my favorite out of them all so far, only thing I did not really like and only because it is so odd to add to a layout, was the Mobe" Stamp, it is a long stamp that says "WHO:, WHAT:, WHERE:, WHEN: AND WHY:" why would we need this for a layout? To me this is more for a invitation card. LOL and Dustin was being silly with it, he said I can stamp it on my layout and say WHERE: "we took the kids to the beach" When: :this summer", WHO: "the kids" etc, he is so silly sometimes, he made me laugh, he always makes light out of things when I am a little negative about something, I love that about him, he is never negative, he always finds the brighter side of things, he is a good guy!

Okay so my point to this entry title lol "Downward Spiral" Do you ever have one of those days where one bad thing happens and it pretty much ruins your day, where any little thing that happens you chalk it up to that one thing that set your day off in a bad direction? Well I am one of those people who normally do this, I decided today to try not to do this! I need to start thinking more positively, one bad thing happens I need to soak it up and get over it, then move on, not let it ruin my whole day.

I was involved in something that kinda unfoiled today, The whole thing had me so confused and hurt for over a week now, I only told a couple friends about what happened just to get their opinion on what I should do. It's hard not knowing what is going on when your only given half the info on things. I did speak to a couple people today and feel alot better that I know what is going on now, but feel really bad about the outcome :(

Okay well I need to get back to laundry, it is wash bedding day, OH JOY lol and I am about half way through. Okay so I cheated on my diet too today :( We had Wendy's for lunch lol, I could NOT pass on Wendy's YUMMY french Fries lol They are so GOOD :)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Oh Happy Day

I woke up early this morning, cleaned the house, did a couple loads of laundry, it was so nice getting everything done early today. Then I had the perfect chance to get back to my page kits and got sucked into the computer ;) lol I am such a CHAT addict, I love talking to the gals in the pub during the day. The BH calls went out today and I am so happy with the amount of pubsters that made it, I can not WAIT to see this book. It's going to be amazing. I like BH's sketches, it is just so hard for me to do them because of all the pictures Becky wants you to have on them lol, I am a 1-4 pictures on a layout kinda girl, mostly one though lol. However I did see the Jaunary 2006 sketch today and it looks like I might be able to do that one :)
Image hosted by
See looks pretty easy :)

I am soooo in the mood to scrapbook tonight, I want to do a few Christmas layouts for all the new calls that are out right now for them.

Details for: Scrapbook Trends magazine - Holiday Idea Book: Be a part of the upcoming Holiday Idea Book from Scrapbook Trends! We are currently looking for the following submissions Creations-

Christmas Cards
Neighbor Gifts
Home D├ęcor
Teacher Gifts
Mini Albums

Our Home at Christmas
Our Favorite Christmas Music
Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning
Thanksgiving layouts,
crafts and place cards
Hanukkah layouts,
crafts and cards
Submissions are due: Friday, May 13

Scrapbook Trends magazine - September 2005 Call Scrapbook Trends Magazine is currently looking for layouts with the following themes for our September issue:

Simple Things
All About Me

Deadline: Friday, May 13

Scrapbooks, Etc. is currently accepting submissions for the following themes - limit two layouts per theme, please:

General Winter
Family Traditions

Deadline: May 15th, 2005 If accepted for publication, Scrapbooks, Etc. will pay $150 for a two-page layout and $100 for a single page layout.

Details for: Memory Makers Magazine Current Page Calls
Show Us Your BestMemory Makers wants to publish your pages with the following themes or page topics:

Winter Sports
New Year's

I am going to try are the next few weeks to get as many layouts I can done in these themes, most of them I have a ton of pictures for lol, Okay well I need to go get on the threadmill and then back to my kit, I'll sign back on as soon as I finish my work out to log in my stats. Have I mentioned how much energy I have felt lately, it feel so good!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I felt so tired today. I did move all my page kit stuff out to the kitchen bar to work today so I would not be on the computer ;) I got most of my new kit done for ebay, and plan to start another one. I also did my walk on the treadmill, here are my stats...

Speed- 2.5
Time- 26:44
Mile- 101
fatcal- 41.1
cals- 131

I hope we here more toots tomorrow in the pub for the PK pet calls :) I am dying to see who made it ;) Okay sorry this entry is so short but I really am super tired tonight and should finish up my kits and get to bed so I can get up bright and early tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am so silly

Right after I posted this and whined a little about it at Twopeas, I received an email from scrapbook trends (red cheeked smily here lol) asking for my "Explore" layout I did last summer of Aidan at Lake Lowell when we first moved to Idaho. I am so excited. I also read a post that thena left to all of us who did not have toots yet she is amazing!...

"For those whose horns have not yet been tooting"

Please do not worry or despair Get teary eyes or pull your hair Don't feel that things just are not fair Or that your work just isn't there... Keep doing what it is you do Work that says just what is you And soon enough I know it's true You will get the rewards you're due. But as for now just celebrate Everything you've learned to date And with each call that comes too late There will be one that will be worth the wait! It takes time to make a name So just relax and enjoy the game For that's what we have to do To see our biggest dreams come true. And for today just "toot and tell" Share with your PUB friends what you do well And soon your email will be calling for you With requests for pages that are due!


That was beautiful! I printed it out and hung it here on my corkboard so I can remember it the next time I feel the way I did in my last blog post. Okay I need to left my hiney from this chair and away from the computer for a while to get back to work lol WOOOOHOOOO I am excited :)

Call after call

I keep reading week after week of all the talented girls that are getting calls and emails. Although I am excited and happy for them, I am sad for me. I think I have lost it, my mojo for scrapbooking and being published. YES I know scrapbooking is not all about being published, I am thrilled that I am getting pages done for our books of our memories, but it just makes me so sad that I am not getting any calls or emails anymore. Maybe My layouts stink now? Maybe my style is to plain or to much?, maybe the calls and emails I got before were just magazines needing to fill a spot? I don't know, it's just depressing. :( I was told by a woman who's DT I sooo wanted to be on that my work is intermediate, and that people are intimidated by the intermediate and advanced layouts/styles. That magazines, Store etc are looking for talented people who's work can be scraplifted.

Maybe I should just stop submitting and just focus more on getting my albums done. I feel so discouraged now :(

Monday, April 18, 2005

Stats for tonight

I spent most of the day cleaning to make up for the weekend lol, I took it off to scrapbook :), After I finish laundry tonight I got on the treadmill, here are my stats for today...

Speed- 2.5
Time- 25:52
Mile- 1.01
Fat cals- 42.7
Cals- 134

I am so tired tonight but should stay up and make a new page kit for ebay. I also want to try and get one more pet page done for the paperkuts call, I was thinking of doing one of Ben (CAT) now. I am so not use to doing pet pages. I have always only scrap mostly the boys and a couple dustin or I pages. Okay well everyone is sleeping here now so I really should get back to work :)

A Dog's Life

Here is the layout I was working on lastnight :)

Image hosted by

it was alot of fun to make, I am going to enter it into the paperkuts "PETS" call, not holding my breath though, I am on a dry spell when it comes to being published right now

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wake up call

I just had my scare of a lifetime (well I hope it is the only scare of a lifetime I ever have lol), It really was a wake up call. I was watching TLC today. There was an med show on. The case was about an over weight woman who was found dead in a battered womens shelter. She had two kids with her a two year old and a 4 months old, this woman was also 12 weeks pregnant. They had no clue as to why she died yet, until they did an autospy on her body. they found that her heart was two times the size it was suppose to be which means she had VERY high blood pressure, which is the cause of alot of deaths each year, this however was not why she died. In over weight people a common cause of sudden death are blood clots that are released into your body. This is how this poor 25 year old woman died. This hit so close to home.

I gained 80 pounds with my first Pregnancy, I lost 20 from it but then became pregnant again and gained 26 pounds. I was able to lose that weight pretty fast. I Now have 60 pounds to lose to be back down to my pre pregnancy weight. Thing is I have been over weight like this for 4 years now. I have also become lazy :( I had an ED from the age 11 to my early 20's ( I made a layout about over coming this which is now being published by Memory Makers "your scrapbook, your story ideabook",) I am now 26. I started walking everyday at the local rec center mile trail a couple months ago for over a month, I felt great. Problem was I soon gave up :(

I have since bought a treadmill from walmart (gift to myself) a month ago, but have only used it twice. After seeing that show tonight, I have decided that it is time for me to LIVE! To do this for me, and for my boys. All I kept thinking about was that poor young woman on tv, she will never be able to hold her kids again and that made me so sad! I would never want my boys or husband to go through that! I want to live! I am making an appointment this week to see a Doctor and a nutritionist. And I got on the treadmill tonight. I am making a goal to start walking again everyday and I will LOG it here in my blog to keep me motivated.

Here are my stats for tonight....

Speed- 2.5
Time- 27:23
Mile- 1.00
Fat cals- 40.8

Okay I should probably get back to finishing my layout I have been working on all day. I will post again later.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Baby Toes and traditions

Image hosted by

I am sitting here at 11:45pm working on a layout for the Scrapbook trends COVER contest. I got to thinking, what would they want to see on a cover of a JULY magazine? I would think Beach/Summer/ or 4th of July theme right? Well I took alot of beach pictures a couple weeks ago when we went back to CA to visit our family, it is a family tradition that both Dustin and I started when we had Austin to take our boys to the beath once a week. The beaches in California are gorgeous and we had a special Beach we always went to called "SunSet" beach. I am going to try and finish this Beach layout tonight and hopefully get sent in to
scrapbook trends tomorrow morning, wish me luck :)

Friday, April 15, 2005

A little Depressed today

I am a little depressed today, but then again I always am when it is bill paying time. As fast as Dustin gets paid is as fast as the bills eats the money away. I paid the phone, cell phone, DSL, gas and electric today which ate up half of his paycheck and now we have the rest for food. I sure hope I get a call soon for the job I applied for in the front Office. That would be great for extra money along with my EBAY stuff. I also refunded $77 to the woman who was unhappy with her ebay auction once she received it :( so we are out $77 but I will be relisting that auction tonight so maybe I will make it back (crossing fingers). I also need to get more page kits done for ebay so I can pay my camera payment in a week.

I am also a little depressed (more sad) with a couple people from one of the online scrapbooking communites I go to. They talk about others behind their backs or make nasty remarks to them on the message board, I guess I notice it more because I know what is going on but if you don't know you won't see it. Also there is something going on that I think is a little strange too but am going to sit on it for a while and if it looks like a friend of mine will be hurt by it I will say something to her and the people involved.

I have gotten alot done today. I just finished packing up the bills and the CA taxes (Bless my MIL for helpping with those) and had Dustin mail them, I am so glad that is done. I Also mailed a package of sweetdots to Susan to replace a package I already sent, I felt bad, even though it was not my fault once it leaves this house, I still felt bad, so I sent her a few more. I have a little more house cleaning todo, some laundry, I need to finish my DT layout, Try and make a layout for the Scrapbook Trends cover contest (even though I know I have no chance at it) Start a new kit, List my 3 auctions I have done today, and finish a couple ppings for people. Geezzz I am getting tired just reading all that lol. Okay I better go get some stuff done. I'll try and post more tonight.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I woke up so sleepy today, I feel so tired. I have picked up around the house a little and am now finishing up my page kits for EBAY, I hope I get them up tonight. I still have no word on the Job APP I turned in to the apartment office, she did say it might be a week or so, so crossing fingers that would be a great small income coming in. Dustin is off working his second job right now, lol he has called twice to chit chat a little. I can't wait for him to get home, I am so hungry and what to chat with him about what we should do for dinner. As for now I am going to make a salad for lunch.

Okay I better get back to finishing these kits once and for all lol ;) Oh and I was at two peas this morning reading the board and came across a thread taking about a site meter so I had one added to mine :) Not that anyone ever comes and reads my blog besides me

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have my afternoon coffee and...

lol I made coffee this morning and forgot all about it, just got busy doing things around the house, and now here it is 1:30pm and I just remembered making it. I added a little ice, milk and sugar and now it's YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY :)

I did more research on first time home buyers and info we need to know. We did the thing we were not suppose to do first :( and went looking at homes up for sale, now we are in love with this very cute 3 bedroom 2 bath fenced huge backyard home in a beautiful Sub called Autumn Breeze. And it is 6 houses down from the school Austin will be going to in a year (if we could get the house) it is a 2001 and is only $93,900. Now here's the thing I am sure a ton of people want it to and we have not even spoken with a mortgage broker in over a year so we have to do that and go from there first, by the time all that is done I am sure our little starter house will be off the market and some luncky family will have it :(
Crossing fingers we will have a chance though.

We have also looked at Corey Barton homes. These homes are gorgeous, but a little pricey and not really in our budget. If we were to get one we would struggle. That is not what we want to do. Dustin wants to ask his mom if he will help with a small down payment (my folks offered to help with a down payment) and with both down payments we might be able to get a great deal, if we got that cute house in autumn breeze we would have great monthly payments :) <----still crossing fingers ;)

Okay I better go finally finish my two EBAY kits, we could really use the extra money right now, and I still have a camera payment coming up (eyeroll smily here) lol

Friday, April 8, 2005

Over and Over again

LOL Sometimes I wonder why I even bother cleaning, I spent the whole day cleaning. I have a HUGE todo list posted at LM today and have been working off it. Well, I spent about two hours going through the boys room, I put all the clothes away they threw out of their dressers, all the million and one toys they have, put video games away, put all the disney movies back in their right boxes, and organized the books. Them I came back to my office/scraproom to read the boards at LM and Two peas. I was only in here for 5 minutes, when Austin calls me back to their room, I get in there and it is a huge mess :(, The clothes from the hamper are all over the room, toys, the whole diaper bag is now empty and there are diapers everywhere, I SWEAR I was only gone for 5 minutes LOL. So I had to re clean that room. I did a full cleaning of the kitchen, dining room and living room, hallway and our room. They only thing left to do is the rest of the laundry and The guest bathroom. But I decided to just do that tomorrow lol. I need to finally finish my two page kits and the two layouts I wanted to submit to calls tomorrow. I also need to submit a couple more that I have done to current calls. There is a contest at LM for people who submit so that is a great goal to work for ;) I hope I get a call back soon, I am beginning to feel like my work is just not good enough anymore! I posted a layout I loved in the LM gallery last week and hardly got any comments. I know I should not let it bug me, :( but it does. Okay I better get back to work, there is still lots to do! I also need to walk a mile on the threadmill tonight :) FUN FUN FUN! ;)

More EBAY Drama

:( I have typed out what I wanted to post here and when I clicked submit I got an error page, hit the back button and it was all gone, maybe this will work?


That is the thread where the drama continues, there are now 18 people that we know of that has been taken by jonnie jonnie that ebayer who has filed a claim against us :(

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

What a day What a day

Today was pretty much a lazy day. I lounged around watching movies and soaps today lol. I watched "The golden Pond" on AMC and then watched passions. Dustin came home and we ordered pizza. Then I thought it was about time for me to get up and do something so I came back to my office/scrap area to check emails and get back to my page kits for ebay.

I received an email from paypal tonight stating one of my buyers from an auction of punches I sold back in Dec, filed something with her CC company and paypal was trying to help me fight the case. I was stunned and in shock. I had no clue what the heck was happening. So I followed the instructions paypal gave me and had to show proof that this woman did indeed receive her punches. All I can say is Thank the good lord above that I save ALL my ebay package tracking delivery conformation slips! I also had the email saved that the woman sent when she received the package AND she left positive feedback so I know I will have some what of a chance with this fight. I then went to check this womans feedback and found out that she is no longer an EBAY member, again I was shocked, I then looked to see her feedback ratings and she had a bunch of negative feedback. So then I got the idea to email some of the other people she won auctions from and that is when I found out that in the last 6 months she has purchased stuff from over 400+ auctions and EVERYONE is now having these claims filed against them. After talking to some of these ladies I am very thankful that I have the proof that I do, now I am just going to pray I win because we can not afford to lose $139 from that auction and if I do lose that means this woman got away with my punch lot for free :( I am so very upset about this.

Okay well LOST is about to start so I am going to go watch it and finish my two page kits for ebay :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2005


A friend of mine had a blog at, I thought WOW what a great idea, I can have an online journal/diary were I can vent and just talk about my day, so here I am making one :)

I spent most of the day cleaning the house and watching the boys, it's seems like that is my everyday life lately. I am planning on staying up late tonight to work on some new page kits for EBAY. I sell Page kits on EBAY for extra money for our family and right now need to earn enough for my camera payment this month ($200) The page kits are for scrapbookers. I am a scrapbooker myself who loves to make layouts of my boys and family. Although lately I have not been able to really work on any, I tried to beat the deadline for the PKPT team contest but sadly only had a couple layouts done and had to go to CA for a week to visit family and for my oldest sons birthday. so I missed out on the last week to get layouts done. There is always next year.

We had a great time in CA, It was so nice seeing all our family again, I sure have missed everyone. We moved from San Jose, CA to Nampa ID 10 months ago. It has really been hard. I miss my parents so much. I also miss my MIL. My FIL and his wife and one of my BIL's live here in ID too. They moved here from San Jose last year. It's a nice place, lots of farmland. They are building a bunch of homes here now so it is starting to look great. To buy a home here for a newly built 4 bedroom 2 bath home it is 120 thousand++, in San Jose that would have cost us 800 thousand "where is the shocked smily when you need it :) " My father spoke with us this past week while we were in CA about helping Dustin and I get a home here. He said he would pay the down payment. We are so excited! We have been looking at homes around town and picking up flyers at homes for sale. That is my Goal and dream! To own a home of our own. I really truly prayer that it happens soon. I want the boys to have a yard to play in, and I want the feeling that you get of knowing the "HOUSE" is yours.

Okay well I better get back to working on these page kits, before I get to tired :)

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