Tuesday, April 26, 2005

This was so funny

So I spend this morning checking emails, message boards and blogs. I stared reading Wendi's new entry and saw she had a link to a Blog called Pink is the new blog so after I finished reading her newest entry I went to pink is the new blog. and laughed so hard, it's a great Blog! I bookmarked it and added it to my favorite blogs list. It's better then going to my local store and buying People or in touch LOL. And I love the comments he makes, to funny! Thanks Wendi for telling us about that Awesome BLOG!

Okay so I woke up early today, and received a phone call from a dear online friend today, she always makes me laugh and before I knew it two hours had gone by lol. So I hopped in the shower, I had to leave the door to my bathroom opened so I could here the boys and I knew if I closed it Aidan would have a fit, lol he kept opening the shower curtain and saying RRRAAAA, trying to scare me lol. After that I dressed and put my makeup on. I finished cleaning all rooms but the boys room, It is a horrible mess and for the past hour I have to kept asking Austin to pick up a little more so I can vacuum. I need to get some EBAY packages packed up and mailed off today and then I really should finish my EBAY kit. My Digital Rebel payment was taken out of the bank and now I need to make that money up. YAY only two more payments and it will be payed off.

I went to a couple site today to that are looking for DT members, I so badly want to be apart of a team again :( I miss it so much! Okay well I better get back to "MY LIFE as a SAHM" ;) lol I'll post more later. I WANNA work on some layouts tonight too lol crossing fingers and toes I get too...

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