Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I am so silly

Right after I posted this and whined a little about it at Twopeas, I received an email from scrapbook trends (red cheeked smily here lol) asking for my "Explore" layout I did last summer of Aidan at Lake Lowell when we first moved to Idaho. I am so excited. I also read a post that thena left to all of us who did not have toots yet she is amazing!...

"For those whose horns have not yet been tooting"

Please do not worry or despair Get teary eyes or pull your hair Don't feel that things just are not fair Or that your work just isn't there... Keep doing what it is you do Work that says just what is you And soon enough I know it's true You will get the rewards you're due. But as for now just celebrate Everything you've learned to date And with each call that comes too late There will be one that will be worth the wait! It takes time to make a name So just relax and enjoy the game For that's what we have to do To see our biggest dreams come true. And for today just "toot and tell" Share with your PUB friends what you do well And soon your email will be calling for you With requests for pages that are due!


That was beautiful! I printed it out and hung it here on my corkboard so I can remember it the next time I feel the way I did in my last blog post. Okay I need to left my hiney from this chair and away from the computer for a while to get back to work lol WOOOOHOOOO I am excited :)

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  1. Nikki you aways do wonderful LO don't be so hard on your self! You are a very kind and wonderful person who sometime just needs to stop and smell the roses. Just continue to scrap from the heart and publishing will follow