Tuesday, April 5, 2005


A friend of mine had a blog at lifetimemoments.com, I thought WOW what a great idea, I can have an online journal/diary were I can vent and just talk about my day, so here I am making one :)

I spent most of the day cleaning the house and watching the boys, it's seems like that is my everyday life lately. I am planning on staying up late tonight to work on some new page kits for EBAY. I sell Page kits on EBAY for extra money for our family and right now need to earn enough for my camera payment this month ($200) The page kits are for scrapbookers. I am a scrapbooker myself who loves to make layouts of my boys and family. Although lately I have not been able to really work on any, I tried to beat the deadline for the PKPT team contest but sadly only had a couple layouts done and had to go to CA for a week to visit family and for my oldest sons birthday. so I missed out on the last week to get layouts done. There is always next year.

We had a great time in CA, It was so nice seeing all our family again, I sure have missed everyone. We moved from San Jose, CA to Nampa ID 10 months ago. It has really been hard. I miss my parents so much. I also miss my MIL. My FIL and his wife and one of my BIL's live here in ID too. They moved here from San Jose last year. It's a nice place, lots of farmland. They are building a bunch of homes here now so it is starting to look great. To buy a home here for a newly built 4 bedroom 2 bath home it is 120 thousand++, in San Jose that would have cost us 800 thousand "where is the shocked smily when you need it :) " My father spoke with us this past week while we were in CA about helping Dustin and I get a home here. He said he would pay the down payment. We are so excited! We have been looking at homes around town and picking up flyers at homes for sale. That is my Goal and dream! To own a home of our own. I really truly prayer that it happens soon. I want the boys to have a yard to play in, and I want the feeling that you get of knowing the "HOUSE" is yours.

Okay well I better get back to working on these page kits, before I get to tired :)

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