Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have my afternoon coffee and...

lol I made coffee this morning and forgot all about it, just got busy doing things around the house, and now here it is 1:30pm and I just remembered making it. I added a little ice, milk and sugar and now it's YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY :)

I did more research on first time home buyers and info we need to know. We did the thing we were not suppose to do first :( and went looking at homes up for sale, now we are in love with this very cute 3 bedroom 2 bath fenced huge backyard home in a beautiful Sub called Autumn Breeze. And it is 6 houses down from the school Austin will be going to in a year (if we could get the house) it is a 2001 and is only $93,900. Now here's the thing I am sure a ton of people want it to and we have not even spoken with a mortgage broker in over a year so we have to do that and go from there first, by the time all that is done I am sure our little starter house will be off the market and some luncky family will have it :(
Crossing fingers we will have a chance though.

We have also looked at Corey Barton homes. These homes are gorgeous, but a little pricey and not really in our budget. If we were to get one we would struggle. That is not what we want to do. Dustin wants to ask his mom if he will help with a small down payment (my folks offered to help with a down payment) and with both down payments we might be able to get a great deal, if we got that cute house in autumn breeze we would have great monthly payments :) <----still crossing fingers ;)

Okay I better go finally finish my two EBAY kits, we could really use the extra money right now, and I still have a camera payment coming up (eyeroll smily here) lol

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