Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Call after call

I keep reading week after week of all the talented girls that are getting calls and emails. Although I am excited and happy for them, I am sad for me. I think I have lost it, my mojo for scrapbooking and being published. YES I know scrapbooking is not all about being published, I am thrilled that I am getting pages done for our books of our memories, but it just makes me so sad that I am not getting any calls or emails anymore. Maybe My layouts stink now? Maybe my style is to plain or to much?, maybe the calls and emails I got before were just magazines needing to fill a spot? I don't know, it's just depressing. :( I was told by a woman who's DT I sooo wanted to be on that my work is intermediate, and that people are intimidated by the intermediate and advanced layouts/styles. That magazines, Store etc are looking for talented people who's work can be scraplifted.

Maybe I should just stop submitting and just focus more on getting my albums done. I feel so discouraged now :(

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  1. I just had to peek after your post to me on 2peas...

    *I* think your work is wonderful...and I don't know why the magazines aren't picking it up.
    I agree, I'm happy for those that *are* getting called but sad for me...

    Makes me wonder too..

    Just know you're not alone