Wednesday, April 6, 2005

What a day What a day

Today was pretty much a lazy day. I lounged around watching movies and soaps today lol. I watched "The golden Pond" on AMC and then watched passions. Dustin came home and we ordered pizza. Then I thought it was about time for me to get up and do something so I came back to my office/scrap area to check emails and get back to my page kits for ebay.

I received an email from paypal tonight stating one of my buyers from an auction of punches I sold back in Dec, filed something with her CC company and paypal was trying to help me fight the case. I was stunned and in shock. I had no clue what the heck was happening. So I followed the instructions paypal gave me and had to show proof that this woman did indeed receive her punches. All I can say is Thank the good lord above that I save ALL my ebay package tracking delivery conformation slips! I also had the email saved that the woman sent when she received the package AND she left positive feedback so I know I will have some what of a chance with this fight. I then went to check this womans feedback and found out that she is no longer an EBAY member, again I was shocked, I then looked to see her feedback ratings and she had a bunch of negative feedback. So then I got the idea to email some of the other people she won auctions from and that is when I found out that in the last 6 months she has purchased stuff from over 400+ auctions and EVERYONE is now having these claims filed against them. After talking to some of these ladies I am very thankful that I have the proof that I do, now I am just going to pray I win because we can not afford to lose $139 from that auction and if I do lose that means this woman got away with my punch lot for free :( I am so very upset about this.

Okay well LOST is about to start so I am going to go watch it and finish my two page kits for ebay :)

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