Friday, April 15, 2005

A little Depressed today

I am a little depressed today, but then again I always am when it is bill paying time. As fast as Dustin gets paid is as fast as the bills eats the money away. I paid the phone, cell phone, DSL, gas and electric today which ate up half of his paycheck and now we have the rest for food. I sure hope I get a call soon for the job I applied for in the front Office. That would be great for extra money along with my EBAY stuff. I also refunded $77 to the woman who was unhappy with her ebay auction once she received it :( so we are out $77 but I will be relisting that auction tonight so maybe I will make it back (crossing fingers). I also need to get more page kits done for ebay so I can pay my camera payment in a week.

I am also a little depressed (more sad) with a couple people from one of the online scrapbooking communites I go to. They talk about others behind their backs or make nasty remarks to them on the message board, I guess I notice it more because I know what is going on but if you don't know you won't see it. Also there is something going on that I think is a little strange too but am going to sit on it for a while and if it looks like a friend of mine will be hurt by it I will say something to her and the people involved.

I have gotten alot done today. I just finished packing up the bills and the CA taxes (Bless my MIL for helpping with those) and had Dustin mail them, I am so glad that is done. I Also mailed a package of sweetdots to Susan to replace a package I already sent, I felt bad, even though it was not my fault once it leaves this house, I still felt bad, so I sent her a few more. I have a little more house cleaning todo, some laundry, I need to finish my DT layout, Try and make a layout for the Scrapbook Trends cover contest (even though I know I have no chance at it) Start a new kit, List my 3 auctions I have done today, and finish a couple ppings for people. Geezzz I am getting tired just reading all that lol. Okay I better go get some stuff done. I'll try and post more tonight.

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