Thursday, December 15, 2005

Warning, lots of pics, and blogage lol

Okay it is late and I have a horrible headache/ear infection so I may have typos lol, hard to type with one eye half shut lol ;) Lots going on the past two days. Lets see two days ago we took the boys to the mall in town to see santa but he would not be there until 4pm, well it was only noon so we thought we would drive into town to see santa at the other mall 25 miles away. Well we get there walk all the way across the mall and OOPS would'nt you know, santa was sick and not there so we got a coupon lol. So we looked around, stopped in a couple stores to do some "window shopping" (great now that song by 50 cent is in my head lol) any ways so I stopped in Bath and Body work to spray myself with some yummy scent, well I mixed a couple things and moved on, later that night I kept smelling this awesome smell. Well the next day we went back to the in town mall to see santa at 4PM, The boys were so cute! When santa asked Austin what he wanted for Christmas he said "a new big boy bed" it was so cute! We are going to see if we can get him a twin bed (with the help from the Christmas money D's grandparents sent us yesterday, they sent us money to take care of all our gifts, so we thought we could do this for austin) Then we had pictures taken for MIL and the inlaws (it was only $12 for a 5x7 and 4 wallets) and they let me take one with my camera...
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After we went window shopping again, well I stopped back in Bath and Body works to of course do the spray thing again LOL ;) well I went straight to the two bottles I sprayed myself with the day before, together the smell of both of them together was AMAZING! I loved it! Here they are :) ...
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Cherry Blosom and Warm vanilla Sugar, and this shimmer mist is awesome! This is so going on my Christmas list :D or something I will treat myself to when and if I start doing EBAY again.

They also have one of my all time favorite scents there (I am a huge bath and body freak lol and have a nice little collection I started a few years back of all the lotions and sprays and this is one of my favorites)
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Coconut lime (it has a hint of vanilla), if you have not smelt or tried this then you HAVE too! You will love it! and the lotions are so good! They keep your skin so soft and they smell so good! Oh and right now ladies they are having a sale on all the antibacterial soap buy 3 for $10 (I did not get anything but this was a sale they were running until the last days of Dec)

Anyways we had a great time yesterday. I also did a small little photo shoot with the boys yesterday that went a little wacky, I did manage to get a couple good pictures after about 150 LOL, if one boy was not moving then the other was. It was so hard! Here are some of those pictures...
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I had to bribe the boys with candy LOL and at one point I had to place the candy tin on my head and on the camera just to get them both to look at me LOL. Okay I need to get to bed, Jay Leno and Johnny Knoxville are over (love johnny) so nightie night :)


Monday, December 12, 2005

What to do, What to do?

I woke up early today, I did my one mile walk away the pounds DVD and then had D watch the boys while I went outside for a walk. It was nice.
I have spent most of the day being lazy. I did take the boys to walmart to get milk and a $.97 tape measurer. Well I was in the craft section I saw this Making Memories embellishment kits, they are a $30 value for only $9.99, they had all kinds of things in them, including one of my most favorite things by MM, simply stated rubon alphas YAY. LOL Sadly we have no extra money so hopefully there will be at least one left there after Christmas. I also looked to see if they had those lunch boxes I saw a thread about in the PUB, but did not see any at walmart.

Speaking of scrapbooking, I finished my 4 layouts using the LRS Dec kit. I was so happy with them and LOVE the one I did of D "The one that I love", I posted them in two different galleries but they did not get much love at all, maybe they are not as good as I thought? I am thinking I need to work on my scrap style, I need to make my layouts more eye catching. Maybe I need a mentor or muse? someone who can help me find a better style, help me improve by telling me what I am missing, tell me all the new trends and latest styles etc.

Here are those 4 layouts...

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So I was reading one of my most favorite blogs " Pink is the new blog " evah :) and LOOK What Trent has...

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You can get them at and they are only $20 BUT they are only on sale until 12/16/05 then they go away forever. I soooooooooooooo WISH we had the money to get me that black one, I want it so bad! Maybe I can tell D I want it for Christmas ;) lol

Speaking of Christmas I need to get my hiney in gear and get something made for MIL, my folks, FIL and his wife and D's grandparents. I make them all something handmade each year. I just have no clue what to do this year. Anyone have any ideas? I need to get whatever it is done by Friday lol so I can get it to them on time.

Okay well I need to get the boys down for bed and maybe watch a little tv before bed. Night all


Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Horrible day

Everything is just so crappy right now! Things going on here at home, I feel so worthless, like I don't matter, my feelings, I feel taken advantage of!

Things going on with a friend I thought was a friend, she got to know me, I thought I got to know her, turns out I was being used and she quickly moved on to the next "best thing" as she likes to call it! And now I am being ignored!

I can't seem to get anything done today, I have tried but I get no help from D who has been home all day.

My work stinks, I stink at it today, could be because I am not in the mood for anything now that my whole day has just fallen apart, funny how one bad thing happens and everything starts to fall apart.

If you make it a point to make friends and get to know people PLEASE watch yourself, there are people out there that are just using you! They do not care about you as the person you are, just what you CAN do for them at that moment in time, then they throw your friendship away like it does not matter! I met someone a few months back, she came to me telling me I inspired her and she loved my work, we started talking alot, about work,scrapping,our families, She would ask me for advice on scrapbooking and of course I would give it to her,, I thought we were friends, but then she just stopped talking to me, out of the blue, I have seen her move on to others, pretty much doing the same thing she did to me! WATCH out on who you trust and let into your life! I know from personal experience! Hurts like HELL when this happens!
Nuff said!


Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Under the Christmas Tree

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This was my two year old today. I saw him playing under the tree, I thought nothing of it and continued to read. About 20 minutes later I heard my 4 year old yelling in his room, so I got up to go tell him to play a little lower with his voice. When I can back into the living room I found my son sleeping under the tree like the picture above. Boy does it bring back childhood memories!

as long back as I can remember my sister and I LOVED to camp out under the tree, the lights, the smell. I am glad to see my boys picked up on it too :)

Well I pulled my stuff out to scrapbook today, had it all set up out here in the living room on the coffee table (instead of back in my room where I have all my scrap stuff set up) so I could be close to the boys and D. D was home this afternoon (working late) so he watched the boys while I started a layout. After he left to work the boys were impossible! Fighting, throwing toys, hitting, jumping, bouncing you name it, they did it! I got my work out in today for sure! the minute my butt hit the floor to work, that same minute I was up to get them away from eachother. right now it is 20 minutes until their bedtime and they are wired more then ever. I even had to put my scrap stuff away for now (dt stuff) and turn out all the lights (not the christmas tree) and put on boomerang (flintstones on right now) to try and calm them, where are they? One is screaming and yelling because he can't pass a game on his PS2 and the others is in and out of his room with his HUGE fire engine. Not to much longer before D is back home YYYYYAYYYYY :) Then maybe I can take a nice hot bubble bath with a book and then come back out and work on this layout more. (crossing fingers) It's a layout of my youngest in his Peter Pan jammies :) goes very well with the papers from the kit this month from LRS.

Oooooo GOSH I am wanting a soda sooooo bad, I had to share yhe very last one with Aidan tonight lol, and now I want another one, I am thinking about putting on all my warm clothes just to go get one from the apartment vending machine lol. I just may need a Pepsi to stay up and work tonight lol.

Okay well I better get back to the boys. TTYAS


PS, yesterdays Anniversary was nice, I cooked an awesome meal and we all spent time together. and D and I cuddled, I always LOVED cuddling with him, we did it more so the first couple years we were married lol, so it was so nice to do it last night, we even both fell asleep cuddling on the couch LOL, we both woke up with stiff necks at 4am.

ahhhh okay really going, just had austin out here screaming about aidan spitting is milk in his eye, and they are fighting again :( Calgon take me awwwaaaayyyyyyyy........

Monday, December 5, 2005

Scrappin, well trying to anyways...

I just received my DT kit for Little Red Scrapbook. It's awesome, It is a kit that works around the new Chloe's Closet paper called "The back Nine". Soooo that means boyish colors :) YAY, which is perfect for all the pictures I just got back from of the boys. I get to play with some Black and White pictures as well as colored and what is cool is the background colors match the kit colors AWESOME! I have to admit I was a bit nervous of the Dice paper but, it looks so awesome in person, and Thanks to my friend Kristie I have an awesome theme, that will go perfect with the Dice paper, RIGHT ON! Here is what the kit looks like...
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and then of course the awesome ADD ONS are amazing too and work so well with this kit!
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I can't wait to get started, it is all sitting right in front of me and I have about two hours to work on it now (before D gets home and we celebrate our five year anniversary :D) I just picked out the pictures I will be using and now all that is left is to sketch out all my layouts and projects I will be making and then let the scrappin begin. I have been feeling IN the MOOD to scrap the past couple days, just have been so busy here at home. The plan is to get a bunch of scrappin done this week when I can :) Okay I better go get started on those sketches :)


Five years ago today...

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For The one I love on our Anniversary

I hope there is never
a need for you to wonder
how strong and deep
my feelings are for you.
We may have changed a little,
grown a lot,
but what's been constant
is how much I need you
in my life...

If my words
sometimes fail me,
always remember
what's in my heart,
You touch my soul...
and always will!

I love you!

Happy Annniversary Dustin!


Sunday, December 4, 2005

He never gives you more then you can handle

I need to be reminded of that often. I have had a pretty rotten week, It got so bad I started to doubt myself, my worth, everything. Not only has my marriage been a bit rocky latey but things in our life and household started to fall apart. It all started last saturday. My DH went to a concert and that went great, I was happy he was going, a bit jealous lol (the place looked awesome!) I wanted to go, but very happy fpr him none the less. To make a long story short, the car broken down, he lost his cell phone (we just ordered this new on last month because the old one broke, it was $75 added in payments on our current bill) and he could not get home until 4am. He also had to much to drink that night. You better believe I was a bit angry with him. First off remember 6 months ago me blogging about the transmission on our car needing to be rebuilt, well $2084.00 later it was fixed. My parents of course payed for it because there was no way we had that kinda money. My parents Christmas gift to us this year was buying all new tires on the car also. so that was another $400 on this car. well Monday D took the car back to the shop that did the trany work. (we had to use some of our rent money to pay to have the Explorer towed, so of course we needed to get help with some of our rent this month :(, it's just a huge mess and when things like this happen to people who just live and get by with each pay check it makes it hard). A couple days went by and then we got the phone call from the shop saying what was wrong with the trany was not part of our warrenty and it would cost $900 to fix (SHOCK!) I was so mad! Not only do we not have $900 but how was my husband going to get to work everyday which is about 25-30 miles away. They wanted him to come down to the shop (which is near D's work), but he had no way of getting there. We asked FIL if he could help, he said yes that he would take Dustin the next day, well that next day it snowed heavy all day and night long, so FIL could not take D and he had to call in sick to work with not having a car and all. By this point I was losing it, thinking GEEZZ will we ever get a break or see the light? I then get a phone call from the owner of the shop, he was very upset, angry, mad! he Said it looked like D had abused the car, with what was wrong with the trany, something with switching the gears the wrong way and shavings in something (I do not know car talk lol), I explain to the man that this is our only car/truck/suv (whatever you call it) that we have had alot of money go into it, it is the only way DH can get to work, I can not see him abusing it. The man did not want to hear it. He said it was $900 in parts and they were not going to do anything with it until D went down to see it himself. I was so paniced about D losing his job because surly he would have to call in sick again. Well I spent most ofr that day on the net and phone calling all the car rental places to see if we couple just rent a car, all of them wanted Major CC except one place called enterprise, they would rent the car for cash, but for 8 days they wanted $450.00 plus a $150 deposit, again we did not even have that amount of money until D gets paid. So D asked FIL if he could rent the car, at first he said yes, but then he said he just could not do it, if something happened it would be on him.

We went to bed that night not knowing what the next day would bring, the whole week had just been this huge mess, lots of emotions, very trying on us, you know through it we really bonded though, things have been not so good for us lately but we stood by eachother during this horrible week! the next day (Friday) FIL came to get D to take him to the shop, I sat here on pins and needles until D called. He said the owner of the shop was out of town but he spoke with one of the guys working on the car and he said that it would now only be $500 to fix. Still alot and sad it's not under the warrenty but $400 cheap is ALOT and we were grateful! D also said FIL let him use his truck the rest of the time we would not have the car! I was so glad! That meant no more worry about him maybe losing his job over this. That same night my MIL called from CA and she said she would help us pay for the car to be fixed. I was in tears! We are always in a funk this time of year, money is the tightest and it's just the hardest time of year for our family. I was at my lowest this week thinking everything was over and then all in one day I saw the light! It was amazing! We are so Grateful, and if that was not enough, Yesterday (Saturday) Smil and FIL came over, they brought us a Christmas Tree. I took one wiff of that tree and the amazing smell and it felt like Christmas! I thank the good lord above for our families! They have always been there for us when we needed them no matter what, yes it makes me feel so bad that at our age (26/27) that we need help from our folks still, but what an amazing family we have that they are "there" for us.

We are going to put up all the Christmas Decor today. The boys are very excited! Since the tree is in the living room this year (instead of in the dining room with the bay windows) we decided the tree colors will be red and gold and white, since the living room colors are burnt red and mocha. I am also handmaking a Christmas Card holder today, I will post pictures when I finish :)

Okay well I better get a shower in while I still can this morning lol. I am also waiting on a phone call from my Folks, right now they should be resting in my Aunt Rubi's house in Ireland :) My mom has been waiting all year for this, she did not do her normal 2-3 visits this year, her and my dad both wanted to go this time and for a whole month (my dad is only going half the month since he has work to do at home). They were so excited about this trip. Hope you all have a great Sunday! I will post pictures later of the tree and Christmas decor stuff :)