Sunday, December 4, 2005

He never gives you more then you can handle

I need to be reminded of that often. I have had a pretty rotten week, It got so bad I started to doubt myself, my worth, everything. Not only has my marriage been a bit rocky latey but things in our life and household started to fall apart. It all started last saturday. My DH went to a concert and that went great, I was happy he was going, a bit jealous lol (the place looked awesome!) I wanted to go, but very happy fpr him none the less. To make a long story short, the car broken down, he lost his cell phone (we just ordered this new on last month because the old one broke, it was $75 added in payments on our current bill) and he could not get home until 4am. He also had to much to drink that night. You better believe I was a bit angry with him. First off remember 6 months ago me blogging about the transmission on our car needing to be rebuilt, well $2084.00 later it was fixed. My parents of course payed for it because there was no way we had that kinda money. My parents Christmas gift to us this year was buying all new tires on the car also. so that was another $400 on this car. well Monday D took the car back to the shop that did the trany work. (we had to use some of our rent money to pay to have the Explorer towed, so of course we needed to get help with some of our rent this month :(, it's just a huge mess and when things like this happen to people who just live and get by with each pay check it makes it hard). A couple days went by and then we got the phone call from the shop saying what was wrong with the trany was not part of our warrenty and it would cost $900 to fix (SHOCK!) I was so mad! Not only do we not have $900 but how was my husband going to get to work everyday which is about 25-30 miles away. They wanted him to come down to the shop (which is near D's work), but he had no way of getting there. We asked FIL if he could help, he said yes that he would take Dustin the next day, well that next day it snowed heavy all day and night long, so FIL could not take D and he had to call in sick to work with not having a car and all. By this point I was losing it, thinking GEEZZ will we ever get a break or see the light? I then get a phone call from the owner of the shop, he was very upset, angry, mad! he Said it looked like D had abused the car, with what was wrong with the trany, something with switching the gears the wrong way and shavings in something (I do not know car talk lol), I explain to the man that this is our only car/truck/suv (whatever you call it) that we have had alot of money go into it, it is the only way DH can get to work, I can not see him abusing it. The man did not want to hear it. He said it was $900 in parts and they were not going to do anything with it until D went down to see it himself. I was so paniced about D losing his job because surly he would have to call in sick again. Well I spent most ofr that day on the net and phone calling all the car rental places to see if we couple just rent a car, all of them wanted Major CC except one place called enterprise, they would rent the car for cash, but for 8 days they wanted $450.00 plus a $150 deposit, again we did not even have that amount of money until D gets paid. So D asked FIL if he could rent the car, at first he said yes, but then he said he just could not do it, if something happened it would be on him.

We went to bed that night not knowing what the next day would bring, the whole week had just been this huge mess, lots of emotions, very trying on us, you know through it we really bonded though, things have been not so good for us lately but we stood by eachother during this horrible week! the next day (Friday) FIL came to get D to take him to the shop, I sat here on pins and needles until D called. He said the owner of the shop was out of town but he spoke with one of the guys working on the car and he said that it would now only be $500 to fix. Still alot and sad it's not under the warrenty but $400 cheap is ALOT and we were grateful! D also said FIL let him use his truck the rest of the time we would not have the car! I was so glad! That meant no more worry about him maybe losing his job over this. That same night my MIL called from CA and she said she would help us pay for the car to be fixed. I was in tears! We are always in a funk this time of year, money is the tightest and it's just the hardest time of year for our family. I was at my lowest this week thinking everything was over and then all in one day I saw the light! It was amazing! We are so Grateful, and if that was not enough, Yesterday (Saturday) Smil and FIL came over, they brought us a Christmas Tree. I took one wiff of that tree and the amazing smell and it felt like Christmas! I thank the good lord above for our families! They have always been there for us when we needed them no matter what, yes it makes me feel so bad that at our age (26/27) that we need help from our folks still, but what an amazing family we have that they are "there" for us.

We are going to put up all the Christmas Decor today. The boys are very excited! Since the tree is in the living room this year (instead of in the dining room with the bay windows) we decided the tree colors will be red and gold and white, since the living room colors are burnt red and mocha. I am also handmaking a Christmas Card holder today, I will post pictures when I finish :)

Okay well I better get a shower in while I still can this morning lol. I am also waiting on a phone call from my Folks, right now they should be resting in my Aunt Rubi's house in Ireland :) My mom has been waiting all year for this, she did not do her normal 2-3 visits this year, her and my dad both wanted to go this time and for a whole month (my dad is only going half the month since he has work to do at home). They were so excited about this trip. Hope you all have a great Sunday! I will post pictures later of the tree and Christmas decor stuff :)


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  1. sorry you had a horrible start to the week but so glad that things got better.