Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Horrible day

Everything is just so crappy right now! Things going on here at home, I feel so worthless, like I don't matter, my feelings, I feel taken advantage of!

Things going on with a friend I thought was a friend, she got to know me, I thought I got to know her, turns out I was being used and she quickly moved on to the next "best thing" as she likes to call it! And now I am being ignored!

I can't seem to get anything done today, I have tried but I get no help from D who has been home all day.

My work stinks, I stink at it today, could be because I am not in the mood for anything now that my whole day has just fallen apart, funny how one bad thing happens and everything starts to fall apart.

If you make it a point to make friends and get to know people PLEASE watch yourself, there are people out there that are just using you! They do not care about you as the person you are, just what you CAN do for them at that moment in time, then they throw your friendship away like it does not matter! I met someone a few months back, she came to me telling me I inspired her and she loved my work, we started talking alot, about work,scrapping,our families, She would ask me for advice on scrapbooking and of course I would give it to her,, I thought we were friends, but then she just stopped talking to me, out of the blue, I have seen her move on to others, pretty much doing the same thing she did to me! WATCH out on who you trust and let into your life! I know from personal experience! Hurts like HELL when this happens!
Nuff said!



  1. gosh - we share a lot of the same views...loyalty and trust doesn't matter to some people, sad.

  2. Oh, Nikki, hon, I'm sorry this happened to you. I know how you feel.


  3. (((hugs Nikki)))
    It is sad that their are people like that in the world,but I know exactly what you mean,see it happening quite a few times!

  4. i am sorry that you are dealing with this nikki. :( hope things look up for you soon.

  5. OMGosh! Point me in the direction of the ass I need to go kick!!!!! And, repeat after me.. It's THEIR loss, It's their loss, It's THEIR loss!! Now say it till you believe it because it is the truth. ((HUGS))

  6. Awww, sorry you got burned by a meany! Hope things are looking up for you this week. Some people need to grow up!
    The work you did for LRS this month is awesome! : ) Chin up!