Monday, January 29, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day....

We find out what we are having tomorrow :) I am so excited, what ever my little baby may be I just hope it's healthy :) Wish us luck and pray for us ;) I'll post back here soon!


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When life hands you lemons......squeeze them!

It's been a pretty rough week and a half, If I were not in such a good mood, I am sure I would have broken down by now. To say we have problems is an understatement. It all started last Tuesday, Jan 16th. I got up early, made my daily todo list at LM, chatted with some friends on AIM while I got ready for work. I was so excited to finally be running early and getting out of the house early. I was on my way to drop my youngest son off at his great grandmas for a couple hours when the Accident happened. I had switched lanes a couple times, the street I was on was a 35, most people were going 20. One lady pulled in front of me and sped up to about 40. So I stayed behind her, I was not in a hurry nor was I speeding, just wanted to go with the right flow of traffic. Well very close to the main intersection where I would go straight through then turn on GG's street my life flashed before my eyes. What I am sure was only second felt like hours to me! Everything stopped, the music playing on the radio, the sounds around me, it was like my car and everyting on this planet was caught in one of those slow-mo Matrix movie scene. In one split second I knew what my fate was..... I saw the lady who was in front of me, STOP dead in the middle of the intersection (the ones that say do not block right before the main intersection, we will call it the "mini me" of intersections". then I saw what was infront of her but to the left, an ambulance with flashing lights, NO sirens, I saw the men in the Ambulance look at me, I saw what was on their face, I saw their heads shake in a "oh gosh it's to late look", I braced myself, I slightly turned to grab ahold of my son's foot, for his comfort and mine for what was to come, within seconds, The whole two second all this happened my foot was on the breaks, but it was no good, and I knew it the second the woman, two car spaces ahead of me STOPPED point blank in the middle of that intersection, I hit her, from behind, no way to avoid it, it was gonna happen, and it did. after the hit, all at once the sounds, the radio, my son's crying, the throbbing of my knee, the panic setting in, the sheer shock of WHY and HOW all came at me at once, like a split second migrain coming on. After that everything moved so fast, I saw the smoke from my hood, I had no idea what my car looked like on the outside, inside, everything looks okay, other then all the CD's and papers that flew out of the glove box, I got out spoke to the lady a bit, she did not speak english well. Soon the police were there. They were very nice to the both of us. I call my work, I called my husband who was on lunch break so I did not get to speak to him and I called my son's great grandma who came to get him. It was rough and crazy! Finally they cleaned up the mess my car made in the middle of the street (small pieces of the front everywhere.) they called a tow truck because the police officer said it was not drive-able. My DH's grandparents stayed there in their car waiting for me, to se eif I needed a ride. When we could leave I had them take me to urgent care where i had my knee checked out. The Dr. said it was hit hard but nothing to bad. I wanted them to then check the baby, i was feeling a bit sore now and crampy, they said they did not have anything there for that (an US machine) so I called my nurse P. and made an app. for that day. I went in and the baby was fine, moving around all over the screen :) I was told by both doctors that I should be on bedrest for the next two days. So I did, and man did i feel the pain the next day after the accident. My Husband went into work for me. Anyways. We now have my car here at home but it is not drive-able, DH is in the process of fixing it himself, for the mean time I am driving the Explorer SUV.

Anyways I better get to bed now, I am so tired. Here are some pictures of my poor car....

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bloated Cow that is me

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Well I have now reached the point where I can no longer button my regular jeans, so it is time to switch to maternity pants again. I am hoping to go shopping this weekend for a nice sale LOL on maternity pants (who am I kidding those things are mighty pricey) I also did the toilet paper tuesdays at lifetimemoments in the expecting mom's forum and I measure in at 8 1/2 squares lol, yep I am getting a tummy now. Well I am getting close to the 5th month mark, so it is expected, lets just hope my butt does not decide to follow along with my belly and "grow", lord knows I need no more "growing" on this already "grown" butt of mine. Since losing the close to 60 pounds in the last year and a half I no longer fit in to my HUGE maternity clothes I wore while PG with Aidan, but I am still big and need something right now. Anyways here is another picture I got from my Babycenter newsletter for this week, I am now closer to 19 weeks, but well, here lol this is my baby now...

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I can not WAIT to find out what it is in another couple weeks, I swear it is another boy but everyone else says Girl, we shall see :)

well I better get off here, it is only 9:00pm and I feel so sorry for the insomniac in me, but tonight I think I may go to bed early (LOL I know Kristie what a shock huh :) lol, such a bad fellow insomniac), I have been up since 5:30am and it's been a love day, mostly of cleaning house, playing taxi driver to everyone most of the day (gotta love Weds lol) and spending half the night searching for my son's birth certificate, bad mommy! I usually have all that stuff together, but when A started school this year I guess I left it with the school stuff lol, because HOURS into searching I found it in a school folder lol. Anyways, My brain is fried tonight so I need to go rest it lol. TTYL


Monday, January 8, 2007

My day in a nut shell, yep the boring stuff....

I was up early this morning, watched a little news, did a load of laundry and then got Austin ready for school, took him and then came back to get ready for work. Today went by pretty fast. I have been home for a couple hours now and SHOULD be doing homework for school tomorrow, but instead I am stuck here LOL, online of course. After I finish blogging I will get to it.

My mother came home today from her long trip/vacation to Ireland. Well, my dad should be at the airport picking her up as I type this. I thought about calling her when I thought she would be home and rested in, but I think I will actually wait until tomorrow. Normally when she gets home from these vacations, she is really tired from getting up early, the LONG plane ride home and the emotions of leaving her family behind. I am sure she will be fine with me calling tomorrow. I spoke to my dad this morning about visiting some time this week, my grandparents will be at their house for most of the week, My grandpa goes in for surgery. I am sure everyone would like to visit and see the boys.

So last night while I should have been in bed resting for my job today LOL, I decided to read instead, I read the whole " A child is born" it was good, I certainly learned alot more about how a baby is made LOL, this coming from a mother of almost three. It was good.

I think this coming week is gonna be a busy one lol, I have a FEW layouts I need to submit to ST and their current call, then my LRS DT KIT should be here soon so I will have that to work on, plus ebay stuff, I LOVE it :)

LOL okay I know this post was a bit boring but hey, my mind is on the homework I should be working on right now lol, so I better get to that. TTYS


Sunday, January 7, 2007

Not enough hours in a day

Do you ever feel this way? I have had so many things I want to get done, I start them to only leave them half done. I Fell like there is just not enough time. I woke up early this morning and had a set plan on what I wanted and needed to get done today, a few days ago I came in here, my office/ scraproom, I took on the task of "TRYING" to find some important papers, now here's the little thing and secret about me, on the outside My room looks organized, but if you look deeper lol (actually look in my drawers, filing cabinet, under stuff LOL) you will find that it is a HUGE mess! I mean papers, bills, everything just stuffed inside, very UNorganized lol.

So I woke up with this plan, to go through everything and throw away stuff I did not need and organize the stuff I do need so I actually KNOW where things are and it is not a 5 hour search party everytime I come in here to look for one thing. I Worked on this for about an hour, then of course got pulled away by the sounds of Miss "New York" on VH1's new reality show. Yep Dustin was in our room (my office is a retreat room off of our bedroom so I can hear and see into our room) watching this and of course being the reality whore that I am I stopped organizing to go watch, and got sucked into it. Then of course when that was over I started the whole channel flipping thing, found that court tv has an all day showing of LA Forensics, so I have one hour before that starts LOL, so here I am again, came in here to work, Put Christina Aguilera's "Back to Basics (Disc 2) in the CD player, am I working? Nope, I decided to get online again LOL, Lord knows how the computer sucks you in too, it started out with a little blog reading, then message board visiting, and now blog writing, I SHOULD be 6 feet away digging in my mess of a filing cabinet Organizing away, but here I sit. The day is half gone and I have nothing to show for it. I had major plans for today to. Organizing this messy room, then I was going to work on some things for Ebay FINALLY. I would love to have a few auctions up right now, I truly miss it!

So here's the thing.... Should I just drag my mess of papers out into my bedroom and plant my butt in front of the TV so I can kill two birds with one stone and watch LA forensics and clean my mess LOL, or should I just stay away from the TV altogether and get my mess cleaned up in a steady time, cause come on now, you know as well as I, that if I plant my butt in front of the TV and try and organize my mess at the same time that I will not finish until midnight LOL. But darn it, it sounds so good LOL. I guess I will figure it out LOL

I have an addiction! Every weekend now when my MIL takes my boys for the day, I hop into my car and head to a place, a place where my imagination runs wild, where I can get a nice dose of Hot chocolate, where I can learn about pregnancy, cooking, romance, murder, what's hot and what's not, where I can fight with someone over a chair or find myself sitting on an floor sandwiched between shelves, Yep people, BARNES AND NOBLES. I can not stop going here, and can I just say, I have read three books in two weeks, MAN I have truly missed reading, but baby it's back and I am doing it ;) Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies, I was an 11 year old girl who had a number of Stephen King books under her belt, I look back at my summers as a kid and remember spending alot of it reading (well I did do lots of other things to lol, like shopping, mall, slumber parties, great america trips, etc) but this was my favorite thing to do, I would lay in my backyard and read read read, when season changed I would ride my bike over to our local rose garden and read under the huge redwood trees, or on the grass next to the fountain, reading was my thing and in this life time I have done ALOT of it, sheezzz I have BOXes of books here that if I have an extra room I could make my own Barnes and Nobles with lol. I thank both my parents for my love of reading, My dad started us out young, I will never forget his reading sessions with us, I remember him reading the Hobbit to us as young girls (my sister and I) My mother is amazing with books, that woman can read a whole book in a day, sometimes two. Anywho, I am proud and rather fond of my new addiction, Barnes and Nobles you freakin ROCK! See you this coming Saturday ;) LOL

hmmmm nothing else major going on, I went to my Dr.s appointment last Tuesday and she could not tell us the sex of the baby yet, SO strange because I was 17 weeks pregnant with both my boys and right away they knew, so I have 3 weeks to go until we REALLY find out lol. I can't wait. I can feel it moving so much, it's very exciting. I love being pregnant! I love having kids, it's an amazing gift! I have had so many goals and dreams in life for myself, I have wanted to be so many different things, I think being a MOM, by far has to be the best thing I have ever done with my life, I LOVE it, i am good at it.

Okay well, I better get back to my organizing lol. TTYS