Saturday, October 30, 2010

October LRS Kit and my DT designs

I had alot of fun using the LRS October kit this month. I loved everything in this kit, so much yummy goodness jam packed into this one kit!

Here are my design team designs using the main kit and it's addon's. I also got that oh so YUMMY Halloween kit that I just love, love, love (I am a sucker for anything Halloween), I will post pictures of what I did with it once I get our Halloween pictures back.

I just received the Nov LRS kit and LOVE it! I am going to get some DT designs done this coming week with it and can't wait to share the sneak peeks with you. :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Melinda's Closet, Tuesday's clothing finds

I thought I would start something new on the blog. One of my favorite things to do is online shopping, while, actually online browsing lol. I love all things fashion, fashion shows (Hello project runway! I have been watching it since season 1), shopping, so many awesome styles of clothing out there, I even LOVE fabric! I am a creative person, and see "ART" in everything, so looking at fashion and clothes is art to me. I have watched countless project runway shows, Rachel Zoe, even Americas next top model inspires me, while I create my layouts and assignments for work.

You might be wondering, why "Melinda's Closet" ? Well another show I fell inlove with the first time I saw it was Ghost Whisperer (Alot like my all time fave show Buffy The vampire slayer, if you know me than you know I am obsessed with it, right down to my Buffy action figures and board game lol....yeah, I said it before and I will say it again....I am such a dork! lol). I love ghost whisperer for the great supernatural story lines, but also LOVED it for Melinda Gordon's amazing fashion style and wardrobe! I loved her shabby-vintage style! I also loved her super cute antique shop and the town that I should love to live in (okay it comes in second to Stars Hollow from The Gilmore girls.)  I was so sad to see this show would not be returning this year :(

Anyways I decided to share fun Fashion goodies every Tuesday (or at least I will try lol) and call it " Melinda's Closet." So here we go. For the very first Melinda's Closet, I will be showcasing some goodies from a fabulous store called Mod Cloth. They have so many styles and great things so make sure you go to their website and check it out for yourself, I will be showing a bunch of things I LOVED, my taste and style. Here we go....

Dresses, Shirts, shoes (I only found a couple I liked) and accessories-

So what do you think? See anything you like? If you love any online stores, let me know about it in the comments, I would love to bookmark new stores.