Sunday, May 21, 2006

MOVING DAY, Stuff, Amy H, Ode to Aidan

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It's finally here, today is moving day :) I was up until 2am last night doing the last minute packing. I was so tired, not even a Red Bull helpped lol. The only thing left to do today is clean and carpet clean. Soon we will be off to California (Home) YAY. We were thinking of stopping in Reno for a little fun (lol remember my post about our fun in Reno lol, where we each take turns going into the casino for the slots, I will go in and Dustin will watch the boys and when I finish he will go in lol) It's going to be a while before we are back to Idaho, the inlaws here are angry with us. Dustin got a phone call yesterday (very immature one I might add, why do grown adults act so childish? It's beyond me.) Apparently my BIL lied to them and said he came by here on Friday to help us move and we were gone, that he had gone to the apartment manager and asked and they said we were gone, That is all a lie, I was here all day, D's VW outside and the moving truck, Here is what I think, he is very lazy, first he never showed up because he just did not want to help (A couple of D's friend helpped instead) BIL thought we would be gone on Saturday, since he never showed on Friday he did not know we changed our plans, so I honestly think he was milking his parents, trying to make them think he was trying to do this good thing and that D screwed him by leaving early so they would feel bad and do things for him (little insight on BIL, he is 18, dating a 16 year old lazy girl, niether have jobs, etc) He does not get along with his folks, in fact they want him out of their house, he is a HUGE Lier (goes back as far as I can remember, once when I was PG and both D and I were working at Zanottos, BIL would come help sometimes, well one day D and I had the day off, we get this phone call from work saying BIL stole some sandwiches from the store and said it was for us because he did not think they would get mad at him if he said that, so they called to see. We were a YOUNG just starting out family and BIL did this to us! Of course he lied his way out of it, said that the real story was, some guys in the parking lot were going to beat him up if he did not get them (later the story was he was trying to hook up some friends) He only thinks about himself! He comes over here at 12-1am when we are in bed and knocks on our door until we open it and asks for a freakin ride home (which is only three blocks away) he calls Dustin to give him rides home and to his GF house which is only two blocks away all day, like if we have no life other then serving him! Just last week him and his GF come over here at 1am, they were shopping at Walmart next door, and wake us up to ask for a ride to her house (two blosks away) because they have grocery (two FREAKIN bags, that is it!) He calls Dustin while he is working to ask for rides and when D tells him he is working BIL gets mad! Dustin does so much for this Brother and he screws him over all the time! Like this new thing now FIL and Smil, they are pissed now because they think we did not stop by to say goodbye, they believe BIL that we are gone already, they will not answer our phone calls (they have caller ID and I know they see my name come up with our ID number so that there is proof we are still here. Dustin does not deserve this crap that they do to him, he is a good person and one hell of a son who does everything for them if they ask. I can tell this is hurting him. WHY do they have to treat him this way? When ever they need anything he is always there for all of them. Sure I understand they are upset we are leaving but to ignore us or just plain treat us rude is just well not mature! We will miss them, we are sad to leave them, but life will be better for us in CA, better jobs, better things for our family etc. We are doing what is best for our family. Anywho, sorry I kinda went of subject there, just what has been on my mind the last two days. I just want my Husband to be happy, KWIM?

Oh can you believe I scrapbook LOL yep I did I did a layout for the CK call for the Annual Ideabook. I just had to give it a try LOL. I liked the way it came out for being a super FAST layout. If it does not get picked up ( I doubt it will lol) then I will post it here.

I was surfing the Pub two days ago and reading a thread, There pops up Miss Amy Howe's oh so CUTE picture again and of course Aidan see's it, so he starts to copy her face, this is what he did lol (yep I got it on camera LOL) This is for you Amy ;)

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Okay I better go get some cleaning done. I will be back in a couple days (once we get to CA) Talk to you then ;) oh I did not go back a proof read so I am sure there are many typos lol...sorry lol


Here is one more Aidan pic for good measure lol ;)

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Friday, May 19, 2006


6am, I woke up, could not go back to sleep :( I was up until 12am packing. I honestly should have stayed up later than that but I was so tired. My head hit the pillow and I was out. It is now Friday, the day we have to load the moving truck and there is still ALOT of packing to get done. I ran out of boxes again and tape. So now when Dustin flies in today I have to have him go pick up some boxes and some packing tape. I told him we should add an extra day on now so we can do the last minute cleaning and stuff. I also saved my scrap area stuff to do last so I could finish this last kit, I really am going to try to get those kits up today. I found a BUNCH more scrap supplies that I just don't use anymore to add to the eBay pile.

I am getting really nervous now; about the move and everything. I just hope we are not a burden on MIL and her family because we have to stay with them for a while. I am nervous about how they are going to take seeing me scrapbooking. I mean they seem supportive but at times they can seem annoyed with me about it. I tend to take a TON of pictures so I think the whole camera/picture taking thing can be annoying, the time I spend scrapbooking, the time I spend on the computer (I would much rather be doing this than everyone's nightly TV watching.) Last summer when we stayed there for vacation the only TV I really watched was Big Brother, other than that I swam with the boys, and we did a ton of stuff. Some how I think things are going to be super busy, this kinda scares me. Why you ask? Well I am use to MY routine, and living with others you have to form a "NEW" routine. I don't know, I guess I just want to do everything right, everything to make everyone else happy.

Alright, well I have been on here long enough. I need to get Aidan and I dressed and we have a couple errands to run before Dustin is back. TTYS and have a wonderful day!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Pain and missing my guys

I posted THIS at LM this morning, it was 4 am and I was totally missing my guys. I have since spoken to them twice now on the phone and feel better lol. I even got some more sleep YAY (cause I am going to need it!) WHY is packing so painful lol? I cleaned out alot of my scrap stuff in our room last night, I spent HOURS (maybe 5-6) going through everything, I have a HUGE box of stuff for eBay, some old, some new. I need to get my eBay stuff up ASAP. I also threw out a TON of scrap paper, I had so much piled up on shelves in my closet lol, I thought I just might as well toss it since it has been in there for months and I have not touched it. I am now down to the wire on this packing thing, I have very little time left to get it done, plus all the carpet cleaning and wall washing (yep I have to do it again lol, I guess that is just part of having boys LOL) I rented a couple movies to play while I finish (Hollywood Homicide, can you believe that I just rented this ~JOSH~ movie now lol, and I got Confessions of a sociopathic social climber with Jennifer love Hewitt) and I got Aidan watching Spongebob, I told him in an hour or so, we can go to Hollywood and I will get him a Garfield and friends box set dvd to watch (we rent these weekly, the boys LOVE them, yep I do too lol) Okay I better get back to the packing. Hope you are having an awesome day :)


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Run and hide!!!!! Ode to Idaho, Blog Challenge

This is what I want to do today LOL, I am COVERED in boxes and cleaning YUCK! I can not wait to be done. At the same time though, I am starting to feel a little sad. I look around this apartment and think, WOW, We are moving, this will no longer be our place, I am going to miss it. I am going to miss this little office room with the bay windows that I look out everyday when I sit here to work, spend time on the computer, I have watched all the seasons come and go here, it's been beautiful. I am going to miss having super walmart (there are no super walmarts in our area in CA) right next door, and all the neat shops and stores in our apartment parking lot (Hollywood video in walking distance, they LOVE us there too lol, I will miss the HW Video gang lol), I will miss having the REC center next door too, I have enjoyed our family walks on the trail so much! But most of all, the number one thing I will truly miss, is....well it's kinda hard to put in words, I guess I want to say, our family "BOND" we have made here, though we have had good and not so good times here, our family of four has really truly bonded. Not that the bond will be broken once we leave, it's just, well, this special feeling I get when I think about it. LOTS of memories here.

I have a CRAZY todo list from HE- double- hockey sticks today lol. It involves lots of cleaning and packing. I am a little slow with it today. Updating my blog was one of the things on the list so at least I started it right LOL ;)

Here is the weds blog challenge from the PUB...
Listyour ten all-time favorite TV shows, list ten shows that you've never cared for and any other feelings you might have about television! ~

My 10 All time favorite TV shows are
1. Buffy the vampire Slayer
2. Angel
3. Gilmore girls
4. Roswell
5. Real World
6. My so called life
7. Lost
8. Punky Brewster
9. Project Runway
10. well this one is for all reality tv lol I LOVE it, love shows like Big Brother etc

I will have to think of my least favorite lol

Okay I better get back to my TODO list, Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So little time, Random things

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See this little guy? He is stuck to my hip lately, everywhere I go, he goes. He wants to do everything I am doing. He wants lots of hugs and kisses, he is my baby :) We were going to send him with his brother to his grandmas early so we could get all the moving stuff done, child free, but I truly think he would freak out. He has NEVER been away from us for more then a few hours. I do not think he would handle a couple days away from us to well. I think that he would be very unhappy (Believe me he gets freaked out if we leave him at the inlaws for a while, crys, screams, etc.) and make everyone else unhappy at MIL's house, sooooo.... we are keeping him with us LOL. He will be in the moving truck with us.

You ever feel like you have to much to do but have so little time? That is me right now. There is still so MUCH to get done around here and we only have a couple days left now. I am starting to get that nervous feeling. The one where you are not going to be able to get it all done. We still have stuff to pack (rooms) there is lots of cleaning, I have to re carpet clean now lol, I have to finish the boxes with are going to take to MIL's before Thursday morning. This means I need to finish packing my "Scrap" box for MIL'S to, the one that will have all the "work, DT" stuff I need to keep handy. I have to get the cat stuff ready. SO MUCH TO DO!

We all got up early today, I was going to take the boys to the mall and walk around for two hours (walk/workout) while Dustin finished working, but time got away from us and I was still blow drying my hair by the time he was ready to go. SO we will just take the boys to the park tonight (our favorite park here) for the last time while we are here and I can walk my three mile workout there.

Alright well, I better get going, LOTS to do lol :) Oh before I go if you are looking for a couple good movies to rent, I just rented and watched, "The family stone" and "rumor has it" and they were both so good! Had me crackin up :)

  • Have a good Tuesday :)


    Monday, May 15, 2006

    A little of this and That

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    We are moving in less than a week. We are getting really excited. There is still so much to do around here. We packed alot this weekend but there is still more to pack. I have been working all day today to get some eBay stuff done and up so I can have some $ on my Card for the trip back to CA. Our families are so excited. We will be staying with my MIL until we find a place of our own. We ended up having to cancel the contract with the house. We are looking on the bright side, it just means there is something else out there for us. We can't wait, beach trips, camping, disneyland, just fun summer things, good ol' CA YAY!

    Yep it is summer weather here today. It is 90 right now (eyes poppin out of my head!) it's HOT HOT HOT! Thank goodness for the AC lol, and this butt is not taking a walk until it cools off tonight LOL. You will not find me out side in heat like this. I really need to get back to old navy (we went this weekend to get us all some flipflops (I go nuts for old navy flipflops, I have to have every color, every summer lol). We each got a pair (4 pairs) for only $10.50, how cool is that?! Aidan LOVES his lol, he keeps putting them on everywhere we go.) I need to get back to old navy for my tankini lol, need it for our trip to Disneyland, we are staying at the Disneyland hotel and we plan to swim in the pool while we are there, MIL said no shirts lol so I have to get a tankini.

    I really really really want to scrapbook right now, I got my order today and want to scrap with some of it. I got some more Basic Grey (as if I need more lol), some more A2Z Dulce paper (perfect for summer pictures), some HS and pressed petals chipboard and some of the new AC alpha rubons in lowercase Jack. I want to play so bad, but will save it to play once we move. I really need to finish my eBay stuff right now, so no scrapbooking for me today.

    Things are coming along, we still have some packing to do. It's kinda hard with the boys running around and wanting to get into what we just packed lol. We are keeping the things we will need for our short stay at MIL's in a huge box. I set aside another box for the scrapbooking stuff I will nedd while there to work and do my DT assignments. We packed another box that has the boys most favorite toys to play with, clothes and video game stuff. We will be doing alot of swimming :) and stuff there. I plan to take Aidan out for two walks a day, around MIL's neighborhood, two times around her block is a mile I plan to do two in the morning and two after dinner.

    Okay well I need to get back to my eBay stuff, I will try and post more tomorrow, I have a few new links I need to add to the side bar on this blog :). Hope you are all having a great Monday :)


    Ps. I took the picture of myself in this post a week ago, I was just messing around with the camera and really liked the way this one turned out.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006

    Lots to do today

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    YUMMY! I could so go for one of these right now lol, instead I just made some Breakfast Blend Starbucks coffee. I am really tired this morning, I went to bed kinda early last night to, maybe I got to much sleep. I am also eating some of my leftover veggie (no mushrooms YUCK lol) pizza from Papa Johns, sooooooo GOOD!

    I finished my DT stuff and sent them in yesterday, I can't wait to see the DT gallery at LRS this month. I made mother's day cards for my mom, MIL, and Smil. I am now finishing up the mini album I am making my mom. Last Nov. We all took a trip to see my grandma in OR, so I am using all those pictures we took during that trip to Bend (OR). I was going to use the rest of the shabby chic paper, but with as many pages as I am making there was not enough of the papers I wanted to use, so I am now using the 3 Bugs in a rug (Family) line and embellishments. It matches well with the pictures since I changed them all to B&W. Now to get this album done before 4pm today when D gets home, so I can get them to the PO before it closes. I want them (I made MIL one too) to get there on Saturday. So yep I have a lot of work to do today with this lol. I plan to get a couple layouts done tonight to for Moments Defined too. I also have an eBay kit to finish.

    ~Misc~ I am still sad about the house stuff, I am crossing my fingers though, that the last addendum (request for repair form) was sent back yesterday.So we are crossing our fingers and praying that the owners agree to it and we can move in at the end of the month (that is if she finds a place now that she changed her mind about moving out of state). If this does not happen, our lives will be very different for the next few months, we will be living out of boxes at MIL's. We are preparing now for that, just in case. We started packing "MUST Have" boxes, of stuff we will need if we have to stay there for a while. The rest will go into storage.

    Okay well I better get back to my coffee, pizza and this album lol. Have a wonderful day :)


    Tuesday, May 9, 2006

    WARNING ~ Woe is me post ahead~

    If you don't like a whiney post then I suggest you look away now...

    Okay you had your chance, if you are still here with me, here it comes...

    We have been working so hard with our move, getting things ready, packed, cleaning up the apartment, we ended our lease etc. My MIL has been working so hard on the closing of the house she got for us. So much has gone into all of this. We were so excited, it's the topic in our household all day lol. We can not wait to go home to California, to be with our families, to start our new life. Sadly we found out today (with less then 2 weeks until we have to be out of this apartment) that things are not going so good now with the closing of the house. The owners were separating, the wife was going to be moving to Idaho, etc. Things were going good, up until last week. They did inspection on the house, there was some water damage in the kitchen (counters), the water heater, termites, and a few other things needed to be replaced. So they are trying to work these things out with the people MIL is buying the house from. Now the woman does not want to move to ID and needs more time on the closing so she can find herself a place to live,she does not want to replace stuff, lots of things are unfolding for the worst and it really looks like this house is not going to be ours now. I feel so horrible for my MIL who has worked so hard to try and make this happen for us. This now means if this does not work we will be staying with MIL until we do find something, This is not a bad thing I will just feel horrible :( like we are a burden on them. Why can't things ever go right for us? I just don't get it! I know I should be thinking more positive about this, that if this really does not work and happen that it was just not meant to be. But darn it we gave up a lot for this to work, Dustin does not have a job (in CA) because he quit costco for our move. The job I will have when we get to CA is only 3 hours a day M-F. All I have is worry now and I am so depressed about this. I just don't want us to be a burden on anyone.

    Alright I need to go finish a kit for eBay, and start dinner soon. Sorry about the whiney post but I just needed to get this out. If you pray would you mind saying one for us, that this will all work out for the best. Please. Thanks


    Thursday, May 4, 2006

    Scrapping, MMM, 2 blog challenges


    I am scrapbooking today, or trying to lol. I am finishing my DT assignments. I was just at two peas, in the PUB and saw a post today that I am so confused about, well not confused I get what is said, just something I think is sad! Here is the Thread... (MMM - ineligibility discussion). From what is being said, since I am on one manufacturer team and do assignments for another, I can't try out now :( it's a new rule. I have already started and am so sad that I can now not enter, BUT I love the teams I work for and would not give them up for anything.

    ~Blog Challenges~

    I got this Challenge from Chiara's blog yesterday...

    *post a list of favorite songs on your blog*

    Okay here is my list

    * Full Time Job- Gretchen Wilson
    * Great indoors- John Mayer
    * No ordinary love- Sade
    * Right to be wrong- Joss Stone
    * Beautiful Disaster (LIVE)- Kelly Clarkson
    * Nothing even matters- Lauryn Hill
    * Another kind of green- John Mayer Trio
    * Come away with me- Norah Jones
    * The bed- Gretchen Wilson
    * Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
    * Walk away- Christina Aguilera
    * Impossible- Christina Aguilera
    * Jackson- Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Whitherspoon (version)
    * Godspeed- Dixie Chicks
    * D'yer Mak'er- Led Zeppelin
    * Sugar we're goin down- Fall out boy
    * Gehtto super star- Mya
    * Killing me softy with his song- Roberta Flack
    * Get along with you- Kelis
    * I'm going down- Rose Royce (love M.J Blidge version too)
    * Just cause we can- Julie Roberts
    * You've got a way- Shania Twain
    * The Beautiful ones- Prince (also love Mariah Carey's version)
    * Same script different cast- Deborah cox and Whitney Houston
    * I wanna know- Joe
    * Me and Bobby Mcgee- Leann Rimes (version)
    * After tonight- Mariah Carey
    * Belle- AL Green
    * I've got dreams to remember- Otis Redding

    Honestly my list can go on and on! I am a Music/Movie person lol

    ~10 foods you crave and won't turn down~ Challenge

    challenge from Sophia's blog and posted in the PUB.

    1. A Pespi or coke
    2. Strawberry cream pie shake from Sonic
    3. Steak or Chicken Fajitas (I gave up meat for the summer so do not tell me you have this ;))
    4. Salad with iceberg lettuce, colby cheese, croutons, avaocado and shreaded carrots. oh with ranch.
    5. Ding Dong (seriously these are yummy!)
    6. Thin Mint cookies (darn those girl scouts)
    7. Payday candy bar
    8. Starbucks hot chocolate
    9. Subway turkey avocado subs
    10. Avacado, anything lol, dip, plain, in stuff YUM I love them!


    Okay I better get back to scrapping, I rented a couple more movies, not sure if they are any good lol, we shall see. Oh also I would just like to say that if you have not seen the new magazine called Domino, you must! It has so much inspiration in it! I sketched 22 layouts from the last two issues. AMAZING! Have a good day!


    Wednesday, May 3, 2006

    Toot :)

    I got an email today from the fabulous CARDS magazine/Ideabook, they want one of my Halloween cards for their Sept/Oct issue. I am so excited! I love all things Halloween/Fall. I can not wait to see this issue!

    Okay I better get to bed, I am so tired after watching that HORRIBLE Scary movie "Hostel" last night. I could do the whole scary movie thing when I was younger, I loved scary movies, they left a lot for you to think about, for your imagination (one of my favorite movies of all time is "Seven" notice how it was scary but left a lot for you to think about, never showed you the head in the box lol), nowadays it is all gory, bloody and they show everything, all your worst fears and nightmares. Not only was this movie 30+ minutes of just T & A in the beginning (verses the 5 minutes of T & A you get from an 80's horror movie lol, Jason comes to mind), But it had so many morbid scenes, and then to hear on the making that things like people who go to certain countries can be sold to others for this kind of torture, YUCK! HORRIBLE! If you don't seriously want nightmares (think actually seeing someone's Achilles tendon being cut so they can't walk, I swear I was crawling the walls after seeing that part EEEKKK! Heebie jeebies!) do not see this movie. (Miranda I am serious, scared me to death!), This movie made TXCSM Look like a carebear movie! On a side note, I did like the other movie we rented "Derailed", it was pretty good.

    Okay I am really going to bed now lol, I have to get up early to finish my DT assignments and finish an eBay kit. Night all :)


    Tuesday, May 2, 2006

    Busy Busy Busy me

    Music I am listening to now- Gretchen Wilson "All Jacked up"
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    ~Home Life~
    We have been so busy around here lately. Lots of changes going on, we have been taking the boys out everynight for fun and time together. I have been working hard. And of course our move. We are very excited and can't wait to finally be in our new place. I have been working hard at getting the apartment fixed and cleaned. I spent the other day carpet cleaning each room and then I had to re scrub the crayon off the boys walls in their room (eyeroll), it took hours, and my hands were eatin up by a Mr.clean Magic eraser, but it looked so nice when I finished. Sadly it only lasted two days because when I went in there today, I found Austin coloring on the wall again :(

    I have been doing a couple special assignments (waiting on an email), working on my May LRS DT kit...
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    This is such a beautiful kit! I love Shabby stuff :)

    I have some Starbucks "Breakfast Blend" Coffee brewing and I plan to get another layout done tonight plus we rented a couple movies, Derailed and Hostel, and plan to watch the one we did not see yet "Hostel" tonight now that the boys are in bed. So I will get going and I promise not to lag at posting, even if it is just a picture or somthing simple lol. Night