Thursday, May 4, 2006

Scrapping, MMM, 2 blog challenges


I am scrapbooking today, or trying to lol. I am finishing my DT assignments. I was just at two peas, in the PUB and saw a post today that I am so confused about, well not confused I get what is said, just something I think is sad! Here is the Thread... (MMM - ineligibility discussion). From what is being said, since I am on one manufacturer team and do assignments for another, I can't try out now :( it's a new rule. I have already started and am so sad that I can now not enter, BUT I love the teams I work for and would not give them up for anything.

~Blog Challenges~

I got this Challenge from Chiara's blog yesterday...

*post a list of favorite songs on your blog*

Okay here is my list

* Full Time Job- Gretchen Wilson
* Great indoors- John Mayer
* No ordinary love- Sade
* Right to be wrong- Joss Stone
* Beautiful Disaster (LIVE)- Kelly Clarkson
* Nothing even matters- Lauryn Hill
* Another kind of green- John Mayer Trio
* Come away with me- Norah Jones
* The bed- Gretchen Wilson
* Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
* Walk away- Christina Aguilera
* Impossible- Christina Aguilera
* Jackson- Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Whitherspoon (version)
* Godspeed- Dixie Chicks
* D'yer Mak'er- Led Zeppelin
* Sugar we're goin down- Fall out boy
* Gehtto super star- Mya
* Killing me softy with his song- Roberta Flack
* Get along with you- Kelis
* I'm going down- Rose Royce (love M.J Blidge version too)
* Just cause we can- Julie Roberts
* You've got a way- Shania Twain
* The Beautiful ones- Prince (also love Mariah Carey's version)
* Same script different cast- Deborah cox and Whitney Houston
* I wanna know- Joe
* Me and Bobby Mcgee- Leann Rimes (version)
* After tonight- Mariah Carey
* Belle- AL Green
* I've got dreams to remember- Otis Redding

Honestly my list can go on and on! I am a Music/Movie person lol

~10 foods you crave and won't turn down~ Challenge

challenge from Sophia's blog and posted in the PUB.

1. A Pespi or coke
2. Strawberry cream pie shake from Sonic
3. Steak or Chicken Fajitas (I gave up meat for the summer so do not tell me you have this ;))
4. Salad with iceberg lettuce, colby cheese, croutons, avaocado and shreaded carrots. oh with ranch.
5. Ding Dong (seriously these are yummy!)
6. Thin Mint cookies (darn those girl scouts)
7. Payday candy bar
8. Starbucks hot chocolate
9. Subway turkey avocado subs
10. Avacado, anything lol, dip, plain, in stuff YUM I love them!


Okay I better get back to scrapping, I rented a couple more movies, not sure if they are any good lol, we shall see. Oh also I would just like to say that if you have not seen the new magazine called Domino, you must! It has so much inspiration in it! I sketched 22 layouts from the last two issues. AMAZING! Have a good day!



  1. I have to tell you that your blog has really gotten me excited! Excited about scrapping, excited about music, just plain excited. Never heard this music before but literally left the window open and listened for hours yesterday. (I can tell you all about Toby Keith and Kieth Urban though!) WOW! Will be hitting Best Buy next time in town for this CD! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I hear ya about MMM. I was excited until I heard the new rules! Oh well, there will always be something else. Design teams are fun!