Tuesday, May 9, 2006

WARNING ~ Woe is me post ahead~

If you don't like a whiney post then I suggest you look away now...

Okay you had your chance, if you are still here with me, here it comes...

We have been working so hard with our move, getting things ready, packed, cleaning up the apartment, we ended our lease etc. My MIL has been working so hard on the closing of the house she got for us. So much has gone into all of this. We were so excited, it's the topic in our household all day lol. We can not wait to go home to California, to be with our families, to start our new life. Sadly we found out today (with less then 2 weeks until we have to be out of this apartment) that things are not going so good now with the closing of the house. The owners were separating, the wife was going to be moving to Idaho, etc. Things were going good, up until last week. They did inspection on the house, there was some water damage in the kitchen (counters), the water heater, termites, and a few other things needed to be replaced. So they are trying to work these things out with the people MIL is buying the house from. Now the woman does not want to move to ID and needs more time on the closing so she can find herself a place to live,she does not want to replace stuff, lots of things are unfolding for the worst and it really looks like this house is not going to be ours now. I feel so horrible for my MIL who has worked so hard to try and make this happen for us. This now means if this does not work we will be staying with MIL until we do find something, This is not a bad thing I will just feel horrible :( like we are a burden on them. Why can't things ever go right for us? I just don't get it! I know I should be thinking more positive about this, that if this really does not work and happen that it was just not meant to be. But darn it we gave up a lot for this to work, Dustin does not have a job (in CA) because he quit costco for our move. The job I will have when we get to CA is only 3 hours a day M-F. All I have is worry now and I am so depressed about this. I just don't want us to be a burden on anyone.

Alright I need to go finish a kit for eBay, and start dinner soon. Sorry about the whiney post but I just needed to get this out. If you pray would you mind saying one for us, that this will all work out for the best. Please. Thanks



  1. I am so sorry for your bad news! You are such a trooper for hanging your head high, though! I truly hope all works out for the best for you and your family!

  2. I am SO sorry Nikki!!! I really hope that all of this works itself out for you :(