Thursday, May 18, 2006

In Pain and missing my guys

I posted THIS at LM this morning, it was 4 am and I was totally missing my guys. I have since spoken to them twice now on the phone and feel better lol. I even got some more sleep YAY (cause I am going to need it!) WHY is packing so painful lol? I cleaned out alot of my scrap stuff in our room last night, I spent HOURS (maybe 5-6) going through everything, I have a HUGE box of stuff for eBay, some old, some new. I need to get my eBay stuff up ASAP. I also threw out a TON of scrap paper, I had so much piled up on shelves in my closet lol, I thought I just might as well toss it since it has been in there for months and I have not touched it. I am now down to the wire on this packing thing, I have very little time left to get it done, plus all the carpet cleaning and wall washing (yep I have to do it again lol, I guess that is just part of having boys LOL) I rented a couple movies to play while I finish (Hollywood Homicide, can you believe that I just rented this ~JOSH~ movie now lol, and I got Confessions of a sociopathic social climber with Jennifer love Hewitt) and I got Aidan watching Spongebob, I told him in an hour or so, we can go to Hollywood and I will get him a Garfield and friends box set dvd to watch (we rent these weekly, the boys LOVE them, yep I do too lol) Okay I better get back to the packing. Hope you are having an awesome day :)


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  1. Glad to hear you talked to them :)
    Hope that you are productive today