Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Toot :)

I got an email today from the fabulous CARDS magazine/Ideabook, they want one of my Halloween cards for their Sept/Oct issue. I am so excited! I love all things Halloween/Fall. I can not wait to see this issue!

Okay I better get to bed, I am so tired after watching that HORRIBLE Scary movie "Hostel" last night. I could do the whole scary movie thing when I was younger, I loved scary movies, they left a lot for you to think about, for your imagination (one of my favorite movies of all time is "Seven" notice how it was scary but left a lot for you to think about, never showed you the head in the box lol), nowadays it is all gory, bloody and they show everything, all your worst fears and nightmares. Not only was this movie 30+ minutes of just T & A in the beginning (verses the 5 minutes of T & A you get from an 80's horror movie lol, Jason comes to mind), But it had so many morbid scenes, and then to hear on the making that things like people who go to certain countries can be sold to others for this kind of torture, YUCK! HORRIBLE! If you don't seriously want nightmares (think actually seeing someone's Achilles tendon being cut so they can't walk, I swear I was crawling the walls after seeing that part EEEKKK! Heebie jeebies!) do not see this movie. (Miranda I am serious, scared me to death!), This movie made TXCSM Look like a carebear movie! On a side note, I did like the other movie we rented "Derailed", it was pretty good.

Okay I am really going to bed now lol, I have to get up early to finish my DT assignments and finish an eBay kit. Night all :)



  1. Congrats on the card pub! WaHoo!!!

    You had to go there with the Achilles tendon thing, right? I'm SO skeeving right now! Ack! I can NOT do scary movies.