Friday, May 19, 2006


6am, I woke up, could not go back to sleep :( I was up until 12am packing. I honestly should have stayed up later than that but I was so tired. My head hit the pillow and I was out. It is now Friday, the day we have to load the moving truck and there is still ALOT of packing to get done. I ran out of boxes again and tape. So now when Dustin flies in today I have to have him go pick up some boxes and some packing tape. I told him we should add an extra day on now so we can do the last minute cleaning and stuff. I also saved my scrap area stuff to do last so I could finish this last kit, I really am going to try to get those kits up today. I found a BUNCH more scrap supplies that I just don't use anymore to add to the eBay pile.

I am getting really nervous now; about the move and everything. I just hope we are not a burden on MIL and her family because we have to stay with them for a while. I am nervous about how they are going to take seeing me scrapbooking. I mean they seem supportive but at times they can seem annoyed with me about it. I tend to take a TON of pictures so I think the whole camera/picture taking thing can be annoying, the time I spend scrapbooking, the time I spend on the computer (I would much rather be doing this than everyone's nightly TV watching.) Last summer when we stayed there for vacation the only TV I really watched was Big Brother, other than that I swam with the boys, and we did a ton of stuff. Some how I think things are going to be super busy, this kinda scares me. Why you ask? Well I am use to MY routine, and living with others you have to form a "NEW" routine. I don't know, I guess I just want to do everything right, everything to make everyone else happy.

Alright, well I have been on here long enough. I need to get Aidan and I dressed and we have a couple errands to run before Dustin is back. TTYS and have a wonderful day!



  1. i think life changes rattle the sleep cycle - hopefully when things settle - sleep will come

    it is way hard to live in other's space - you can't just be you and do things your way b/c you are in their space (i have been there)- i hope the time goes by smoothly for you

    best of luck to you with your move!

  2. I hope you got some rest. Good luck with the rest of the move!