Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's starting, Secret, Reese Witherspoon...

That excited we are "Moving" feeling. I can't wait to go home to California. I can't wait for that first visit back to the beach, I can't wait for the smell of the ocean, the sounds. AWESOME!
Well we have started fixing things up in the apartment, small packing. It's very exciting but at the same time I will kinda miss this place. I love sitting here in my office/scraproom, working here at the computer or over at my scrap table, the bay windows wide open, letting the spring breeze come in.

I have a BIG secret, that I can not share yet but BOY am I so excited (it's scrapbook related lol) :) It's something wonderful and I just can't wait :)

Sooooo well my MIL was here we went to Hollywood and rented some movies (we are on this awesome 3 month plan for $30 you get unlimited free amount of movies (well 3 per visit, so if we watch all three we can take them back that same day and rent three more) well I finally rented "Walk the line" Image hosting by Photobucket and oh my gosh I LOVE this movie! What a great love story! We watched it once with MIL and then I watched it (blush) Three times yesterday. I am so buying the movie and the soundtrack. If you are my normal blog readers you know that my three favorite actresses are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie. I have seen everything these gals have ever made. Heck I was a Reese fan since I was 11 and I saw The Man on the Moon Image hosting by Photobucket (This by far was a movie I watched a TON of times when I was 11, I own a copy of the VHS lol, that goes to tell you how old it is lol, and Darn it did I dislike Dani's (Reese) sister so much LOL). Another of my most favorite movies starring two of my Fave actresses is Cruel Intentions , Image hosting by Photobucket when ever we have to fill out those posts or blog tags almost always when they ask what you favorite movie is I say Sweet Home Alabama Image hosting by Photobucket I love this movie so much, so much so that I cry everytime I see it lol (I can been very senstive lol), another of my fave Reese movies is Just like Heaven, Image hosting by Photobucket this is another one that I watched like 4 times in one day after renting it. Reese is super smart! She picks the best movies to star in :) (oh and here is a funny :) when the movie Fear Image hosting by Photobucket came out, I was in highschool dating a guy named David, lol do you remember the name of the two lead characters in the movie fear? LOL David and Nicole, I thought that was so funny at the times, of course I would get teased about it by my friends lol, and the guy I dated was nothing like Mark's Character David). LOL Okay back to walking the line, I was so touched by this movie! What a great love story that came out of it, I was so sad to learn (I looked it up online) That June died from Heart Surgery :( and 4 months later Johnny died. How amazing that Johnny use to listen to June sing on the radio when they were younger, then he followed up on her from magazines, he was so inlove with her from such an early age. I am so glad they got together, not only did they make good (FUNNY) music together (oh I just wanted to add that Dustin has watched this movie with me a few times now too lol and he said when he watches Reese and Joaquin that he loves Duets :), we are both BIG music fans, we love everything lol) but they were so good for eachother. They clicked.
This movie touched me so much that after we watched it yesterday we took the boys to Mcdonalds for lunch (happy meals) and an hour in the playground, and while I sat there eating my happy meal lol all I could think about was getting back home to rewatch the movie. I swear I could not get my mind off of it lol. If you have not seen this movie, you NEED to go rent it now! :) And if you don't have the Soundtrack, go get that too! Reese and Joaquin sing so good and the tunes are so fun :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh an speaking of Yummy Joaquin Phoenix, howmany of you guys remember the 1987 movie called " Russkies" Omgosh I remember this being another movie I played over and over again back then lol (along with goonies, lost boys, spacecamp etc) (lol oh and I should warn you all, I am a HUGE movie buff, I have been a movie addicted since I was 4 years old, I have seen everything LOL ;))

Okay I better get back to the two kits I am working on :) TTYL

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday check in :)

I am sooooooooo tired so this is going to be a short post lol. I have a bad cold :( and on top of that I am soooo sore and tired from all the extra cleaning the last two days. I was on ebay a couple weeks ago checking out the Leslie Sansone DVD's (I am sure if you read my blog you know how much I LOVE her DVD's :) ) Well I came across one I just had to have, "Walk away the pounds "walk and kick" DVD. Well lol it was going for $20 and I missed the end of the auction. Well Tonight Dustin and I were at Walmart, I had to get some computer paper and a few odds and ends, I decided to go and see if they had the weighted balls (My WATP's DVD's all have work outs that use them and I would have to take the DVD's back down to the apartment gym to use the ones there and frankly I almost killed myself climbing up to the top of the tv to add the dvd in, so not worth it lol). Well they did not have the smaller balls, they have the one size bigger balls, to big for my hands. But guess what the had???? MY walk and kick DVD by Leslie :) I was soooooo happy and the best part is, it was only $9.99. WOW I made out! I will let you know how good it is tomorrow :)

okay if there are any typos I am so sorry lol I swear I am about to pass out right here lol, and I am way to tired and lazy to proof read tonight LOL. Good night all :)


Thursday, March 23, 2006

I need Air lol

Yep this is me at 11:49pm coming up for air. I have been cleaning the apartment since I got up this morning lol. My MIL will be here tomorrow at 1pm, so I had to get alot of stuff done today. Not that I let the house go, up until she visits lol but you know all those things you put off, like the shoe marks on the wall (in my case with two busy boys it's also soda and juice (eye roll lol), I had to clean out the fridge and freezer (seems someone spilt a jug of apple juice inside and did not clean it up lol "Dustin"). I had to scrub down both the couch and the love seat, carpet clean the dining room (aka my scrap office) the living room and hallway. Then I did about 6 loads of laundry (we had a HUGE mess in the boys room two days ago where Aidan snuck the syrup out of the fridge and made a work of art all over the walls, blankets, floor, pillows, TV, shelves....well everything. So I had to wash all the stuff that got caught in that war zone. I then cleaned out the front bathroom to get it ready for her, I had to wash all the rubber ducky (yep it's the boys bathroom and the quest bathroom lol all done up in light blue and white and yellow to match the rubber ducky theme lol, I will be changing it to a beachy theme once we move) towels and stuff. All I have left to do is fold the HUGE pile of clothes I washed yesterday and Carpet clean the boys room in the morning.

We did not get a chance to make it in to Boise today :( We all got up early, and were almost out the door when D came back in and said the explorer would not start. AHHH! not again, I swear this suv that I love so much just keeps breaking down on us. I think it is time to start looking for another suv. I think this one has seen her better days. So for now he is using his fathers truck. Waaaaa I wanted my new Basic Grey paper from in town too lol, oh well tomorrow lol.

Oh and I can share what my good email was yesterday. I am now back on the LRS DT :) I am so excited! This team is so amazing! And the girls are all just like family! I have missed them all!

Okay I think I am going to work a little on an ebay kit and maybe some of my 3 product challenge layout and then get to bed. Night :)


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I got up early this morning, not by choice, I had a horrible nightmare about Aidan, I hate that when you have this horrible dream about one of your children and wake up feeling those emotions from your dream so fresh, so raw, almost real. It took me a few minutes of just sitting up in my bed to gather up my thoughts. Either I chould lay there dreading that dream or I could get up, go kiss my son and then get in a shower and start my day. I did the second thing.

After the shower I put on my clothes and got ready for the day. I picked up around the house some then logged online to check emails and make a TODO list for the day at LM. I had some wonderful emails today, one in which I am not sure I can talk about yet and the other was from a wonderful lady who purchases my ebay kits :) nothing like waking up to see you sold a kit. I work so hard on my page kits, hours and hours everyday. They all mean so much to me! I am currently working on a boy kit to match the girl one I sold this morning. I am really liking ebay lately, it's been nice and such a HUGE help for us.

Moving day is getting closer. We are very excited now! My MIL will be here in less than two days so we can talk about things more but we now have a date. Yeah the moving truck has been rented LOL. WOOT WOOT LOL okay just had to do that, I am super excited! I can not WAIT to go to the beach, funny thing is I have moved away to another state before, right out of HS and the one thing I always missed when I was there was the beach! The beach has always been a HUGE part of my life growing up and it has been for my boys since they were born. It is one of our family traditions we use to do to at least go once a week to the beach. (yep I have a TON of beach pictures to scrap lol). I always thought I would love it in the country, to have that small town (sweet alabama movie) type feeling, everyone knows everyone, the town is small, fun stuff, well honestly, I am just a city girl, and though I LOVE the look and feel of the country it is just not me. It Took doing this a second time in my life to realize that I love the city. I am going Home! I am so HAPPY! Even better our family I truly feel is finally going to be okay, this just feel so right!

Okay I better get back to this kit, as soon as I finish I am going to work on Amy and Robyns 3 product challenge for this week :) I even got Melissa to join me this week and I like I got her hooked on them LOL :) TTYS

Monday, March 20, 2006

WOWIE 2 posts in one night....amazing ;)

LOL. Okay yes I am posting again tonight lol, something funny happened and I just had to blog about it :)

So I am sitting here working (well I should be lol but I have not found my way back over to my table lol I am still stuck here at the computer, ahem I mean I am working LOL ;)) Anyways, so I am a girl, who has her specials needs of yummy chocolate confections from time to time. So last night I had D pick me up a box of Hostess Ding Dongs (yeah you know the ones, when we were kids that use to come wrapped in foil, yeah well they are not wrapped in foil anymore lol but still oh so yummy!) I have been craving those babies for days now! And thought I deserve them because I have lost another 5 pounds in two weeks. Well when D brought them home last night I hid them in my office/scraproom (*AKA The dining room that I took over*) I have huge bay windows in here and my paper and shelves are up against the big window, well I hid them behind those and the brick colored curtains when have in here (they match the stuff in the livingroom) so in other words, if you were a neighbor and just happened to pass through our back area of the apartments you would see my yummy treats in our window LOL. Well I was sitting here looking at (ahem *working* ;)) and hear comes Austin. He asked for some juice. So I got up and headed over to the fridge. He starts laughing at me. I say "what is it?" he says you have something Brown on your pants. So I look and of course there it is, apparently it seems I must have dropped a piece on my chair, then sat on it and it was stuck to the back of my pants, Well I did not want him to think (or say, he is a boy and they think this way) I well, you know, had an accident since it is chocolate and brown lol (omgosh sorry tmi lol) so I had to share one LOL. Ummkay we will not talk about how many I ate today!!!! That is only for me and my hips to know :) These suckers taste so good fresh from a 5 minute trip to the freezer :) I love the taste of the crunchy half frozen chocolate.

Okay I am REALLY going to get back to work this time :)

Oh and I changed the song again lol (sorry) I was flipping channels on the raido and heard Martina Mcbride (sorry non country fans, but I am the kinda girl who loves just about any kinda music :) you should see my CD collection lol) I Love this song! It is so sad, I love this song and "God's Will" by Martina, one thing I truly LOVE about both videos is they seem to be filmed sometimes in Fall (my favorite season) and where every them were filmed is where I wanna live lol, it's GORGEOUS!



Busy Girl I am :)

So sorry again LOL (I am a bad blogger lately). I have been busy working on kits for ebay and getting ready for our move back to California. I can't wait! Lately I have been eating and sleeping kits, just trying to make the extra money for things. D called from work today and said just as soon as his two weeks are up from Costco he will be working with the man he worked for doing the windows thing until we move. I also spoke to my MIL and looks like I will have a job when we get back to CA too :), God I pray things go good for us!

So I am now really only on one DT now. Moments Defined. I love it, it is such a great group of gals with so much Talent and Angela is the sweetest! It's been nice working on stuff with the product. When things were not going to good with Dustin and I, I had no clue what was going to happen so I quit the Kit club I was on, I loved this club so much, but I was just not sure if I could do it not knowing what was going to happen with us. I wish now I would have just took a leave instead of quiting all together, I should have thought about it more, but at the time I was just so scared (worried about our marriage and divorce, I did not post much about this and am not going to now, but this had alot to do with why I was not around much in Jan, things are very good now) at what was happening here at home. I really do miss this team and the gals on it! Now with only one team, I feel, well kinda naked lol. I am going to be looking out for kit teams that might be looking for some girls and try out. I just miss it too much, it kept me really scrapping each month and havinf fun. I also want to email a couple Manuf companies I love and just send in an email saying "hey I would love it if you kept me on file, if you ever need someone", I mean how else am I ever going to get something I want more than anything if I don't try? right?

Okay I need to get back to my current kit :) I will post more I promise (Hi Jen ;))

Oh and if you have a MYSPACE account comment me back with your name I would love to add you :) I am so addicted LOL

Oh and I put some new music up * Rihanna * The CD is awesome! You should check it out :) Fun to work out too :)

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Man on my Phone...

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yep The man on my phone is Mr. John Mayer. LOL I had to have one of my favorite artists ever as my screen saver. I also have ahem "Your body is a wonderland" as a ring tone LOL, I had it on there for a while tonight but changed it to "If you leave me now" by Chicago (One of mine and D's favorites). I am keeping the John Mayer screen saver on there though. I can't wait to see him in concert! He also has an awesome blog on My Space if you wanna check it out, I love reading it! I also added one of his LIVE showings on on my blog so I can hear and see him sing, he makes these awesome faces LOL and he loves to eat his mic ;) (it's a joke between Mayer fans), but it's also one of my favorite songs by him (well I pretty much love all of them lol) "Daughters". Hope you like it.

I have been pretty busy the past few days with EBAY stuff. It's taken up alot of my time. I am hoping to scrap this weekend though, I want to try and get a few things done for the ST call due next week. Oh I forgot to post, I had a CARD picked up for CARDS magazine. I love this card, I used the new Chatterbox "Poolhouse" line. I was so excited to be picked up by this wonderful ideabook again. I can't wait to see it.

Okay I better get to bed, It is 2:30am and my eyes are burning they are so tired. Night all


PS, If there is typos it is because it is late and I am soooooo tired lol.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Yawn, I am sooooo tired today and will probably have to sneek in a nap today. I was up late last night with Dustin, we watched a movie together, lol I am so tired I have no clue what it was LOL. BAD me ;) lol. I also got two page kits done for EBAY, and when I got up this morning they were both sold YAY. (I say my page kits for BIN $39.99) so this will help pay the car insurance bill due now. Speaking of driving, here is a little fact I bet many did not know about me. I don't have a drivers licence lol (SHOCK). I know, I know lol. I plan to finally get it in the next two months before we move back to CA. I may not drive however I do know HOW to drive. I have driven many times before (now before I am judged about driving with no license, understand that there was a time in my life out of HS that I was on my own in a new state and I needed to drive to get to and from work everyday, Why I never went down to get one then is beyond me lol.) I was taught to drive at 19, by a roommate I had named Bobby. I had so much fun my first time out, I was so nervous! After a week of learning my roommate thought I would do good going to pick up my friend on the other side of town. Of course he came with me. I did so good, well up until we pulled in to our street and Bobby told me he thought I was ready to park (I had this thing about parking next to cars, I thought I would hit them lol, I was so afraid). Well his work truck was parked in the driveway and on the otherside were palm trees. I remember feeling so scared, I pulled in slowly, I was doing really good actually and then I got a little to close to his truck, The car I was driving started rubbing up against it, I freaked out, I went to put my foot on the break and ended up hit the gas lol (yikes) We all slamed into the side of the house. I remember my other male room mates (We live in a HUGE 5 bedroom house, I had 3 male room mates and one female (we has Bobby's girlfriend) running out and the look on their faces. I Remember looking up at Bobby his hair thrown in his face, I thought he was gonna kill me, not only did I run his car into the house but I ran it through HIS room. I Thought he was gonna kill me, instead he removed the hair from his face and their was this HUGE smile on his face and his cheeks were red LOL, he was laughing. My friend Melissa who was in the back seat (with his son YIKES) were okay, a little shocked and scared but okay). The first thing out of my mouth? "See I told you I can't park yet". The first thing out of Bobby's mouth? "Um yeah well I always wanted a Fireplace in my room, now there is a huge hole to start it" LOL. A week later both Bobby and I patched the hole up. I became a wonderful driver if I do say so myself, I do everything right, lol I am told I drive snobby (which means I follow all the rules, I am a turn signal freak LOL). Anyways why I told you all this story is beyond me lol, I it just popped into my mind and I wrote it. I am planning on getting my licence here within the next few weeks. It is fun and easy to drive here but I am scared of (HE double hockey sticks) to drive in CA. It's crazy there I tell ya, soooooo many drivers, so many accidents, this is one of the main reasons I never wanted my license lol.

Okay well I better get things going here, I have chores and another page kit to make. I am waiting on the UPS lady, I missed a package yesterday. I am thinking this package might be from Acrtic Frog, with my goodies from being published in their Winter CHA/online catalog :) I am so excited. that or it might be some of Austin's Birthday Presents, our parents send the, early and I know my mom said she was planning on buying them and shipping them soon. We shall see :) I hope you all have a great day! TTYS


Friday, March 3, 2006

A little blue today...

I am feeling Depressed today. I have no clue why, just can't seem to get in the mood for anything today. We got up early, went to Costco to get D's check (it's gone already darn that rent lol), I went to the gym and hated it (I normally love going to the gym), I have work to do for ebay but am slugging through it, It must be PMS lol. I think I need a Pepsi :( lol (I gave up normal soda for diet soda "diet coke" but am thinking about cheating). I need Chocolate, waaaa.
I have John Mayer's Room for squares on repeat in my CD player at my scrap desk, for the last hour I have the song "Great Indoors" playing over and over (I tend to do this to John lol, I will find a song each day that I play out lol, depending on my mood, and John is normally who is stuck in my CD player, (I have all his CD's) Anyways I can relate to this song seeing is I am a hermit and live my life indoors...

Check your pulse it's proof that you're not listening to
The call your life's been issuing you
The rhythm of a line of idle days

Scared of a world outside you should go explore
Pull all the shades and wander the great indoors
The great indoors

Lamplight makes the shadows play
And posters take the walls away
The T.V. is your window pane
The view won't let you down
So put your faith in a late night show
I bet you didn't even know
Depends on how far out you go
The channel numbers change

Scared of a world outside you should go explore
Pull all the shades and wander the great indoors
Though lately I can't blame you I have seen the world
And sometimes wish your room had room for two

So go unlock the door
And find what you are here for
Leave the great indoors
Please leave the great indoors

Check your pulse it's proof that you're not listening to
The call your life's been issuing you
The rhythm of a line of idle days

Okay I better go back to my scrap table click on the "un" pause button, turn this song back on and get my hiney to work. I would rather just curl up in bed, but EBAY needs me lol ;) Hope you are all having a good night.


Thursday, March 2, 2006

Yawn lol

LOL notice how the last three days my post talk alot about me being tired? LOL here is another one LOL, I have been so busy with household things and family stuff since Dustin got sick, I have not really had time to work on ebay which is bad, or do some regular personal scrapbooking until tonight. The cards magazine call was dues at 12am tonight so I worked on some fun cards today, I sent in 8 cards, 5 new ones and a couple I did before. I worked up until the deadline lol. I enjoy making cards. I am so super nervous about this though. I made it into the first book and tried for the last few but did not make it, lately I have not been picked up at all and that scares me. The style that is in right now is nothing like My style. I have done layouts that I am so very proud of and thought might get picked up, but did not. I find myself getting super nervous about contest or magazines I submit to now. I just hope at least one of my 8 cards gets picked up tomorrow (crossing fingers) I read a post at two peas from Alisha G saying the calls would go out early morning (today) so i am really nervous now. I should just do like others have told me and just submit and forget, that way I don't get super excited and then upset when it does not happen. Yawn, I am so tired, I am going to go hop in bed now, it is 2am lol, need me some sleep, I have to get up in a couple hours to get to the gym and then all day tomorrow it is EBAY day lol (working all day to get stuff up).

Oh and I have a post I want to make about the MIM contest and what happened to me (why I did not enter), I will try and post that story tomorrow. Night all :)