Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday check in :)

I am sooooooooo tired so this is going to be a short post lol. I have a bad cold :( and on top of that I am soooo sore and tired from all the extra cleaning the last two days. I was on ebay a couple weeks ago checking out the Leslie Sansone DVD's (I am sure if you read my blog you know how much I LOVE her DVD's :) ) Well I came across one I just had to have, "Walk away the pounds "walk and kick" DVD. Well lol it was going for $20 and I missed the end of the auction. Well Tonight Dustin and I were at Walmart, I had to get some computer paper and a few odds and ends, I decided to go and see if they had the weighted balls (My WATP's DVD's all have work outs that use them and I would have to take the DVD's back down to the apartment gym to use the ones there and frankly I almost killed myself climbing up to the top of the tv to add the dvd in, so not worth it lol). Well they did not have the smaller balls, they have the one size bigger balls, to big for my hands. But guess what the had???? MY walk and kick DVD by Leslie :) I was soooooo happy and the best part is, it was only $9.99. WOW I made out! I will let you know how good it is tomorrow :)

okay if there are any typos I am so sorry lol I swear I am about to pass out right here lol, and I am way to tired and lazy to proof read tonight LOL. Good night all :)


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