Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I got up early this morning, not by choice, I had a horrible nightmare about Aidan, I hate that when you have this horrible dream about one of your children and wake up feeling those emotions from your dream so fresh, so raw, almost real. It took me a few minutes of just sitting up in my bed to gather up my thoughts. Either I chould lay there dreading that dream or I could get up, go kiss my son and then get in a shower and start my day. I did the second thing.

After the shower I put on my clothes and got ready for the day. I picked up around the house some then logged online to check emails and make a TODO list for the day at LM. I had some wonderful emails today, one in which I am not sure I can talk about yet and the other was from a wonderful lady who purchases my ebay kits :) nothing like waking up to see you sold a kit. I work so hard on my page kits, hours and hours everyday. They all mean so much to me! I am currently working on a boy kit to match the girl one I sold this morning. I am really liking ebay lately, it's been nice and such a HUGE help for us.

Moving day is getting closer. We are very excited now! My MIL will be here in less than two days so we can talk about things more but we now have a date. Yeah the moving truck has been rented LOL. WOOT WOOT LOL okay just had to do that, I am super excited! I can not WAIT to go to the beach, funny thing is I have moved away to another state before, right out of HS and the one thing I always missed when I was there was the beach! The beach has always been a HUGE part of my life growing up and it has been for my boys since they were born. It is one of our family traditions we use to do to at least go once a week to the beach. (yep I have a TON of beach pictures to scrap lol). I always thought I would love it in the country, to have that small town (sweet alabama movie) type feeling, everyone knows everyone, the town is small, fun stuff, well honestly, I am just a city girl, and though I LOVE the look and feel of the country it is just not me. It Took doing this a second time in my life to realize that I love the city. I am going Home! I am so HAPPY! Even better our family I truly feel is finally going to be okay, this just feel so right!

Okay I better get back to this kit, as soon as I finish I am going to work on Amy and Robyns 3 product challenge for this week :) I even got Melissa to join me this week and I like I got her hooked on them LOL :) TTYS

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  1. So glad things are coming together Nikki- you deserve happiness!