Monday, March 20, 2006

WOWIE 2 posts in one night....amazing ;)

LOL. Okay yes I am posting again tonight lol, something funny happened and I just had to blog about it :)

So I am sitting here working (well I should be lol but I have not found my way back over to my table lol I am still stuck here at the computer, ahem I mean I am working LOL ;)) Anyways, so I am a girl, who has her specials needs of yummy chocolate confections from time to time. So last night I had D pick me up a box of Hostess Ding Dongs (yeah you know the ones, when we were kids that use to come wrapped in foil, yeah well they are not wrapped in foil anymore lol but still oh so yummy!) I have been craving those babies for days now! And thought I deserve them because I have lost another 5 pounds in two weeks. Well when D brought them home last night I hid them in my office/scraproom (*AKA The dining room that I took over*) I have huge bay windows in here and my paper and shelves are up against the big window, well I hid them behind those and the brick colored curtains when have in here (they match the stuff in the livingroom) so in other words, if you were a neighbor and just happened to pass through our back area of the apartments you would see my yummy treats in our window LOL. Well I was sitting here looking at (ahem *working* ;)) and hear comes Austin. He asked for some juice. So I got up and headed over to the fridge. He starts laughing at me. I say "what is it?" he says you have something Brown on your pants. So I look and of course there it is, apparently it seems I must have dropped a piece on my chair, then sat on it and it was stuck to the back of my pants, Well I did not want him to think (or say, he is a boy and they think this way) I well, you know, had an accident since it is chocolate and brown lol (omgosh sorry tmi lol) so I had to share one LOL. Ummkay we will not talk about how many I ate today!!!! That is only for me and my hips to know :) These suckers taste so good fresh from a 5 minute trip to the freezer :) I love the taste of the crunchy half frozen chocolate.

Okay I am REALLY going to get back to work this time :)

Oh and I changed the song again lol (sorry) I was flipping channels on the raido and heard Martina Mcbride (sorry non country fans, but I am the kinda girl who loves just about any kinda music :) you should see my CD collection lol) I Love this song! It is so sad, I love this song and "God's Will" by Martina, one thing I truly LOVE about both videos is they seem to be filmed sometimes in Fall (my favorite season) and where every them were filmed is where I wanna live lol, it's GORGEOUS!



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  1. OK...first let me say that i LOVE your blog! Ihave NEVER seen a blog on blogspot look THIS GOOD!!! Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!