Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Yawn, I am sooooo tired today and will probably have to sneek in a nap today. I was up late last night with Dustin, we watched a movie together, lol I am so tired I have no clue what it was LOL. BAD me ;) lol. I also got two page kits done for EBAY, and when I got up this morning they were both sold YAY. (I say my page kits for BIN $39.99) so this will help pay the car insurance bill due now. Speaking of driving, here is a little fact I bet many did not know about me. I don't have a drivers licence lol (SHOCK). I know, I know lol. I plan to finally get it in the next two months before we move back to CA. I may not drive however I do know HOW to drive. I have driven many times before (now before I am judged about driving with no license, understand that there was a time in my life out of HS that I was on my own in a new state and I needed to drive to get to and from work everyday, Why I never went down to get one then is beyond me lol.) I was taught to drive at 19, by a roommate I had named Bobby. I had so much fun my first time out, I was so nervous! After a week of learning my roommate thought I would do good going to pick up my friend on the other side of town. Of course he came with me. I did so good, well up until we pulled in to our street and Bobby told me he thought I was ready to park (I had this thing about parking next to cars, I thought I would hit them lol, I was so afraid). Well his work truck was parked in the driveway and on the otherside were palm trees. I remember feeling so scared, I pulled in slowly, I was doing really good actually and then I got a little to close to his truck, The car I was driving started rubbing up against it, I freaked out, I went to put my foot on the break and ended up hit the gas lol (yikes) We all slamed into the side of the house. I remember my other male room mates (We live in a HUGE 5 bedroom house, I had 3 male room mates and one female (we has Bobby's girlfriend) running out and the look on their faces. I Remember looking up at Bobby his hair thrown in his face, I thought he was gonna kill me, not only did I run his car into the house but I ran it through HIS room. I Thought he was gonna kill me, instead he removed the hair from his face and their was this HUGE smile on his face and his cheeks were red LOL, he was laughing. My friend Melissa who was in the back seat (with his son YIKES) were okay, a little shocked and scared but okay). The first thing out of my mouth? "See I told you I can't park yet". The first thing out of Bobby's mouth? "Um yeah well I always wanted a Fireplace in my room, now there is a huge hole to start it" LOL. A week later both Bobby and I patched the hole up. I became a wonderful driver if I do say so myself, I do everything right, lol I am told I drive snobby (which means I follow all the rules, I am a turn signal freak LOL). Anyways why I told you all this story is beyond me lol, I it just popped into my mind and I wrote it. I am planning on getting my licence here within the next few weeks. It is fun and easy to drive here but I am scared of (HE double hockey sticks) to drive in CA. It's crazy there I tell ya, soooooo many drivers, so many accidents, this is one of the main reasons I never wanted my license lol.

Okay well I better get things going here, I have chores and another page kit to make. I am waiting on the UPS lady, I missed a package yesterday. I am thinking this package might be from Acrtic Frog, with my goodies from being published in their Winter CHA/online catalog :) I am so excited. that or it might be some of Austin's Birthday Presents, our parents send the, early and I know my mom said she was planning on buying them and shipping them soon. We shall see :) I hope you all have a great day! TTYS


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  1. oh Nikki- that story about driving was funny ;) Good luck on your test- I waited until I was close to 18 to get mine and I can't imagine life without it now.