Monday, July 31, 2006

House sitting

We are currently house sitting for Dustin's Aunt and uncle. It's been nice so far, kinda like a mini vacation lol. We brought SIL with us and after we get back from signing Austin up for school we are going to pop in some DVD's and spend the day in front of the Tube lol. I of course will be working on some new layouts for eBay. It's my job to pay for car insurance this month lol so I need to sell a couple layouts. I also wants some of the new Chatterbox and Basic Grey paper lol.

I watched the livefeeds for big brother last night until *HUGE BLUSH HERE* 3:30AM lol, yet nuts I know but it is so addicting lol. Major drama happened. James wants to backdoor Janelle now and kept calling her all kinds of names, PLUS now Marcy is talking about Janey behind her back about how he wants her out, then he goes right upstairs to the HOH room and kisses her butt. I love Marcy but man is he on my last nerve LOL. Gosh I really hope Janelle is playing everyone in the house right now about putting Diane up and tomorrow will put up someone else instead, sadly it would have to be WILL if she wanted to make everything better with the S4. I will post more later on what I see unfold in the BB house tonight.

Okay I am heading outto the PO. Hope you all are having a good day :)

P.S. Hi Jen ;)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Big Brother, Spoilers so if you watch and do not want to know, don't read this ;)

Okay so it is 11:20pm and I am watching the livefeeds, I just got flames because Janey just informed the HG's that it is time to pick the players for tomorrows Veto game (reminder it is tonight/morning 12am that they will pick the viewers choice on what times they play the music all night to keep the HG awake so they play a lousy Veto game tomorrow). I watched them last night too and it was nuts LOL. Will was in Janeys PINK HOH room
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bath tub giving Kays, Janey, boogie and somethimes Howie and dani (they left alot) a puppet show with rubber duckies and bathroom goodies, It was so FUNNY! He names the ducks and stuff after each HG, but with a twist lol, like him, he was a three peg foot massager named Dr McDreamy lol, and Janey was the pink duckie named Fennal, Howie was the sponge named Maui, Kays was a devil duck named pacer etc etc. It was so FUNNY! I am hoping they will show it on TV Sunday. Janey and the S4 4 were up in the HOH room last night fighting about who they wanted up on the block today. Janelle picked Erica and Boogie. I over heard will and janelle and then boogie and janelle talking a while ago and it looks like Janelle is working with Chill town now. She is not telling the S4 yet, well she says she kinda told Kays, but does not want to tell James or Howie yet. Janelle has a crush on Will lol, it's cute! I am really not liking James right now (I do like James, I am just not liking the way he is playing the game) he is back to doing what he did last year and is playing both sides. everything he talks to S4 about he runs off and tells Dani.

Okay I will continue to post BB updates on my blog from time to time for those of you who asked me too :)

As of now (11:33 my time and also BB time) there is still flames, I wish it would come back on already so i know who will be playing tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pictures of the trip to CDM, Permit, blues

Here are some pictures from our trip to the Childrens Discovery Museum.

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Here are the boys is the kids pizza area, it was so cool!

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Here was this cool wall needle thing lol, we all put our faces through it :)

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lol this was austin being goofy with it LOL, look how the last one on the left he is smiling in it LOL

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So I studied all day yesterday for my driving written test and them went down to take it at the DMV. It is funny how when you do that and then you are driving to the dmv and notice all these things people are doing wrong LOL. I got there took my eye test (20/20) took a funky picture (I was still wearing my work out clothes lol and my hair was pinned back in a ponytale) and then took the test. I made it up to the counter 8 minutes later, the man checked my answers, nothing wrong on the first page, then I saw him check the first wrong on the back side, this is when I turned my head lol he finished grading it and then looks up at me. Says, "well you missed some here at the end of the test" I was thinking great must be the 3 I had left blank and then went back to lol. He then smiles and said you only missed 4, that means you passed, WOOHOO. I missed 4 out of 36. I got my permit YAY! So now I am driving us everywhere LOL. it has been about 7 Years since last I really drove (I would run errands in Idaho but not to far) so I am excited, it's been long enough lol. I have to say I am scared to death of these streets still though (reason never getting a DL here), I have nightmares lol, so many freeways, so many cars, so many crazy drivers, speeders, etc, but I am finally doing this, YAY ME!

I am a bit blue today, I just feel so much tension in this house lately. MIL's MIL is now gone to her other DD's house, and I think it is because of us, the boys, and being to much. We have 5 more weeks until our house is done and we can move, I pray things start going good and there will be less tension in this house, it is seriously bumming me out :(

Okay I have to go start dinner, I am making everyone chicken tacos tonight (I will be having veggie ones :)



Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Saw this on the walls at the CDM....

There are no seven wonders of
the world in the eyes of a child.
There are seven million.

By Walt Streightiff

At a child's birth, if a mother could
ask a fairy godmother to endow it
with the most useful gift, that gift
would be curiosity

Eleanor Roosevelt

Childrens Discovery,work and DMV

We all as a family (the four of us) went with Austin's school today to the CDM. It was awesome. I remember going a few times as a child with school. They had this one room upstairs that looked like a pizza shop but small for kids. They had plastic pizza stuff so the boys got to make their own fake pizza. It was so cute and I got some good pictures of it (I will post them later). I also got some sweet pictures of Austin in firemen clothes, the hat and he was holding the hose on the truck, so very cute! I will post those too.

I have alot of work to do today and tomorrow. Dustin over spent what I had on my paypal card getting Gas for the card so now it is negative money (eyeroll lol). I have two layouts started now using some newer Basic Grey paper. I also plan on doing an awesome two page beach layout for ebay. I have work at the school this week on Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow I finally head down to the DMV to take my written test (yes Mely I am finally doing it LOL) YAY me! I am really excited about this, FINALLY lol.

Alright well it is 102 right now and I am in a house with no AC so I am heading outside with everyone else to enjoy MIL's pool lol. Talk to you later...


Friday, July 21, 2006

a camping we will go....

Yep we are off here in a few minutes to go camping at the Lake for the weekend. Dustin needed to pick up a VW part for his project car and it was up near the Lake, so we are camping. I just got back from work, it was fun. For those of you who don't know I am training with Dustin's aunt at one of her sites, i will be taking over a church school for her when she moves. It is still her business I will just be working that site. She does the lunch program and owns her own company called "Kids Cafe". It's fun and great to spend time with the kids. Aidan will be going with me when I start fulltime (that just means 5 days a week about two hours a day.)

I started something new with my ebay auctions. I listed a couple layouts that I recreated from ones I made for myself, and my books. Two have sold so far to a dear sweet gal on ebay and i just listed two more today. The ones I listed today are a boy and girl layout that matches one of the ones I did of Jen's daughter Addie. I am going to see how this stuff goes on ebay, crossing my fingers this does great!

Okay I better get my things packed for the trip. I'll be back Sunday :) Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Long time no talk, Random things

I have been so super busy here. Lots going on. We finally signed all the papers and picked our last options on the house and it is now being built for us. It will take about 7 more weeks until we can move in. I started my job with Marilyn. It's going good so far. We went to the summer Luau (Dustin's family has one every year) Dustin's brother, wife and kids came. It was so nice seeing them. After the Luau we all went back to their hotel to go swimming. It was nice. While we were there I guess Chessie (one of MIL's dogs) cornered Ben (my cat I have had for a couple years, Dustin bought him for me for my birthday, he is a full blooded persian) under the pool house. We heard about it the next day. We took Kate and the boys to the park to spend some more time with BIL and his family. We we got home around 10:30pm we went out to the backyard to put the cats away in the pool house, I called everywhere for Ben but could not find him. I got chloe and Gizmo in the house and was in there feeding them and spending time with them. When I heard Dustin's voice, I walked out of the pool house to see his face and I just knew. He said he found Ben and he was dead :( I broke down right there and just cried. From what we could tell, he did peacefully (we think) he was laying down and his eyes and mouth were closed. What I think happened is, while Chessie was under the house with him the day before, she must have frighten him to death. MIL says he was moving when they got chessie out with the water hose, he seemed fine just scared. He died in that same spot. We buried him in the backyard. It has been very hard for me to deal with. I just can not believe this has happened.

On a lighter note Big Brother all stars has started and I LOVE it! I am so happy to see some many people back from season 6 (my favorite season so far) I can not wait to see what happens on tonights show, I hope Alison get booted out, I can not stand her lol. JANELLE Rocks!

I have been working hard on ebay stuff, trying to earn a little extra money for bills. It's going okay I guess. I am going to try hard to scrapbook for me this weekend. I also have my LRS DT kit that should be here anyday. I can not wait to get started with this kit, it's beautiful and the colors are perfect for summer themes. I am also so thrilled about who we have as our guest designer this month :)

Okay well I better get back to work. I will try to post more often, it's just been so hard with the wireless connection. Have a great day! :)