Friday, July 28, 2006

Big Brother, Spoilers so if you watch and do not want to know, don't read this ;)

Okay so it is 11:20pm and I am watching the livefeeds, I just got flames because Janey just informed the HG's that it is time to pick the players for tomorrows Veto game (reminder it is tonight/morning 12am that they will pick the viewers choice on what times they play the music all night to keep the HG awake so they play a lousy Veto game tomorrow). I watched them last night too and it was nuts LOL. Will was in Janeys PINK HOH room
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

bath tub giving Kays, Janey, boogie and somethimes Howie and dani (they left alot) a puppet show with rubber duckies and bathroom goodies, It was so FUNNY! He names the ducks and stuff after each HG, but with a twist lol, like him, he was a three peg foot massager named Dr McDreamy lol, and Janey was the pink duckie named Fennal, Howie was the sponge named Maui, Kays was a devil duck named pacer etc etc. It was so FUNNY! I am hoping they will show it on TV Sunday. Janey and the S4 4 were up in the HOH room last night fighting about who they wanted up on the block today. Janelle picked Erica and Boogie. I over heard will and janelle and then boogie and janelle talking a while ago and it looks like Janelle is working with Chill town now. She is not telling the S4 yet, well she says she kinda told Kays, but does not want to tell James or Howie yet. Janelle has a crush on Will lol, it's cute! I am really not liking James right now (I do like James, I am just not liking the way he is playing the game) he is back to doing what he did last year and is playing both sides. everything he talks to S4 about he runs off and tells Dani.

Okay I will continue to post BB updates on my blog from time to time for those of you who asked me too :)

As of now (11:33 my time and also BB time) there is still flames, I wish it would come back on already so i know who will be playing tomorrow :)

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