Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Childrens Discovery,work and DMV

We all as a family (the four of us) went with Austin's school today to the CDM. It was awesome. I remember going a few times as a child with school. They had this one room upstairs that looked like a pizza shop but small for kids. They had plastic pizza stuff so the boys got to make their own fake pizza. It was so cute and I got some good pictures of it (I will post them later). I also got some sweet pictures of Austin in firemen clothes, the hat and he was holding the hose on the truck, so very cute! I will post those too.

I have alot of work to do today and tomorrow. Dustin over spent what I had on my paypal card getting Gas for the card so now it is negative money (eyeroll lol). I have two layouts started now using some newer Basic Grey paper. I also plan on doing an awesome two page beach layout for ebay. I have work at the school this week on Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow I finally head down to the DMV to take my written test (yes Mely I am finally doing it LOL) YAY me! I am really excited about this, FINALLY lol.

Alright well it is 102 right now and I am in a house with no AC so I am heading outside with everyone else to enjoy MIL's pool lol. Talk to you later...



  1. YAY about the license. ;) I wonder if they have a Childrens Discovery type thing here... Hyrum would LOVE that! It's good to see you updating again! :)

  2. good for you about driving!! :) The school thing sounds awesome- so fun! :)