Friday, October 21, 2005

I finished my halloween projects :)

I finally finished most of my halloween projects, I still have to finish the mini album I am working on but this is what I have done so far. I am taking the rest of the day off from scrapbooking to spend time with the boys :) Here is what I did get done using the Wendi Speciale Designs OCTOBER KIT. I am pretty happy with what I made :) SUPER FUN kit!

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Here's a card

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Have a great day :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Awesome CD alert

So I am finally getting a chance to sit here and finish up my halloween mini album that is late for WSD :( I am so sorry I am late, it has just been a hectic couple weeks. Dustin is off of work today and I am on a roll and working. Anyways so here I sit suppose to be in a Halloween kinda mood, but there is nothing SPOOKY about what I am listening to while I work LOL. If you don't have the new Mariah Carey CD then come on girls (and guys lol) Go get that CD (The Emancipation of MiMi). For those of you who are my close friends you ALL know what Mariah means to me. LOL I have been a Mariah Fan since I was 11 years old. I have every CD she has ever made along with all the inports (CD's and songs never released here in the US) and of course my famous Mariah VHS movies (lol I should probably get them on DVD now lol). LOL in highschool I was often called Mariah because of my long very curley hair (lol thanks Monica and the girls ;)

Well I have the CD in and am rocking today, may even bust out my older MC CD's, I LOVE Mariah's remake of "The Beautiful ones" (by Prince, another one of my favorites). Okay well I better get back to work and stop messing around, I will be back later :)

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Okay so it did get better :)

Okay Drama queen is back lol. Boy was it rough this morning, however it did start to get better, Aidan took a nap and that gave me time to work more on my mini album for the DT, it was to late though because the dt gallery was added shortly after and I could not upload because we went and did things for my birthday. So again, I suck because of that, but you know what, it is my birthday and I was enjoying time with my family! This whole weekend away was wonderful to, I was just telling my mother tonight that we all have had more fn this past weekend then we have together all year! It was just so awesome! LOL none of us wanted to leave.

So around 4pm today I hear a knock at the door, then Austin comes back here and tells me someone is knocking, so I stop working and head for the door, I peek out the peep hole and see a pretty blond lady standing there with something in her hands, when I open the door she asks if I am Nikki, I say yes and she hands me this...

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The card said they were from my MIL. How sweet is she! I called her and thanked her :) I decided not to let the day get to me and just relax so I ran a hot bubble bath and soaked for an hour, then D got home and walked into the bathroom with these...

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24 red long roses. He said that he went to the flower place that Costco gets them from just to make sure he got the red ones. How sweet huh and I think it makes up for the 30 joke (eye roll) he said he owes me 27 spanks too (shock) LOL. We got ready to go out and he took me and the boys to Chilis. mmmmmm it was so good! the four of us split a chocolate shake with chocolate sprinkles (Austin drank most of it lol) I got the steak fajitas, LOVE those, Dustin got the ribs and fries, austin got pizza and Aidan got a corn dog and fries. The boys did pretty good minus Aidan pouring sugar on half his food, and Austin is strange when it comes to pizza, he likes to add ketchup to it (yuck! lol). After that we went to look at Bunk bed prices, we want to get the boys beds soon so we shopped around looking at the different prices. Then we went to Mervyens, EVERYTHING was on sale, so I decided for the first time in 5 years to spend the birthday money my folks give me for my birthday every year ($100) on clothes for myself, BOY was that hard! I wanted to spend it on the boys and clothes for them to lol. I sure did make out to! The awesome L.E.I sophia hiphugger jeans I love so much were on sale and marked down from $44 to $28, so I got two pairs in black lol. I also got 6 shirts, 3 T shirts all only $4 (love these for the gym or hanging out around the house (I got pink, white and light grey), then I got an awesome limeish green colored shirt with sparkles down the V necked area, a cotton black "E" (ellemenno) long sleeved lounge shirt, and a Cami tank that feels so nice, for when D and I go out downtown or on a date somewhere (I wear these with a buttoned overshirt unbuttoned though) oooooo and I also got a new Black hoodie YAY. All of this for a little over $100. I still have some money left over to (about $130 for bday money) so I may have to go back and get a couple more things from that awesome sale!

D also got himself a couple pairs of jeans and 3 shirts for work, the total for all our purchase was $178.00 We saved $186.93 from the sale, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Awesome! We NEVER get o do this because we never have the money to spend on ourselves to get clothes, but we saved for D to get some new work clothes and with my B-day money we made out! I am just so thrilled to have my jeans :)

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Okay well I better get to bed it is late and everyone is finally asleep YAY lol. oh before I go I just wanted to say Thanks to all who posted on the MB's wishing me a happy birthday! That was so very sweet of you all and it sure did make my day today! I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and as my friends! Thank you all! I love ya guys! :)


Should have gone back to bed!

I hate this day! Every year I should just stay in bed but nope I get up and have to live through this horrible day! Okay yes I know you are thinking OH NO there is the drama queen but seriously if you went through this horrible day I am having you would be UPSET to!

Lets see, I was woken up at 6am by Aidan who stuck a ahem "dirty" diaper in my face and announced he went poopoo, GREAT! So I get up get him fixed with a new diaper and put him back to bed. I had the heater on last night because it was cold and and I am trying to get rid of this cold I have had for a week, someone (ahem "D") turned it off last night then took all the covers on our bed for himself so here I sat freezing and my throat is killing me again, you know that scratchy feeling and you cough but it does not help, aftering doing this 20 times you now feel worse but also gained a headache, that is me today. So I fall back to sleep. Aidan came in at 9am, I am still tired, I wake Dustin up to tell him his alarm is going off and ask if he could get up with Aidan and let me sleep in a little longer that I am not feeling good, so he gets up, uses the bathroom, goes to get aidan a cup of milk comes back to our room mad, I ask why? he says Aidan took the milk out of the fridge a while ago and now it's warm so it's ruined. He poors it all out. Then he climbs into bed and goes back to sleep. So I have to get up to be with Aidan. When D finally gets up and gets ready for the day, he is kinda in a bad mood today and it shows in his tone and his comments. I think to myself great here we go, my birthday curse. Never got a Happy birthday he just runs to work.

One thing after another has happened this morning, Austin and Aidan keep fighting, all morning long, I am rushing to finish my mini album for a DT project that was due yesterday but I was out of town visiting my Grandma and could not finish, I pmed the DT and let them know I would not be able to have these in until later today last friday but did not get an answer, but did get an email this morning addressed to the group that the DT stuff is going up today, so now I am rushing to finish, yes I know my fault I am a huge disappointment to everyone, I SUCK, I know! I should have just taken this stuff with me to work on in the hotel, but nope did not even cross my little brain!, so inbetween trying to finish this project and getting everything scanned in before the DT stuff is put up (crossing fingers) I have had to deal with so much SHIT! yes I am cursing now because I am very angry! I have had to stop the boys from fighting, I had to clean up the fridge, kitchen floor and CARPET because Aidan took the mustard, ketchup, and Mayo out of the fridge and decided to make art on everything (I just carpet cleaned two days ago). I have had to fish Aidan out of my bathroom maybe 10 times already, a roll of toilet paper is gone, my yummy almond cherry soap that Dustin's brother and wife gave me last year is all gone (brand new bottle I have only used it a couple times), there is sopa all over the mirrors the kitty litter and food is all over the floor and mixed together (where was I while this was happening? in the kitchen cleaning up that mess). I found tacos Dustin had leftover along with some leftover cheese cake smooshed into the carpet, I will be carpet cleaning soon. Let see, my oldest thought it would be nice (he was being sweet) to scoop out the kitty litter earlier and that caused the toliet to flood, why? Because we just switched to scoop away and you are not suppose to flush it because it hardens when wet so you can scoop away pee, so it got all hard and clogged the toliet , it took me 8 flushes and so hard plunger work to get it normal again, hoping it does not hurt the toliet and piles later on though. My youngest has had more poop diapers today then he has had all week YUCK! We will NOT talk about the HUGE mess in the living room, it looks horrible and I can't clean it now because I really need to finish this project.

Now here is the kicker the thing that brought me over the edge and it is only 1PM, and the reason I am sitting here venting now, I have noone to talk to this is why I am venting here, I can not wait to see the way the rest of the day goes =( My husband calls me 5 minutes ago to say he is sorry for forgetting it was my birthday and wishes me a happy birthday, I say it's okay, I am happy he remembers now (okay sorry just had to go out and stop more fighting between the boys) I am in the middle of saying something and he hangs up on me, I think hmmm okay. So 5 minutes later he calls back, says he hung up because his boss needed to talk to him (strange it's D's break). So he then says that he called his dad a while ago and asked if him and SMIL could watch the boys for an hour so we could go out to dinner, he says FIL sounded upset and did not want to do it, so he said for D to call SMIL and see if she would be okay with it, D did not do this yet, I told D to forget it that, that right there was obvious that it was not going to happen, I said we can just take the boys with us, D said no. Then it gets silent again and then the shittyness starts, he says "SO HOW'S IT FEEL TO BE 30" My jaw dropped and the tears came, not that I mind turning 30, but HELLO, I am only 27 today, what the hell! I tell him I have to go and he say alright fine and hangs up. I am now so tired of all of this and just start crying. a couple minutes later I call back, he answers the phone saying "hows the birthday girl" (shitty tone) and I (crying) say forget today is anything, we will just go on like any other day, no dinner, nothing, you can go out like you wanted to with your friends or brother and I will just stay home and watch the boys. he says "what me saying you are 30 means nothing, get over it" I say it was hurtful because I am only 27 and you know that, you said it to be shitty! and YOU are only a year younger, how would you like it if I was putting you down on your birthday?

I don't know again maybe I am just being a drama queen, but it has been a shitty day, I can't wait for it to be over! Right now the only thing I want for my birthday is to just lay in bed and not have to deal with the fighting, the diapers, the mommy can I have, Mommy he did this, rude comments, I just want to lay here, maybe read a book, sleep, I don't know, I just want to be alone! Okay Vent over for now!


Sunday, October 16, 2005

My grandma, small vacation, My birthday tomorrow

We just got back in tow town. We met my parents in Prineville OR to visit my Grandmother who is in a hospital for elders there. We left the house Friday night after D got off of work, around 9:30pm. We made it to prineville at 3:30am, BOY were we so tired, half way there Dustin got tired so we pulled over and switched, I drove about an hour and then he wanted to take over again. I was so tired we got into our hotel room at Staffford inn (BEAUTIFUL ROOM!, My dad always picks that best rooms!), it had two double queen beds, a mini kitchen, bathroom, desk area and a louge area, and my folks room was connected through two doors. I went to bed right away but the boys were wide awake and Dustin stayed up with them for another 30 minutes, I was awoken at 4:30 am and 6am by the boys who never went back to sleep (eye rool lol) I heard a knock at the door, it was my dad at first and my mom followed behind him.austin ran up to my dad gave him a huge hug and said HI GRANDPA :) My folks offered to take Austin down stairs for breakfast while we slept. After they left I put Aidan to bed and we all slept until 10:30am. We all got up and got ready to go see my grandmother. First we went to McDonalds so everyone could eat before our long visit. Most of us got Happy Meals (it's all I eat now if we go to McDonalds) The boys played in the playarea at McD's for a while and then we left. It was such a great Visit with my Grandma, I can still hear her Irish accent in her voice. She came to the US from Ireland in 1956. We all looked through an album of pictures my mother made for my grandma. We sat and visited with her for about 5 hours. We took her back to her room and as I was leaving the room I look above my grandmas dresser and saw this collage, there were many pictures, but most of them were of ME when I was younger. I did not see any of my grandmas other grand kids, just me. It was a bit strange but none the less I was thrilled, One my mom does not have many pictures of my childhood (when I was about 5-6 my mom had our stuff in a storage unit and needless to say, the rent was not paid on time and we lost everything inside, including all my pictures, baby blankets, stuffed animals ect, this was not my mothers fault.) D giggled at my pictures LOL.I thought they were cute. I kissed my grandma goodbye and told her I would send some new pictures for her to add to her wall of our family. They I held on to my mom because it was very upsetting for her to leave my grandma, It hurts me to see my mom so sad, but I understand, because I feel the same way everytime I have to say goodbye to her.

We all went back to the hotel, ordered Pizza for dinner. After Dinner D and I took the boys downstairs to the indoor Pool and hot tub. It was so hot in there, they had the heater going in the room. I decided to snap a few pictures and then head to the Gym they had in the pool room only it was in it's only room (lol kinda hard to explain) I walked 3 miles at 4.0 and watched the ending of some movie about a guy named Tad Hamilton on HBO. when we finished (about an hour later) we all went to the candy machine lol got our favorite candies and headed up stairs. My dad told Austin he would rent him 4 hours of video games (austin already had 2 hours that morning) (you can rent Nintendo 64 in your room for $6.95 an hour)He was excited about that. I had to make sure to count each time he renewed his minutes so he would not go over. D spent some time with my dad. I played some video games with Austin (they had Pac Man lol) and then read my book for a while (Whispers by Dean Koontz).

After the boys went to bed Dustin and I got to spend lots of time together, I soaked in a hot bubble bath which I needed, and we went to bed. We said our goodbye with my folks that night because they had to be up very early to drive back to California for their work on Monday. I got up at 6am so I could see them off but they were gone already :( waaaa

We layed around for a while and watched St.Elmos Fire and then When Harry met Sally on AMC and then left for Bend (Dustin's treat). Had I known he was treating us to this I would have let Mely know so we could meet up with her, I would have LOVED that and I am sure Miss Dani would have loved the park we went to and all the LEAVES the boys were playing in. I have to say, the city Bend in OR is like Heaven on earth! It was breath taking! I would LOVE to live there! I have always wanted to live in Astoria OR (Goonies woohoo lol) but this place ROCKED! The people were so nice, the views were great, lots of shopping, great looking schools and there is a COSTCO! We left Bed at about 3:30pm, Dustin took a different way home and we got back here at around 10pm.

I am soooooooooo tired now but so happy for our little mini vactation. After I finish this blog entry I am headed to bed. Tomorrow is my Birthday, the BIG 27 (yikes lol). I am not expecting anything. I have learned not to get my hopes up about it because it always turns out to be a horrible day. It has been since I turned 17, anything bad that can happy always happens! LOL My birthdays are cursed! I am not sure if Dustin has anything planned or not, he did say something about going out to eat, but who knows. He did tell his brother tonight on the phone when we got home that he could not hang out tomorrow because it was my bithday, so maybe he wants to spend some time with me.

Okay I better get to bed, I just finished my Pumpkin Pie shake mmmmmmmmmmm and need to get to sleep, I will try and post tomorrow, but it depends on what might be going on. Hope you all had a great weekend!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Heart pains.....or not?

I am going to be super lazy and copy and paste a thread I wrote for you santa today, it explains why I have been MIA the past couple days. It is just way to much to have to retype out LOL (blush)

I have had a very interesting week which started with HOURS in the ER on Monday I woke up Monday morning at 4am with the worst chest pains on my left upper chest area (think heart) I thought I was having a heart attack! it was really bad and I was so scared, I decided It could just be nerves from all the stress I have been going through with things going on here at home and work and stuff, I layed down and after an hour I was back to sleep. I woke up around 9am with the same pain, I also felt doom, like this was it I am totally dying. My husband went to work and about 15 minutes later I decided I HAD to go to the hospital, this pain was just not right! So I struggled to get the boys dressed and walked them up the street to the hospitals quick care services. as soon as they saw me they wheeled me (wheelchair) straight into the ER. I took a couple quick tests there answered some questions and then sat in the waiting room waiting to be seen for about 45 minutes. In this time I called my DH's work (Costco) to see if he could come pick up the boys. So with DH on the way I sat waiting. They called me into the ER room with the boys about 15 minutes later. we sat in there and the had me undress from the waist up and then hooked 3 circle like stickers around my heart/chest area and then added some machne wires. This machine was monitoring my heart rate and pulse. So I did this for about 40 minutes and was stuck to the bed, it was so hard with the boys. Austin was being good just sitting watching sesame street on tv but Aidan was everywhere and in everything, The very nice nurse brought in some coloring books and crayons for the boys and they both sat on the bed with me. Austin kept asking why we were there, and I would say because mommy is not feeling so good today. My DH soon arrived and sat for a while with us but Aidan went exploring again in the drawers and stuff so DH thought it best to just take them to McDonalds for happy meals and then home until I was seen by the DR and finished. So there I sat by myself in the ER room for about two hours, I was soooooo cold by then, I could feel the AC on and being half naked well I was COLD lol. And the chest pain was so bad! The Dr. finally saw me and did a few test of his own. He said that from the monitor my heart is very healthy (I was so thrilled I cried!) and normal for a young 26 year old that I am (his words lol). That from what he can see it's not my heart but that we were going to do an X-ray just to be 100% sure. Then he pressed on the area all around my hurt and the pressure made the pain 100% worse! He started to explain that the chest wall has cartlidge in it that can become tender, for many reasons ( lifting, after you have a bad flu, injury, simply from coughing or minor exercise) hmmmm I said well yeah I have been doing lots of new things with exerciseing, I told him since March I have just been watching what I eat more and walking and had lost 33 lbs. Well I decided two weeks ago to start going to the gym and have been walking there, doing the bike and also lots of new things with weights and the "evereything" machine (lol I forgot it's name) and now 41lbs lighter, he first congradulated me on my weight loss and then said that all the new exercise is probably what has irrateded my chest wall and caused the cartlidge infection. I was SO THRILLED it was not my heart, I have always be scared my heart was bad since I gained so much weight. He said I could now do the X-RAY and he would send someone in to give me an IV with pain meds to take the chest wall pain away. IV? (faints) Well I sat there for 20 minutes then a new nurse came in to take in me to the XRAY room, she asked if I was pregnant, I said no, then she wheeled my bed in to the Xray room, weeeeeeee I took the Xrays and then before she wheeled me back she asked if I would like a blanket, I said YES When I got back into my room a young male nurse came in and brought out the IV stuff, I am sure he could tell how nervous I was, I am such a BIG BABY when it comes to needles, and with IV's it is worse, they can never find my vein so then have to poke me a few times so without me saying anything the nurse asks me if I would rather he went to ask the DR if I could get the meds in the form of a shot instead of the IV, I think I looked so happy because he said okay that is what we will do then, he did not close the curtain this time so I could see out through the door and I most have seen him run back and forth past my door 4 times lookiong for the dr, and the last time he found him YAY. sooooooooo he comes back in, in about 10 minutes with TWO NEEDLES "faints again" then I kid you not he says, sooooo you know where I have to put these right? and I swear to you I pulled that blanket straight up to my neck and said...." my ahem behind" and he says "yep your butt" OOOOOOOOKAY YIKES! Thank goodness I know that these don't hurt as bad as most shots (I use to get the Depo shot for BC there so no big deal) but I felt bad for him, he had to see a HUGE FLABBY WHITE hiney! LOL And who we will just say I got on the phone with my husband after to chit chat while waiting (I had spoken with him a few times through the many hours I was there) and I knew when those shots kicked in, I felt soooooo loopy and would be thinking the word I wanted to say like maybe "how are you?" and it would come out "you are how?" I kid you not it was sooooooo funny! Well the Doctor came back with my Xrays and said again, I am very healthy nothing to worry about (I hope he's right ) and told me he had some meds I needed to pick up at the pham in costco that would help the pain and one to help the infection. When my husband got there to get my I was gone lol, I could hardly get dressed and the nurse would ask me stuff and I would answer and it totally sounded like what I was thinking but she would look at me and my DH would have to say what I was trying to say! OMGOSH it was so funny but I was so embarressed! I hate feeling that way! Any ways so I have been resting and the new meds I am on (Indocin and ativan) make me loopy and sleepy so I have been so tired and have been sleeping a bunch. As for the chest pain, it is now mild which is super nice.

So I am taking it easy for now and hope to be back to my full self soon. The doctor also said this can last up to 6 weeks YIKES. So no more weights for now, just walking when I feel better. I really miss it though :( Okay I need to finish folding the laundry, I will try to post tomorrow.


Sunday, October 9, 2005


Mely made me take this quiz lol...

The perfect human.
12 Cruelty, 38 Anal, 30 Pushover
Congratulations. You're easy-going, friendly and know when to stand up for yourself. You're perfect. In fact, you're a little bit too perfect. Chances are, hoards of jealous people are plotting your demise at you read this. Tough luck, pal.

You can take the test here

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

energy is coming back

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Here's a layout I did this past weekend =)

YAY, well since I started going to the Gym last week my energy is starting to come back, lol I woke up this morning and wanted to go to the Gym (have to wait though), I love it because it's my hour away for a while lol (time to myself), but the downside is that means Dustin is suppose to be watching the boys. remember how I said I spend all day yesterday cleaning? I could not work nothing just had to clean up everyones messes (like everyday, but yesterdays was the DEEP cleaning) well I decided to go to the Gym at 9pm last night, leave dustin and the boys who are playing video games. Well I was only gone for 1 (ONE) hour! and what do you think I see when I get home? The BIGGEST Mess! I mean I spent two hours yesterday on the boys room, all the toys in the HUGE binned toy boxes, had to fold all their clothes, folded lots of blankets, made the beds, arranged books on the shelves, put shoes in a neat order, well I go into their room and all that I just said I cleaned is now sitting in a HUGE messy pile in the middle of their room floor and my couch pillows are on top of it all, I should have taken pictures! I was so mad, I went straight to the MAN who should have been in charge! What does he say? oh well I just let them play (um more like I just ignored them while I played my video games) he SAYS he tried to stop them, which again in MAN terms means (I ignored them while I played video games) (eye roll here lol).

My workout was good, I did a mile and a half on the treadmill, 1 mile on the bike and I did about 20 minutes on the "everything" machine LOL, I have no clue what it is called but it gets everything. I did 40 situps on it, theigh lifts and streaches, arm work, leg work. it was great! I also did lifts with the 5 pound weights for my arms. I want to buy a jump rope for the Gym so I can use that there as well and If I want I could bring in my walk away the pounds DVD to do there too. Anyone out there know what so good butt workouts are LOL, I need to get this hiney smaller! Oh and I am drinking alot more of my Dasani bottled water :) Cutting out soda!

Okay well I need to get back to finishing my kit, have a great day :)


Tuesday, October 4, 2005


I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment today. LOTS to be done (like everyday) when you live with a bunch of males lol. I am leaving soon to the Gym (went yesterday to and did 1 mile on the treadmill, 2 miles on the bike and some leg/butt and arm workouts on the machine. I did an over the arm streach thing with the machine and am paying for it now with the worst back pains =(. hope it's gone tomorrow) tonight I am just going to do the treadmill for 30 minutes and the bike for 20, maybe a couple lifts with the weights fopr my arms.

I am trying to get my eBay kits done and listed soon (crossing fingers) but it's been a bit hard. My LRS kit for October came today, I am excited to get started on that, not sure which pictures to use yet with the paper though. I also REALLY want to get to using the WSD october stamp kit, I am so loving these stamps!

I am so excited! I am doing the LM secret santa swap this year YAY, I have been in the swap every year and was so sad because i thought I totally missed it, but when people drop out there is a wait list and those people then get to play YAY. I already have been chatting with my ELF and got her first package purchased today from LM, and I LOVE my santa already. And the FUN stuff with Jen again =)

Okay I need to get my hiney to the GYM, hope you all had a great day!


Saturday, October 1, 2005

Don't lose faith, believe in yourself and your DREAMS!

So I was talking to a few of my friends, there have been a few calls and DT contest going on the past couple weeks and alot of people are feeling down, believe me girls I understand, and know it is tough, you work hard, you get your hopes up, but, just remember this "DO not EVER doubt yourself! You all have so much amazing talent, and just remember just because you did not make this team now or that call, (the one you just tried out for), well it means there is something BETTER waiting for you in the future, God has his plans for you, he will guide you where you need to go! Don't give up! Believe in yourself and your dreams! IT WILL HAPPEN!

Saturday scoop, scrapbooking, a woman's worth

I got up early today, layed around in bed for a while lol being lazy of course =) Now I am up going about my day. We just found out from Wendi who won the MUSE contest at WSD =) CONGRATS ladies! So I spent all day yesterday cleaning the house, I still need to clean out our bedroom closet but am going to spend the day scrapbooking YAY :) and I FINALLY got to the laundry basket of millions of socks lol (it's been sitting in our closet for like 6 months lol, all socks unmatched, because, well, I am lazy when it comes to socks AH! I hate matching and putting them away. But it's finally done YAY! No more socks spilled out all over the closet floor lol ;)

I plan to spend the day scrapbooking since I cleaned all day yesterday. I have this layout to finish that I started days ago but has been sitting on my scrap table, I finally cleaned off my tables to so now I have lots of room to work! YAY! I have that special project to make and mail on Monday and hope it gets to the person on time =) and I soooooooo can not wait to get started on my WSD october kit stuff, I bought a few sheets of Halloween papers and goodies at a lss yesterday for my projects, so excited about this!

Okay super super HAPPY it is OCTOBER today! MY FAVORITE month (lol fall, halloween and my birthday month) oh speaking of birthdays...


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Oh and october means I need to hurry up and find the boys some halloween costumes, I was thinking batman for Aidan and Austin keeps saying he wants to be a Zombie, have no clue what to do there, so if anyone has any ideas please help, let me know what you think ;) oooooooooo and I can not WAIT to take the boys down town for some FALL foilage pictures oooooo and with my Digital Rebel, last year I took them with my 35mm Fuji camera (love fuji) well I put the roll of film near the 12x12 baggie (full of other rolls of film I need to develope) and some how it got put in there so now it is mixed in side and I have no clue which one it is. I REALLY need to get those developed, oooooo you know what, my mother called two nights ago to let us know about our plans to go with them to see my grandmother in the hospital in OR in a couple weeks, she said she would bring up my B-day gift then and asked what I wanted, I had no clue, I was thinking about asking for a GC to a local scrap store or an online store, i could alsways use the supplies, but now it just dawned on me, I have all this film to develope that dates back a couple years, so I am going to ask for a Costco GC so I can get a few of them developed =) That would be the best!

Okay well I need to get to scrappin YAY, so I will leave you with one of my favorite alicia Keys songs (yes I know kinda old) but I love the message ;) Have a wonderful day my friends =)


OH AND MISS KRISTIE, I MISS YOU SO MUCH =( YOU NEED TO HURRY UP AND GET BACK FROM YOUR TRIP! LOL, Totally hoping it's soon! I feel lost without you!