Sunday, October 16, 2005

My grandma, small vacation, My birthday tomorrow

We just got back in tow town. We met my parents in Prineville OR to visit my Grandmother who is in a hospital for elders there. We left the house Friday night after D got off of work, around 9:30pm. We made it to prineville at 3:30am, BOY were we so tired, half way there Dustin got tired so we pulled over and switched, I drove about an hour and then he wanted to take over again. I was so tired we got into our hotel room at Staffford inn (BEAUTIFUL ROOM!, My dad always picks that best rooms!), it had two double queen beds, a mini kitchen, bathroom, desk area and a louge area, and my folks room was connected through two doors. I went to bed right away but the boys were wide awake and Dustin stayed up with them for another 30 minutes, I was awoken at 4:30 am and 6am by the boys who never went back to sleep (eye rool lol) I heard a knock at the door, it was my dad at first and my mom followed behind him.austin ran up to my dad gave him a huge hug and said HI GRANDPA :) My folks offered to take Austin down stairs for breakfast while we slept. After they left I put Aidan to bed and we all slept until 10:30am. We all got up and got ready to go see my grandmother. First we went to McDonalds so everyone could eat before our long visit. Most of us got Happy Meals (it's all I eat now if we go to McDonalds) The boys played in the playarea at McD's for a while and then we left. It was such a great Visit with my Grandma, I can still hear her Irish accent in her voice. She came to the US from Ireland in 1956. We all looked through an album of pictures my mother made for my grandma. We sat and visited with her for about 5 hours. We took her back to her room and as I was leaving the room I look above my grandmas dresser and saw this collage, there were many pictures, but most of them were of ME when I was younger. I did not see any of my grandmas other grand kids, just me. It was a bit strange but none the less I was thrilled, One my mom does not have many pictures of my childhood (when I was about 5-6 my mom had our stuff in a storage unit and needless to say, the rent was not paid on time and we lost everything inside, including all my pictures, baby blankets, stuffed animals ect, this was not my mothers fault.) D giggled at my pictures LOL.I thought they were cute. I kissed my grandma goodbye and told her I would send some new pictures for her to add to her wall of our family. They I held on to my mom because it was very upsetting for her to leave my grandma, It hurts me to see my mom so sad, but I understand, because I feel the same way everytime I have to say goodbye to her.

We all went back to the hotel, ordered Pizza for dinner. After Dinner D and I took the boys downstairs to the indoor Pool and hot tub. It was so hot in there, they had the heater going in the room. I decided to snap a few pictures and then head to the Gym they had in the pool room only it was in it's only room (lol kinda hard to explain) I walked 3 miles at 4.0 and watched the ending of some movie about a guy named Tad Hamilton on HBO. when we finished (about an hour later) we all went to the candy machine lol got our favorite candies and headed up stairs. My dad told Austin he would rent him 4 hours of video games (austin already had 2 hours that morning) (you can rent Nintendo 64 in your room for $6.95 an hour)He was excited about that. I had to make sure to count each time he renewed his minutes so he would not go over. D spent some time with my dad. I played some video games with Austin (they had Pac Man lol) and then read my book for a while (Whispers by Dean Koontz).

After the boys went to bed Dustin and I got to spend lots of time together, I soaked in a hot bubble bath which I needed, and we went to bed. We said our goodbye with my folks that night because they had to be up very early to drive back to California for their work on Monday. I got up at 6am so I could see them off but they were gone already :( waaaa

We layed around for a while and watched St.Elmos Fire and then When Harry met Sally on AMC and then left for Bend (Dustin's treat). Had I known he was treating us to this I would have let Mely know so we could meet up with her, I would have LOVED that and I am sure Miss Dani would have loved the park we went to and all the LEAVES the boys were playing in. I have to say, the city Bend in OR is like Heaven on earth! It was breath taking! I would LOVE to live there! I have always wanted to live in Astoria OR (Goonies woohoo lol) but this place ROCKED! The people were so nice, the views were great, lots of shopping, great looking schools and there is a COSTCO! We left Bed at about 3:30pm, Dustin took a different way home and we got back here at around 10pm.

I am soooooooooo tired now but so happy for our little mini vactation. After I finish this blog entry I am headed to bed. Tomorrow is my Birthday, the BIG 27 (yikes lol). I am not expecting anything. I have learned not to get my hopes up about it because it always turns out to be a horrible day. It has been since I turned 17, anything bad that can happy always happens! LOL My birthdays are cursed! I am not sure if Dustin has anything planned or not, he did say something about going out to eat, but who knows. He did tell his brother tonight on the phone when we got home that he could not hang out tomorrow because it was my bithday, so maybe he wants to spend some time with me.

Okay I better get to bed, I just finished my Pumpkin Pie shake mmmmmmmmmmm and need to get to sleep, I will try and post tomorrow, but it depends on what might be going on. Hope you all had a great weekend!


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  1. Glad you had a nice visit. And Happy Birthday.