Monday, October 17, 2005

Should have gone back to bed!

I hate this day! Every year I should just stay in bed but nope I get up and have to live through this horrible day! Okay yes I know you are thinking OH NO there is the drama queen but seriously if you went through this horrible day I am having you would be UPSET to!

Lets see, I was woken up at 6am by Aidan who stuck a ahem "dirty" diaper in my face and announced he went poopoo, GREAT! So I get up get him fixed with a new diaper and put him back to bed. I had the heater on last night because it was cold and and I am trying to get rid of this cold I have had for a week, someone (ahem "D") turned it off last night then took all the covers on our bed for himself so here I sat freezing and my throat is killing me again, you know that scratchy feeling and you cough but it does not help, aftering doing this 20 times you now feel worse but also gained a headache, that is me today. So I fall back to sleep. Aidan came in at 9am, I am still tired, I wake Dustin up to tell him his alarm is going off and ask if he could get up with Aidan and let me sleep in a little longer that I am not feeling good, so he gets up, uses the bathroom, goes to get aidan a cup of milk comes back to our room mad, I ask why? he says Aidan took the milk out of the fridge a while ago and now it's warm so it's ruined. He poors it all out. Then he climbs into bed and goes back to sleep. So I have to get up to be with Aidan. When D finally gets up and gets ready for the day, he is kinda in a bad mood today and it shows in his tone and his comments. I think to myself great here we go, my birthday curse. Never got a Happy birthday he just runs to work.

One thing after another has happened this morning, Austin and Aidan keep fighting, all morning long, I am rushing to finish my mini album for a DT project that was due yesterday but I was out of town visiting my Grandma and could not finish, I pmed the DT and let them know I would not be able to have these in until later today last friday but did not get an answer, but did get an email this morning addressed to the group that the DT stuff is going up today, so now I am rushing to finish, yes I know my fault I am a huge disappointment to everyone, I SUCK, I know! I should have just taken this stuff with me to work on in the hotel, but nope did not even cross my little brain!, so inbetween trying to finish this project and getting everything scanned in before the DT stuff is put up (crossing fingers) I have had to deal with so much SHIT! yes I am cursing now because I am very angry! I have had to stop the boys from fighting, I had to clean up the fridge, kitchen floor and CARPET because Aidan took the mustard, ketchup, and Mayo out of the fridge and decided to make art on everything (I just carpet cleaned two days ago). I have had to fish Aidan out of my bathroom maybe 10 times already, a roll of toilet paper is gone, my yummy almond cherry soap that Dustin's brother and wife gave me last year is all gone (brand new bottle I have only used it a couple times), there is sopa all over the mirrors the kitty litter and food is all over the floor and mixed together (where was I while this was happening? in the kitchen cleaning up that mess). I found tacos Dustin had leftover along with some leftover cheese cake smooshed into the carpet, I will be carpet cleaning soon. Let see, my oldest thought it would be nice (he was being sweet) to scoop out the kitty litter earlier and that caused the toliet to flood, why? Because we just switched to scoop away and you are not suppose to flush it because it hardens when wet so you can scoop away pee, so it got all hard and clogged the toliet , it took me 8 flushes and so hard plunger work to get it normal again, hoping it does not hurt the toliet and piles later on though. My youngest has had more poop diapers today then he has had all week YUCK! We will NOT talk about the HUGE mess in the living room, it looks horrible and I can't clean it now because I really need to finish this project.

Now here is the kicker the thing that brought me over the edge and it is only 1PM, and the reason I am sitting here venting now, I have noone to talk to this is why I am venting here, I can not wait to see the way the rest of the day goes =( My husband calls me 5 minutes ago to say he is sorry for forgetting it was my birthday and wishes me a happy birthday, I say it's okay, I am happy he remembers now (okay sorry just had to go out and stop more fighting between the boys) I am in the middle of saying something and he hangs up on me, I think hmmm okay. So 5 minutes later he calls back, says he hung up because his boss needed to talk to him (strange it's D's break). So he then says that he called his dad a while ago and asked if him and SMIL could watch the boys for an hour so we could go out to dinner, he says FIL sounded upset and did not want to do it, so he said for D to call SMIL and see if she would be okay with it, D did not do this yet, I told D to forget it that, that right there was obvious that it was not going to happen, I said we can just take the boys with us, D said no. Then it gets silent again and then the shittyness starts, he says "SO HOW'S IT FEEL TO BE 30" My jaw dropped and the tears came, not that I mind turning 30, but HELLO, I am only 27 today, what the hell! I tell him I have to go and he say alright fine and hangs up. I am now so tired of all of this and just start crying. a couple minutes later I call back, he answers the phone saying "hows the birthday girl" (shitty tone) and I (crying) say forget today is anything, we will just go on like any other day, no dinner, nothing, you can go out like you wanted to with your friends or brother and I will just stay home and watch the boys. he says "what me saying you are 30 means nothing, get over it" I say it was hurtful because I am only 27 and you know that, you said it to be shitty! and YOU are only a year younger, how would you like it if I was putting you down on your birthday?

I don't know again maybe I am just being a drama queen, but it has been a shitty day, I can't wait for it to be over! Right now the only thing I want for my birthday is to just lay in bed and not have to deal with the fighting, the diapers, the mommy can I have, Mommy he did this, rude comments, I just want to lay here, maybe read a book, sleep, I don't know, I just want to be alone! Okay Vent over for now!



  1. I'm so sorry Nikki!

    I have shitty birthday's too. ALL of them. Pete never really remembers them, nobody does anything special for me, and I don't get any cards or anything. At least he *tried* to get someone to babysit for you! I know that that doesn't make it all better -- but it's a start!

    I hope your day gets better. What what 2 rowdy little boys you have! I can't even begin to imagine that mess!

  2. Big Hugs, Nikki.

    If you want to talk email me.

  3. Nikki, I am sorry that you had such a bad day. I hope that it got better, but I am sorry that it started off so bad.