Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Heart pains.....or not?

I am going to be super lazy and copy and paste a thread I wrote for you santa today, it explains why I have been MIA the past couple days. It is just way to much to have to retype out LOL (blush)

I have had a very interesting week which started with HOURS in the ER on Monday I woke up Monday morning at 4am with the worst chest pains on my left upper chest area (think heart) I thought I was having a heart attack! it was really bad and I was so scared, I decided It could just be nerves from all the stress I have been going through with things going on here at home and work and stuff, I layed down and after an hour I was back to sleep. I woke up around 9am with the same pain, I also felt doom, like this was it I am totally dying. My husband went to work and about 15 minutes later I decided I HAD to go to the hospital, this pain was just not right! So I struggled to get the boys dressed and walked them up the street to the hospitals quick care services. as soon as they saw me they wheeled me (wheelchair) straight into the ER. I took a couple quick tests there answered some questions and then sat in the waiting room waiting to be seen for about 45 minutes. In this time I called my DH's work (Costco) to see if he could come pick up the boys. So with DH on the way I sat waiting. They called me into the ER room with the boys about 15 minutes later. we sat in there and the had me undress from the waist up and then hooked 3 circle like stickers around my heart/chest area and then added some machne wires. This machine was monitoring my heart rate and pulse. So I did this for about 40 minutes and was stuck to the bed, it was so hard with the boys. Austin was being good just sitting watching sesame street on tv but Aidan was everywhere and in everything, The very nice nurse brought in some coloring books and crayons for the boys and they both sat on the bed with me. Austin kept asking why we were there, and I would say because mommy is not feeling so good today. My DH soon arrived and sat for a while with us but Aidan went exploring again in the drawers and stuff so DH thought it best to just take them to McDonalds for happy meals and then home until I was seen by the DR and finished. So there I sat by myself in the ER room for about two hours, I was soooooo cold by then, I could feel the AC on and being half naked well I was COLD lol. And the chest pain was so bad! The Dr. finally saw me and did a few test of his own. He said that from the monitor my heart is very healthy (I was so thrilled I cried!) and normal for a young 26 year old that I am (his words lol). That from what he can see it's not my heart but that we were going to do an X-ray just to be 100% sure. Then he pressed on the area all around my hurt and the pressure made the pain 100% worse! He started to explain that the chest wall has cartlidge in it that can become tender, for many reasons ( lifting, after you have a bad flu, injury, simply from coughing or minor exercise) hmmmm I said well yeah I have been doing lots of new things with exerciseing, I told him since March I have just been watching what I eat more and walking and had lost 33 lbs. Well I decided two weeks ago to start going to the gym and have been walking there, doing the bike and also lots of new things with weights and the "evereything" machine (lol I forgot it's name) and now 41lbs lighter, he first congradulated me on my weight loss and then said that all the new exercise is probably what has irrateded my chest wall and caused the cartlidge infection. I was SO THRILLED it was not my heart, I have always be scared my heart was bad since I gained so much weight. He said I could now do the X-RAY and he would send someone in to give me an IV with pain meds to take the chest wall pain away. IV? (faints) Well I sat there for 20 minutes then a new nurse came in to take in me to the XRAY room, she asked if I was pregnant, I said no, then she wheeled my bed in to the Xray room, weeeeeeee I took the Xrays and then before she wheeled me back she asked if I would like a blanket, I said YES When I got back into my room a young male nurse came in and brought out the IV stuff, I am sure he could tell how nervous I was, I am such a BIG BABY when it comes to needles, and with IV's it is worse, they can never find my vein so then have to poke me a few times so without me saying anything the nurse asks me if I would rather he went to ask the DR if I could get the meds in the form of a shot instead of the IV, I think I looked so happy because he said okay that is what we will do then, he did not close the curtain this time so I could see out through the door and I most have seen him run back and forth past my door 4 times lookiong for the dr, and the last time he found him YAY. sooooooooo he comes back in, in about 10 minutes with TWO NEEDLES "faints again" then I kid you not he says, sooooo you know where I have to put these right? and I swear to you I pulled that blanket straight up to my neck and said...." my ahem behind" and he says "yep your butt" OOOOOOOOKAY YIKES! Thank goodness I know that these don't hurt as bad as most shots (I use to get the Depo shot for BC there so no big deal) but I felt bad for him, he had to see a HUGE FLABBY WHITE hiney! LOL And who we will just say I got on the phone with my husband after to chit chat while waiting (I had spoken with him a few times through the many hours I was there) and I knew when those shots kicked in, I felt soooooo loopy and would be thinking the word I wanted to say like maybe "how are you?" and it would come out "you are how?" I kid you not it was sooooooo funny! Well the Doctor came back with my Xrays and said again, I am very healthy nothing to worry about (I hope he's right ) and told me he had some meds I needed to pick up at the pham in costco that would help the pain and one to help the infection. When my husband got there to get my I was gone lol, I could hardly get dressed and the nurse would ask me stuff and I would answer and it totally sounded like what I was thinking but she would look at me and my DH would have to say what I was trying to say! OMGOSH it was so funny but I was so embarressed! I hate feeling that way! Any ways so I have been resting and the new meds I am on (Indocin and ativan) make me loopy and sleepy so I have been so tired and have been sleeping a bunch. As for the chest pain, it is now mild which is super nice.

So I am taking it easy for now and hope to be back to my full self soon. The doctor also said this can last up to 6 weeks YIKES. So no more weights for now, just walking when I feel better. I really miss it though :( Okay I need to finish folding the laundry, I will try to post tomorrow.



  1. Well, that's really awesome that you have lost all that weight, I should be doing the same thing, well, I will when I am done being pregnant for sure! Sorry you had to go through all that, but sometimes it puts life in perspective for you, huh!

  2. My mom made me stand on a metal chair to change a light bulb and I ended up getting shocked. I was having chest pains and wanted to go to the ER. She was like, "Can we wait until Braveheart ends? It just started." Um, no.

    I was OK though and she take take me to the ER before the movie ended.

  3. Nikki, I am glad it wasn't something worse. I hope that you are feeling much better now!!