Wednesday, October 5, 2005

energy is coming back

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Here's a layout I did this past weekend =)

YAY, well since I started going to the Gym last week my energy is starting to come back, lol I woke up this morning and wanted to go to the Gym (have to wait though), I love it because it's my hour away for a while lol (time to myself), but the downside is that means Dustin is suppose to be watching the boys. remember how I said I spend all day yesterday cleaning? I could not work nothing just had to clean up everyones messes (like everyday, but yesterdays was the DEEP cleaning) well I decided to go to the Gym at 9pm last night, leave dustin and the boys who are playing video games. Well I was only gone for 1 (ONE) hour! and what do you think I see when I get home? The BIGGEST Mess! I mean I spent two hours yesterday on the boys room, all the toys in the HUGE binned toy boxes, had to fold all their clothes, folded lots of blankets, made the beds, arranged books on the shelves, put shoes in a neat order, well I go into their room and all that I just said I cleaned is now sitting in a HUGE messy pile in the middle of their room floor and my couch pillows are on top of it all, I should have taken pictures! I was so mad, I went straight to the MAN who should have been in charge! What does he say? oh well I just let them play (um more like I just ignored them while I played my video games) he SAYS he tried to stop them, which again in MAN terms means (I ignored them while I played video games) (eye roll here lol).

My workout was good, I did a mile and a half on the treadmill, 1 mile on the bike and I did about 20 minutes on the "everything" machine LOL, I have no clue what it is called but it gets everything. I did 40 situps on it, theigh lifts and streaches, arm work, leg work. it was great! I also did lifts with the 5 pound weights for my arms. I want to buy a jump rope for the Gym so I can use that there as well and If I want I could bring in my walk away the pounds DVD to do there too. Anyone out there know what so good butt workouts are LOL, I need to get this hiney smaller! Oh and I am drinking alot more of my Dasani bottled water :) Cutting out soda!

Okay well I need to get back to finishing my kit, have a great day :)


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