Thursday, March 2, 2006

Yawn lol

LOL notice how the last three days my post talk alot about me being tired? LOL here is another one LOL, I have been so busy with household things and family stuff since Dustin got sick, I have not really had time to work on ebay which is bad, or do some regular personal scrapbooking until tonight. The cards magazine call was dues at 12am tonight so I worked on some fun cards today, I sent in 8 cards, 5 new ones and a couple I did before. I worked up until the deadline lol. I enjoy making cards. I am so super nervous about this though. I made it into the first book and tried for the last few but did not make it, lately I have not been picked up at all and that scares me. The style that is in right now is nothing like My style. I have done layouts that I am so very proud of and thought might get picked up, but did not. I find myself getting super nervous about contest or magazines I submit to now. I just hope at least one of my 8 cards gets picked up tomorrow (crossing fingers) I read a post at two peas from Alisha G saying the calls would go out early morning (today) so i am really nervous now. I should just do like others have told me and just submit and forget, that way I don't get super excited and then upset when it does not happen. Yawn, I am so tired, I am going to go hop in bed now, it is 2am lol, need me some sleep, I have to get up in a couple hours to get to the gym and then all day tomorrow it is EBAY day lol (working all day to get stuff up).

Oh and I have a post I want to make about the MIM contest and what happened to me (why I did not enter), I will try and post that story tomorrow. Night all :)


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